VSB philosophy for technology - Administrators plenary [Nov2012]


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Presented thoughts on education, technology, and the future along with initial observations and considerations for Vancouver School Board principals, vice principals, and District leadership team.

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VSB philosophy for technology - Administrators plenary [Nov2012]

  1. 1. Journey aThoughts on Education and Technology … is ItBrian Kuhn My Coordinates…Vancouver School Boardwww.vsb.bc.ca http://www.shift2future.combkuhn@vsb.bc.ca http://www.slideshare.net/bkuhn@bkuhn #vsblearns http://prezi.com/user/bkuhn
  2. 2. My Family & I
  3. 3. What does the future hold?“technology is not justadvancing gradually: it isaccelerating” Lights in the Tunnel (kindle227) “If you make some very logical, and even conservative, assumptions about where technology is likely to lead in the coming years, much of the conventional wisdom about what the future will look like becomes unsupportable” Lights in the Tunnel (kindle 222) istockphoto.com # 1084313 Exponential Change is Happening
  4. 4. “Printing gave humanity the written word. The Web makeseveryone a publisher. Printing enabled the distribution ofknowledge. The Web provides a platform for networkinghuman minds. Printing allowed people to know. The Webenables people to collaborate and to learn collectively.”Macrowikinomics (kindle 566) istockphoto.com # 4540526
  5. 5. Transforming ExploringPreparing Stages of Technology Adoption
  6. 6. We cant afford 1:1 istockphoto.com #2079663“no matter whether I wanted to pursue 1:1technology in our school or not, I am confronted withone big chunk of reality in our school of 1400students”Source: http://thelearningnation.blogspot.com/2011/12/we-cant-afford-11.html
  7. 7. But with shared access… Source: http://thelearningnation.blogspot.com/2011/12/we-cant-afford-11.html Critical Thinking Interdependence CollaborationExcitement Peer Teaching Sharing Istockphoto.com #17292157
  8. 8. istockphoto.com # 15033392 Google Sketchup Dream Rooms
  9. 9. istockphoto.com # 7269826Access is Key to Learning through Technology
  10. 10. Devices are small, powerful, and everywhereInternet… everywhere… just like oxygen being connected is not optional just like breathing… istockphoto.com # 3654579
  11. 11. New/Pre-owned desktops, laptops Windows or Apple devices Cameras, tablets/hybrids, SMART boards, Readers LCD Projectors Software, Appsistockphoto.com #16878193 Choose from a Variety of Tools to Access Learning
  12. 12. Ongoing Professional Learning is Essential
  13. 13. Professional Learning via Collaboration Time
  14. 14. Evergreen Technology Teacher LaptopsBYOD will changeEverything istockphoto.com #12676792 istockphoto.com #7491884
  15. 15. Preparing (literacy)… is primarily lab based and time limited. are assigned to use specific tools for specific “computer” tasks. computer is just an (optional) tool.Exploring (adaptive)… is also in classrooms and is regular. tools, some chosen by students, are becoming integrated into curricular learning for research, planning, writing, presenting. are becoming necessary for learning.Transforming… is expected wherever, whenever. tools available and support student choices for how to learn and demonstrate learning. is through projects and inquiry and is designed to leverage numerous tools. not bounded to the classroom or school day.
  16. 16. Elementary Schools (K-7)Preparing Exploring Transforming BYOD
  17. 17. Secondary Schools (8-12) Preparing Exploring Transforming BYOD Online LearningCurricular Apps Video Subscription 3D Immersive
  18. 18. Sharepoint Wordpress Safe Learning Platform: blogging, wikis, discussions, document sharing, conferencing, messaging, friending, learning evidence, parent access and contributionMoodle Cloud istockphoto.com #15885386
  19. 19. Planned Changes Problems Projects/Initiatives Procedures/Standards istockphoto.com #17354272Communication  Transparency
  20. 20. The District Network istockphoto.com # 11412469
  21. 21. Today… our future? IT Services portalIT Services video stream google portal skype www msn IT Services google bcesis bcesis IT Services e-mail e-mail bcesis google bcesis Virus attack 1701 e-mail www video stream 1701 1701 DL e-mail picture DL wikipedia msn video stream portal blog DL class size 1701 wikipedia bcesis e-mail bcesis youtube portal DL class size picture Virus attack bcesis portal google 1701 youtube www class size e-mail e-mail Virus attack bcesis bcesis Internet DL e-mail portal Home
  22. 22. Bandwidth OptionsPrivate FiberOptics Provincial Learning Network (PLN) Upgrades Hybrid: Private Fiber + PLN Upgrades istockphoto.com # 391954
  23. 23. Old Buildings Secondary ~ Jan 2013Concerns  delay Elementary ~ Sep 2013
  24. 24. - School Day -Devices connected on the Wireless network
  25. 25. Learning with Socio- Technology Economic Data Strategy Exemplars Learning Professional Development Equitable Access istockphoto.com # 5373874
  26. 26. Professional Learning - essential Allocate sustainable funding …Parting Thoughts on Education and TechnologySupport experimentation Showcase New Learning Plan for the plan to Change