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CENDOO is your internet butler. CENDOO is based upon this new technology, ai-one™, which provides the ability to think and learn like a biological brain. CENDOO is your automatic service in the background that helps you get things done and does jobs on your behalf. And the more you use CENDOO, the better the service knows your preferences and adapts. In other words, CENDOO knows exactly what you want and does it.

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Presentation CENDOO Butler english

  1. 1. CENDOO BUTLER V 20.06.10 I english
  2. 2. INTERNET EVOLUTION Evolutionary steps of the Internet Web
 1990 - 2000 2000 - 2010 2010 - 2020 Participatory Semantic Web Starter Web Web „Are you Sharing Intelligent Internet: online?“ collaboration Machines AOL, Ebay Facebook understand and act static websites Youtube upon information Twitter
  3. 3. INTERNET TODAY New challenges arise with Web 2.0 Web 2.0 and its web application facilitate interactive information sharing, interoperability BUT: and collaboration: New challenges arise with Web 2.0:   Information overload   Quantity instead of quality   Lack of evaluation mechanisms   Lack of intelligence   How do we know in the net, what is relevant or important?   Everyone is participating.   Anyone can contribute content.   Internet use sky rocketed.   Internet excites people, hypes emerge.
  4. 4. INTERNET TODAY Constantly growing traffic Which information is relevant? The infographic of only one service, Twitter, illustrates the exploding traffic Source:

 Jeff Jarvis (bestselling author) „ What would Google do?“
  6. 6. EXPERT OPINION „Hundreds
 Prof. Dr. Peter Kruse Psychologist, Internet futurologist
  7. 7. THE SOLUTION The solution: WEB 3.0 Semantic Web   intelligent   autonomous   semantic Se man tics Study of meaning, the study of interpretations of signs or symbols
  8. 8. OLD TECHNOLOGY Computer technology today: Computer chips consist of millions of transistors. Each transistor is a switch with only two positions: On and Off (0/1) Each function in the computer today, every program, each letter is defined by the binary code consisting of Zero and One. It is a static system. The computer can only handle what was pre-programmed.
  9. 9. HUMANS THINK DIFFERENTLY The human brain is radically different. When we recall an information, we have several alternative associative routes to retrieve the memory. The access of a memory is an association. A memory is always the linking or association of: notions images given facts patterns emotions
  10. 10. NEW TECHNOLOGY Semantics means the meaning of information When the words are set in context or in relation, like a Book human brain does, suddenly the words mean something and conveys different messages. Song Person refers to Song Book Article The words alone don‘t convey any Person special meaning, the write signification is not s visibile. Article
  11. 11. NEW TECHNOLOGY Intelligent and novel computer technology: The coming chips developed by ai-one consist of elektronic cells, which can each have ca. 2‘000 states. And like in the brain, each cell can spontaneously connect to each other and form dynamic networks, to perform tasks or learn new things. The new semantic technology is a biologically inspired intelligence. The special feature of the chip: It organises autonomously the data and finds answers to question which even have not be asked.
  12. 12. CHANGE OF PARADIGMA It is about pattern recognition. Present system New semantic system A user uploads an image A user uploads an image of of Barack Obama in the Barack Obama in the Internet. Internet. Google only The new system recognizes the finds this image, if the „Obama“ image by the optical user has tagged the pattern. In the same way the image with eg „Obama“. other Obama images can be Google only recognizes recognized and categorized, the image by its text tag. even when these are not tagged with „Obama“. obama.jpg

  13. 13. CHANGE OF PARADIGMA Biologically inspired intelligence (BII) Creativity Logic Holistic thinking, intuition, creativity Analytical thinking, language, science and music, and mathematics Biologically Inspired Intelligence combines creativity and logic like a human brain.
  14. 14. SEMANTIC SYSTEM – a strong partner Manfred Hoffleisch Head of R&D ai-one AG Father of the new algorithm for the semantic CENDOO Butler Science and university partners:
  15. 15. AWARD – a strong partner Red Herring awarded the Swiss high tech company ai-one AG on January 18, 2010 with the prestigious Global 100 award as one of the Top 100 tech-startups in the world.  The award of the global media company Red Herring lists the year's most promising private technology ventures from around the world. In professional circles the award is considered as the ultimate prize for innovative technology and is thus highly coveted.
  16. 16. SEMANTIC SYSTEM ai-one AG (former Semantic System AG) - a strong partner
  17. 17. TECHNOLOGY PROVEN TECHNOLOGY IN USE 2) Intelligent Dialogue Robot 1) Police Humans can communicate with the Intelligent Forensics, matching of shoe sole tracks. The Dialogue Robot in natural language. The robot system also detects patterns in rotated, is also used as "flight simulator" to train scaled or distorted images. agents and trainers in call centers.
  18. 18. TECHNOLOGY PROVEN TECHNOLOGY IN USE 4) Skin Analysis The device scans a skin patches, determines the type of skin and provides the doctor with a 3) Signature Analysis and Matching decision basis for further treatment. This This system uses two types of data: the profile is compared with existing cosmetic printed image while signing and the dynamics products and an optimal therapy is of handwriting. Other methods of identification recommended. are fingerprint and face recognition. Radiology / skin cancer determination
  19. 19. TECHNOLOGY Further applications and partners:
  20. 20. CENDOO BUTLER The Butler knows, what I mean. CENDOO develops an unique, intelligent Butler for the Internet which is based upon the technology of ai-one. The Butler is a automatic service – he does jobs on my behalf, jobs which otherwise can only be done by a human. The Butler learns to do what I „wish“ him to do, getting smarter with each use. The Butler knows my interests and preferences and becomes my virtual twin.
  21. 21. CENDOO BUTLER Hitherto: Me
 Today we spend uncountable hours in the Internet daily just to search for relevant information or to do a task!
  22. 22. CENDOO BUTLER 2010: Me
 Now however, we give our personal Butler the instruction, and he retrieves the requested information, does jobs on my behalf - which otherwise I need do myself. He takes care of my various profiles in social networks and keeps me up to date according to my settings.
  23. 23. CENDOO BUTLER Individual life and communication spheres: Internet friends / relatives experiences radio / TV knowledge known Web sources data / info emails, text, info periodicals data bases by third parties secret books trusted data bases libraries trusted open We each have various needs in communication. But how can we communicate today in a secret, trusted or open way in the Internet, and furthermore in the right way (secret, trusted or open) in the different conditions?
  24. 24. CENDOO BUTLER The Butler knows my different data gateways: Orders Private: instructions My data questions > trusted sources Trusted: Data of friends > qualified sources Results Public: completed jobs Public accessible data recommendations > not classified sources
  25. 25. CENDOO BUTLER The Butler ensures privacy and security Anonymous or open dialog depending on settings or on the instruction
  26. 26. CENDOO BUTLER Example 1: I want to fly from Zurich to San Diego to join a conference. -  Search for best available flight in accordance with my profile settings I give my butler the order to organize the - Search for rental car available 30 min after departure flight to San Diego, a car and a hotel - Search for hotel in accordance with my profile settings based on the date of the conference. - Compare recommondations and experiences on the internet My butler recommends 3 available solutions with flight details, car and hotel suggestions based on my profile settings and experiences.
  27. 27. CENDOO BUTLER Example 2: I am in Tokio (Japan) and i have terrible headache. - Butler recognises place by GPS - Search for local available medicine - Compare recommondations and experiences on the internet I give my butler the order to find - Route to next pharmacy something to relieve my headache. My butler delivers a local available medicine to relieve my headache. The butler routes me to the next pharmacy and shows me the name and price of the medicine in japanese.
  28. 28. CENDOO BUTLER The Butler is unique in 4 ways: 1.  The Butler completes tasks on my behalf including multi-stage workflows. 2. The Butler solves the trust and privacy problem by selectively communicating anonymously. 3.  The Butler delivers results, which normal search engines can not. 5.  The Butler takes care of all my various profiles in social networks and Internet pages. The Butler changes how we communicate in the Internet, it simplifies communication and makes it more intelligent and more secure.
  29. 29. PROTOTYPE AND APPS Next steps: In the following 2-3 months CENDOO develops several Butler apps which will be published as iPhone and iPad apps. Butler Market situation iPhone/iPad 2010: Currently ca. 225‘000 Apps are running on more than 100 M iPhones, iPod touch und iPads. Hitherto more than 5 B Apps were downloaded.
  30. 30. SEMTECH SAN FRANCISCO For the first time the technology of the CENDOO Butler will be presented at the SEMTECH 2010 in San Francisco. CENDOO and ai-one are developing an intelligent butler service for the Internet which is based upon the pioneering semantic technology ai-one.
  31. 31. PROSPECT PROJECT STATUS The first prototype will be available in summer 2010, demonstrating the semantics. We expect a licensable Information-Butler to be ready to market in the second halve of 2010. CENDOO currently also develops first Butler apps as iPhone and iPad apps.
  32. 32. CONTACT CENDOO AG Gehrenstrasse 3 8810 Horgen Switzerland T: +41 43 501 30 45 F: +41 43 501 30 46 E: W: