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Content and Commerce converge through online video


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Content and Commerce converge through online video - a Webinar with Do-Ipse, Invodo and MarketLive.

Presented by Chris Reighley, Russ Somer and Kristi Burton

Published in: Marketing
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Content and Commerce converge through online video

  2. 2. 2 Webinar Material What to expect…. • A copy of the presentation & link to recorded event If you experience technical problems please contact: • WebEx Technical Support: 1-866-229-3239
  3. 3. Chat With Us During the Webinar! Use the Hashtag #contentcommerce Do-Ipse MarketLive Invodo @DoIpse @MarketLiveInc @Invodo @chrisreighley @rsomers 3
  4. 4. Agenda • Using Video to Capture the Customer’s Attention • How Video Drives Conversion and Loyalty • Do-Ipse Case Study • QA
  6. 6. MarketLive – Insightful Commerce • MarketLive is the market leader in delivering end to end solutions that accelerate our customers’ growth. • Insightful Commerce fundamentally changes the each interaction between you and your customer. – Combines omni channel integrated data, years of expertise, decision tools and a powerful technology platform – Delivers unbeatable consumer experiences that translate into rapid growth for you • MarketLive is your partner for long term success and growth 6
  7. 7. • Insightful Commerce Engine provides rich features to drive optimal customer interactions • State of the Art technology platform ensures flexibility/extensibility • Industry leading IT hosting and support • Proven Best Practices • Design, strategy, technical and operational expertise and resources • Personalized account management and highly responsive support • On-demand access to the industry’s best and brightest Our Solution is specifically designed to grow your online and offline business 7 MarketLive’s Full Commerce Solution
  8. 8. A Sampling of MarketLive’s Valued Clients 8
  9. 9. Strong Vertical Solutions 9 Apparel Health & Beauty Home & Garden Specialty/Catalog
  10. 10. Is video really important? –More than 50% of Internet users watch online video 1 –Visual social networks are exploding in popularity • Instagram & Pinterest each used by 12% of online adults 2 1. Source: comScore, December 2012 video rankings report, January 2013 2. Source: Pew Internet, “Social Networking,” November 2012
  11. 11. Thinking outside the home page - Effective uses of video – Video in email (subject lines, marketing, transactional) • Using the word “video” in the Subject: line can boost open rates up to 20%, and video in email can produce a two-fold to three-fold increase in click-through rates (Email Experience Council) –Video on product pages and supporting those with compelling content • In-depth product demonstrations can satisfy shoppers’ need for information and motivate the add-to-cart. Zappos reported sales increases of 6-30% on pages featuring video. ( – Video in social • Video is the most popular content type on Google+; and 9% of links posted to Twitter are video clips (eMarketer)
  12. 12. Video in email – Still images that link to videos motivate email engagement – American Eagle Outfitters has three animated .gifs for lifestyle videos embedded in it. 1. Source: comScore, December 2012 video rankings report, January 2013 2. Source: Pew Internet, “Social Networking,” November 2012
  13. 13. Video in email – Crazy Shirts used video in email and onsite
  14. 14. Video supporting products with compelling content – Country Curtains uses video to educate and take fear out of purchase
  15. 15. Video supporting products with compelling content – When devising video strategy, merchants should create compelling content that supports the brand and the lifestyle, not just individual products – candle care from Yankee Candle.
  16. 16. End of the product page as we know it • Shoppable images & video
  17. 17. End of the product page as we know it • Shoppable images & video,default,pg.html
  18. 18. End of the product page as we know it • Shoppable images & video
  19. 19. Video in social – Burberry welcomes viewers to Google+ with video
  20. 20. Video in Social On social media: Embedded links stay with images when shared
  22. 22. Why Video Works 22 65% 25% 10% Video Text-BasedVisual Auditory
  23. 23. Education and Demonstration Engage Shoppers 24 2.79 2.77 2.40 2.32 Videos that educate you about a particular category you are planning to purchase (how to buy a computer, selecting a refrigerator, etc.) Product videos that include a demonstration Videos supporting a brand's value proposition (Why buy a Dell computer, Why Shop Home Depot, etc.) Product videos that talk about products but don't contain a demonstration How much time do you typically spend watching the following types of videos on a retail or manufacturer website? Invodo/e-tailing group 2013 Consumer Video Survey
  24. 24. Consumer Sentiment Favors Video 25 Invodo “Five-Star Video Shopping”, 2012
  25. 25. Retailers are Rapidly Adopting Video 26 “If you can say it, why not say it in video.” –Mass Merchant Retailers believe that video growth is based on its “unique ability to emulate a great sales associate who’s linked to the site” - Footwear Brand “it’s absolutely necessary as while it may be new today it will be essential to have video for kids so being in the game now is advised.” –Mass Merchant “Without the benefit of the tactile in-store experience video has proven to be the perfect means to educate, inspire and convert shoppers. “ – Sporting Goods Retailer “Video is the top function merchants plan to add to their ecommerce sites over the next 12 months.” – Multichannel Merchant, June 2013 Invodo/e-tailing group 2013 Merchant Video Survey
  26. 26. - PAGE 27 -the e-tailing group Product Page is a Key Video Consumption Point 55% 42% 34% 20% 14% 13% 8% 47% 51% 33% 19% na na na Product page Home page Brand page (e.g., Columbia, Black & Decker, Kitchen Aid) Category page Video gallery Banner advertising with video None of the above From which of the following onsite web pages have you watched a product video in the past 3 months when shopping? Check all that apply. 2012 2011 Invodo/e-tailing group 2013 Consumer Video Survey
  27. 27. Video SEO Benefit 28 Organic video placement is #1 below paid ads
  28. 28. The Invodo Methodology
  29. 29. Video Value Cycle Video Value Cycle • Supports Program Growth • Drives Continual Improvement • Delivers & Measures Incremental Revenue
  30. 30. Invodo Clients
  32. 32. Introduction to 33 DIY Online Destination • Identify the needs or “problem” first. • Provide proven “solutions” with products selected by expert professionals. • So you can get your project done and enjoy life.
  33. 33. Do-Ipse Brand Position & Equity Brand Equity • Open your eyes to a new way of solving problems in your home making it less of a burden and more of a delight. Our Purpose: • Giving families time back to themselves so they can support and serve one another. 34
  34. 34. Do-Ipse?? What’s with the name….. Ipse is Latin for Yourself (Sort of. Actually, it’s himself. But we’re an equal opportunity website.) So translated, our name is Do (It) Yourself 35
  35. 35. Goal of Video 36 1. Bring to our brand equity and promise to life. 2. Make it EASY for our consumers to solve their “problems”.
  36. 36. and Invodo Video Strategy 37 Branding & Promotional Videos Solution Videos Application Videos
  37. 37. Services we use with Invodo • Full Service Production –Strategy –Script Writing –Talent & Location Sourcing • Video Hosting • Video Gallery 38
  38. 38. Video Production 39
  39. 39. Branding & Promotional Videos 40 • Site Landing Pages • Social • YouTube • Facebook • Instagram • Pinterest • Promotional Emails • Email Welcome Series
  40. 40. Solution Videos 41 Because of the nature of our products, a product can have multiple solutions. We can have up to 4 solution videos on a Product Detail Page.
  41. 41. Application Videos 42 • Every product has an application video with instructions of use. • Incorporating with Mobile Site via product QR Codes. • Incorporating with our Post- Fulfillment email series.
  42. 42. Integration with MarketLive • Simple integration with MarketLive. • We use Custom Attributes to assign videos. • Videos work on Product, Categories, Product Groups, Mobile and in Content sections. • We can also drop video snippet into slots. 43
  43. 43. 44 QA
  44. 44. 45 Contact MarketLive: 877-341-5729 617B Second Street Petaluma, CA 94952 Thank You! Contact Invodo: 512-279-4800 211 E. 7th Street, Suite 210 Austin, TX 78701