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iPod touch for mobile learning


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At the ITSC09 Apple in education conference in Brisbane, Australia, Jonathan Nalder, an Apple Distinguished Educator presented this workshop about the big picture of mobile learning as well as using the iPod touch in education.

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iPod touch for mobile learning

  1. 1. ITSC 2009 mobile learning with J.Nalder
  2. 2. ITSC 2009 With J.Nalder
  3. 3. ITSC 2009 With J.Nalder : Interactive responses #ITSC09 ITSCml : Workshop resources BACKUP: ALI >ITSC09 group>conversations>emerging technologies
  4. 4. ACU vision for mlearning (2007) How much of this can be done now that iPhone-like devices are commonplace?
  5. 5. ITSC 2009 With J.Nalder mlearning elearning Where is your school at on continuum? Where are you at on your journey?
  6. 6. ITSC 2009 With J.Nalder WORKSHOP 1. Future citizens overview: 2. BIG Picture 3. iPod Touch 4. Playtime 5. Tomorrow?
  7. 7. Future citizens: Kids today eh? Jeremytai Notorious d.a.v. Bob AuBuchon
  8. 8. Bob AuBuchon 1. Future citizens What’s he thinking about you as an educator?
  9. 9. Students fly a camera by balloon into the atmosphere.
  10. 10. Tullawong computer survey: Approx. 650 students surveyed 100 Overall %ʼs per Question: 90 1. Computer? 80 2. Use Computer? 2B. Use twice/w? 70 3. Internet? 4. Use Internet? 60 4B. Use net twice/w? 50 5. Mobile Phone? 5B. Internet on mobile? 40 6. Other mobile device? 30 20 10 Qs 0
  11. 11. 2. BIG Picture Students expect a learning environment that accommodates a mobile lifestyle, integrates today’s digital tools, adapts to individual learning styles, & encourages collaboration & teamwork. - ‘A compelling model for the 21st-century:’ Apple Mobile Learning Solutions
  12. 12. Digital Revolution so far: CLOUD A.I. Semantic web Networks: ? 2015 Mainframe to Social PC to Web P2P WiFi Mainframe Time: mid-00ʼs mid-80ʼs mid-90ʼs 3.0 W E B 1.0 2.0 Everyware Notebook sales Ubiquitous Desktop: beat Desktops computing M.I.D.s Laptops Smart Blackberry 4G Palm Mobile: PDA phones email Eee PC 1G 2G 3G - converged access Phase 2: Connectivity goes to cloud data / Phase 1: Computing goes mobile mobile - Mobile Safari, Netbooks, Networks / services - PDAs, MP3 players, podcasting - one use, stand-alone Web Apps, 3G wireless broadband Virtual PLE/ Primary PLN Schools Learner- Connectivism mLearning Centeredness: eLearning
  13. 13. “For many users, broadband mobile devices like the iPhone have already begun to assume many tasks that were once the exclusive province of portable computers”.
  14. 14. A recent survey predicts that by the year 2020, most people across the world will be using a mobile device as their primary means for connecting to the Internet. (
  15. 15. “Almost every Student carries a mobile device, making it a natural choice for content delivery and even field work and data capture.”
  16. 16. Digital Revolution so far: - Content?
  17. 17. User content is now king ie. News events sent out by twitter long before they are reported by old media.
  18. 18. in any where any where out in out
  19. 19. 3. iPod Touch
  20. 20. iTouch in Education?
  21. 21. iTouch in Education in Australia? “Preliminary research ... found students were more willing to come to school, did more homework and used their iPods more than laptops or desktop computers” - ‘Homework is fun on an iPod Touch’
  22. 22. Louise Duncan Shepperton High, Victoria “It astounds me that after using the iPod Touch in the classroom since last year, there are still so many new ways it can be applied to my teaching, & so many new connections to be made with people who are starting to use them around the world”. Biancia Kattanach-Firebrace, Cale McCartin and Mitch Taylforth (left to right) were given iPods to use at school while completing year 8 at Shepparton High School. Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones
  23. 23. Louise Duncan Shepperton High, Victoria “With Studywiz Mobile students take tests, access student galleries, download class work, participate in polls, check their calendars, & even join in class discussion groups to increase the opportunities for learning in a safe, personalised environment”.
  24. 24. Jenny Ashby, Epsom Primary, Victoria “Teaching practices in the upper primary school have been traditional and teacher-centred and we would like to attempt to move to a student-centered learning environment via the use of the iPod Touch”.
  25. 25. Jenny Ashby, Epsom Primary, Victoria Weather App, calculators, photo viewer, handwriting, literacy, etch-a-sketch
  26. 26. 6 Queensland Educator’s talk about using the iTouch “My experiences so far have all been positive. It really is a natural tool for them to learn on. Main strength are the simplicity of its design. It is easy to access apps and children of all ages can access the apps”.  “My 3 year old daughter loves superpoke pets where she gets to feed, clean and play with a virtual penguin. I really think the ipod touch has huge merits for learning in the 21st century”. - Dawn Clark, Cedar Creek
  27. 27. 6 Queensland Educator’s talk about using the iTouch “The most significant strength is its size, & subsequent portability, which is important when considering devices for integration. The device is easily managed, & can be simply restored if mistakes are made”. “I am seeing the rise of iPhones possessed by students.  By demonstrating productive use of the platform with the iPod Touch I can teach students to use the device they own in a more productive and effective manner”. - Shane Roberts Gold Coast
  28. 28. With J.Nalder 4. Playtime
  29. 29. It is very possible to be overwhelmed/stressed by capabilities of modern mobile devices
  30. 30. So relax with the Fluid app...
  31. 31. Each clue is solved using a different app: (Record answers with screenshot) Scavenger Clue 1: 987-634 + 29 X 163 = Hunt Clue 2: Time Difference between Paris and Melbourne Clue 3: Name of motor way near our closest Apple store at Robina Town Centre Clue 4: Temperature in Paris on Saturday Clue 5: name a trending topic on twitter (‘look under sources’)
  32. 32. Creating content on the iTouch Review Task 1. Create - Choose an App to review: ■ Twitterific ■ Evernote ■ Google Earth ■ myHomework ■ PocketPhonics lite ■ iFlipr flashcards lite ■ Writepad ■ Etc. • In pairs, write a review for first time users • Focus on ease of use, and applications for Educators and for students 2. Share/Publish • Twitterific - text/ pic screen - 140 characterʼs • Evernote - text, screen pic, audio, handwriting from writepad -> ALI • email -
  33. 33. Will you still 5. support me tomorrow? no.
  34. 34. Tomorrow?
  35. 35. Tomorrow?
  36. 36. Tomorrow?
  37. 37. ITSC 2009 With J.Nalder Tomorrow? twitter: @jnxyz : Workshop resources