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Video Promos – Easy To Create, Publish & Market

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Want to find out more about the Video Intensive Workshop at only $49.

Come and join us on this journey on how you can create quick and very powerful video promos for your business.

Technology these days has opened us up to have video at our finger tips and do not need to rely any more on the big expensive professionals.

During this webinar you will learn the 6 steps required to make your own video promotion for your business, as well as many more tips and tricks.

Included in this training are:
In this training webinar, you will learn:

What to record (topics and subjects).

5 Major Points “Every Video” should have.


Equipment Required.

How to Market your newly created video.

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  • Turn off phones, close facebook and emails and get a pen and paper ready.
  • Are you using Video in your business?
  • The key to marketing (any marketing) is tapping into people’s wants, fears, desires and passions, showing them that you understand what they are going through, communicating that you have a solution to their problem that can truly help, and then convincing them that you are a trustworthy person to do business with. Regardless of the tool or medium you are using the process doesn’t change, and while video makes things more effective by putting “you” in the message rather than just a block of text, it’s still selling and marketing.This is critically important to understand and really ingrain into your mind as soon as possible, because the kind of power you can access when you leverage video marketing properly is unlike anything else you've ever experienced.So whenever you are feeling unsure of your decision to use video to market your products or services, just keep in mind that all of the skills you've already picked up running your business will be directly applicable to your video marketing campaigns and can only serve to boost your results!
  • Myth: You need expensive equipment to produce good quality videos.Reality: You can produce very snazzy HD videos with your smartphonesConclusion: You likely already have the tool with you. You just need to do it!
  • YoutubeEasily one of the most visited sites on the planet and in the history of the web, YouTube is one of the biggest reasons that video marketing is so effective in the first place, in fact, the odds are good that you’ve probably killed a number of hours of your life just checking out videos on the Tube yourself.But while most people think of YouTube as a killer tool for finding hilarious videos, crazy parodies, and the latest and greatest music, you'd be surprised to know that YouTube is maybe the most powerful business tool available and you can actually have free access to it for all of your video marketing needs and profit without ever investing a single cent in advertising unless you want too.VimeoIf YouTube is the king of the easy video uploading and hosting world, Vimeo is a very close second and for some people and even better option. While YouTube will take just about anything you upload to the site (within reason), Vimeo is the number one go to option for HD quality videos. If you’re shooting promotional stuff with Camtasia and a PowerPoint (we’ll talk about the process in a later lesson), then you’ll be alright with YouTube, but if you’re looking to post a polished, super slick and expensive HD video, you’ll want to look into getting a Vimeo account and publishing it that way. The infrastructure has been designed for big files and smooth buffering, making it ideal for HD.
  • Play Charles Higgins video
  • If a dish tastes good, how it looks or how it was presentedcan be overlooked (to a certain degree).But imagine another restaurant presenting the samedish that not only looks good but also tastes great.Which one are you going to go back to for more?
  • One of the most common questions people ask about our videos is "what camera did you use?"Technology is evolving rapidly, and these days, even the simplest of video cameras is capable of capturing solid video footage. It's not just flip cams and point-and-shoot cameras. There's some incredibly powerful technology built right into your smartphone. It's not so much about buying the most expensive, cutting edge equipment as it is about focusing on other important elements of a great video, like audio, lighting, and the message that you're trying to deliver.
  • You can edit on your smartphone, on a tablet or on a computer.Mobile apps: Splice, ViddyPC: MovieMaker, Adobe PremiereMac: iMovie, Final Cut X, Adobe PremiereOther: Outsource the editing
  • Transcription is a great part.
  • Meet Karen and Lisa, who do all my videos.
  • Webinar - Creating Videos for Your Business

    1. 1. MARKETING VIDEO Intensive WEBINAR Presented By Nathan McDonald & Philippe Vipathkun
    2. 2. WARNING! This Webinar is designed to help you be more focused on video in your business. We take full responsibility for the positive changes to your business after implementation of these ideas.
    3. 3. Minimise Type in Questions / Answers Raise Your Hands Here
    4. 4.  Multiple Business Owner,  Martial Arts Instructor,  Discipline Partner
    5. 5. Fact: 2/3 of mobile data traffic will be video by 2016 Fact: 87% of online marketers use video contents Fact: 1.8 Million words. That’s the value of 1 minute video.
    6. 6. SECTION 1
    8. 8. • Make It Short • Make It Punchy • Get to the Point!
    9. 9. SECTION 2
    10. 10. SECTION 3
    11. 11. Equipment – Option 1
    12. 12. Equipment – Option 2
    13. 13. SECTION 4
    14. 14. Windows – Screencast-O-Matic Mac - Screenflow
    15. 15. SECTION 5
    16. 16. 1.Adding Annotations 2.Creating a Playlist 3.Improving title, description, and tags
    17. 17. SECTION 6
    18. 18. Youtube Vimeo Slideshare Company Website / Blogs Facebook Facebook Pages Facebook Groups Google + Pinterest Twitter LinkedIn LinkedIn Groups LinkedIn Companies Email iTunes
    19. 19. Complete Workshop on Video Only $49 Once Off With 1 Month Support