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Managing information overload - VSB PASA 2013 Feb 14 PD


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share thoughts on the future of technology and through demonstration, some tips on using our work tools more effectively

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Managing information overload - VSB PASA 2013 Feb 14 PD

  1. 1. Managing Information Overload Brian Kuhn Making Technology Work for YouDirector of Technology /
  2. 2. “If you ask anyone who has been on the Internet for at least a decade what has changed, the answer # 11038062 probably be, ‘Everything.’”, A New Culture of Learning
  3. 3. 3.6 B people on earthFirst computer chess tournament0 (yes zero) personal computers sold0 e-mails sent0 blog posts0 Facebook usersBG (before Google) 1970 # 1563122
  4. 4. Nov. 26, 2012 around 7:56am7.08 B people on the earth318,564,465 personal computers sold this year234,986 TVs sold today1,736,732 cell phones sold today2,458,412,202 internet users on earth137,845,286,923 e-mail messages sent today1,347,456 blog posts today1,000,000,000 + Facebook users1,344,823,201 Google searches today # 7611212
  5. 5. Things have changed in our world… # 9545884
  6. 6. “With the exception of alphabets and number systems, theNet may well be the single most powerful mind-alteringtechnology that has ever come into general use. At the veryleast, it’s the most powerful that has come along since thebook.” The Shallows (kindle 1991) # 4540526
  7. 7. # 453710“But because we’re doubling the rateof progress every decade, we’ll see theequivalent of a century of progress—attoday’s rate—in only twenty-fivecalendar years.” The Singularity is Near(kindle 442) “Most long-range forecasts of what is technically feasible in future time periods dramatically underestimate the power of future developments because they are based on what I call the ‘intuitive linear’ view of history rather than the ‘historical exponential’ view.” The Singularity is Near (kindle 429)
  8. 8. “Printing gave humanity the written word. The Web makeseveryone a publisher. Printing enabled the distribution ofknowledge. The Web provides a platform for networkinghuman minds. Printing allowed people to know. The Webenables people to collaborate and to learn collectively.”Macrowikinomics (kindle 566) # 4540526
  9. 9. Kids Embrace new Technology
  10. 10. # 18713708
  11. 11. “Whenever we turn on our computer, we are plungedinto an ‘ecosystem of interruption technologies’”, The Shallows # 16745808
  12. 12. What struggles doyou have with your technology? # 4311434
  13. 13. # 6755935Demonstration
  14. 14. Overload
  15. 15. New York Times 2012 # 18844759
  16. 16. New York Times 2012 # 18844759
  17. 17. What tech tip doyou have for others in managing yourwork/life balance? # 4311434
  18. 18. Embrace – Learn – Leverage - Live