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Sfu symposium targeting technology for maximum student benefit


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keynote presentation covering examples of beneficial uses of educational technology for students and a plan or guideline for implementing in schools

Published in: Education, Technology
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Sfu symposium targeting technology for maximum student benefit

  1. 1. Journey aTargeting Technology for Maximum Student Benefit Centre for the Study of Educational Leadership and Policy is ItBrian Kuhn My Coordinates…School District 43 (Coquitlam) #bcedsfu
  2. 2. “Late in the 1800s, during the IndustrialRevolution, business leaders began complainingabout all these rural kids who were pouringinto the cities and going to work in ourfactories. Business leaders said that these kidswere no good, and that what they needed wasan educational system that would produce"industrial discipline.” (paraphrase: show up,be on time, follow rules), Alvin Toffler
  3. 3. “How does that system fit into a worldwhere assembly lines have gone away?It doesnt. The public school system isdesigned to produce a workforce for aneconomy that will not be there. Andtherefore, with all the best intentions inthe world, were stealing the kidsfuture.”, Alvin Toffler
  4. 4. needs to change…
  5. 5. Transforming ExploringPreparing Stages of Technology Adoption
  6. 6. We cant afford 1:1 #2079663“no matter whether I wanted to pursue 1:1technology in our school or not, I am confronted withone big chunk of reality in our school of 1400students”Source:
  7. 7. But with shared access… Source: Critical Thinking Interdependence CollaborationExcitement Peer Teaching Sharing #17292157
  8. 8. Before the technology/constructivist shift in my classroom,… We’d read books, answer questions, and then address those questions in class. I’d lecture a lot, with supplemental grammar lessons here and there,… extremely teacher centered… I’d hope they learned something about writing and thinking. #6759491Shelley Wright is a teacher/education blogger living inMoose Jaw, Saskatchewan
  9. 9. #7834176 Instead, inquiry and technology are a natural part of our English classes. It’s what my students have come to expect and have started to design themselves. Instead, of saying, “hand in your assignments,” I say, “publish your assignments and send me the link.” They think about connecting and sharing their learning in the larger world.Shelley Wright is a teacher/education blogger living inMoose Jaw, Saskatchewan
  10. 10. Technology is important to this Student!
  11. 11. … #13730548 Computers… #15864104
  12. 12. Special software programs / apps / web sites #14368774 support subject area learning outcomes Applications for Curriculum
  13. 13. Learn through Manipulating things #3948697
  14. 14. Math Online Manipulatives Students learn through interaction…… and immediatefeedback!
  15. 15. In reference to students with specialneeds: “Without technology my studentswould have one more hurdle in front ofthem in addition to the ones they alreadyhave.” Male student, grade 1: “Computers let you look at things and then you can learn how to do things that you didn’t know before.” #317548 Assistive / Adaptive Software / Apps
  16. 16. Assistive Apps for Tablets
  17. 17. Students with Special Needs
  18. 18. increase ‘access’ to general curriculum materials and, at the same time, provide support for the who find it physically children learner’s particular challengestaxing to carry books or turn pages, digital books can relieve this burden “text-to-speech” technology can be a powerful tool for visually and processing speed impaired students to keep pace and comprehend what they are readingused to “even the technology is playing field” and allow the child independent access to thestudents who are dyslexic, usecurriculumprograms that read content aloudand have the ability to read writtentext back Support Students with Special Needs
  19. 19. Electronic Mail Instant Messaging Internet Phone Video ConferenceWeb Conference #17354272Communication Applications
  20. 20. Research Tools • Distance • Routes • Geography • Field trips • International culture • Planning
  21. 21. In 2006, a survey found that 63% of Americans ages18 to 24 could not find Iraq on a map of the MiddleEast. A professor described the problem as“geographic illiteracy.”
  22. 22. In 2006, a survey found that 63% of Americans ages18 to 24 could not find Iraq on a map of the MiddleEast. A professor described the problem as“geographic illiteracy.” Two years later, we sat students down in front of a computer and said, “Find Iraq.” One hundred percent of the students were able to do so—and more. They asked, “Street view or aerial?” “Do you want to focus on any particular region or the whole country?” “Should I turn the satellite imaging on or do you want it in map form?” Clearly those students were able to complete the task with remarkable sophistication and detail. They were able to use the maps’ interface to explore the richness of the technology to shape and reshape meaning. <>
  23. 23. Whathappened?
  24. 24. TwitterFacebook
  25. 25. Note TakingWordprocessing Wikis Blogging #6759491
  26. 26. Significant results through writing with computers
  27. 27. Organizer Graphic
  28. 28. This student likes to write through her Blog
  29. 29. Reading transformed by Technology # 8508482Flipboard # 12942957 Web Articles
  30. 30. V i d e o Students create science promotional # 16057255
  31. 31. # 15033392 Google Sketchup Dream Rooms
  32. 32. # 13386428 Geometry learned through visual (MIT Scratch) computer programming. # 13857719
  33. 33. # 11850475 Students hand-in assignments electronically, self assess, and receive assessment / feedback from teacherMiddle School Explorations Class
  34. 34. Flickr – langwitches # 4211065001
  35. 35. Flickr – langwitches # 4211065001“imagine, as a student, that you could not only readabout what it is like to be a scientist, an architect, anartist, an entrepreneur, or an engineer, but alsocollaborate with fellow students in a safe virtualenvironment to recreate that experience for yourself.”Macrowikinomics (kindle 2907)
  36. 36. Learning Social Responsibility - 3D Immersive Learning
  37. 37. BC Learning NEXUS: A universe of virtual worlds for exploring, collaborating, and learning…Vi Lr et au ra nl i n g
  38. 38. # 7269826Access is Key to Learning through Technology
  39. 39. Devices are small, powerful, and everywhere # 3654579
  40. 40. Devices are small, powerful, and everywhereInternet… everywhere… just like oxygen being connected is not optional just like breathing… # 3654579
  41. 41. Computer Labs Still Effective for Learning
  42. 42. Tablets for Learning
  43. 43. # #10651120You or I maynot choose ahandheld forwriting, butkids will… Handheld Writing
  44. 44. Interactive White Boards… …visually Powerful Learning Devices
  45. 45. #16878193 Choose from a Variety of Tools to Access Learning
  46. 46. Ongoing Professional Learning is Essential
  47. 47. Professional Learning via Collaboration Time
  48. 48. Show Possibility + Importance of Technology
  49. 49. Exponential Change A Five Year Plan: ChallengesChange Time Costs and Budgets lower? uploads/2010/12/technology-students.jpg #10769236
  50. 50. Evergreen Technology Teacher LaptopsBYOD will changeEverything #12676792 #7491884
  51. 51. Preparing (literacy)… is primarily lab based and time limited. are assigned to use specific tools for specific “computer” tasks. computer is just an (optional) tool.Exploring (adaptive)… is also in classrooms and is regular. tools, some chosen by students, are becoming integrated into curricular learning for research, planning, writing, presenting. are becoming necessary for learning.Transforming… is expected wherever, whenever. tools available and support student choices for how to learn and demonstrate learning. is through projects and inquiry and is designed to leverage numerous tools. not bounded to the classroom or school day.
  52. 52. #13730548
  53. 53. Elementary Schools (K-5)Preparing Exploring Transforming BYOD
  54. 54. Middle Schools (6-8) Preparing Exploring Transforming BYOD Online LearningCurricular Apps 3D Immersive
  55. 55. Secondary Schools (9-12) Preparing Exploring Transforming BYOD Online LearningCurricular Apps Video Subscription 3D Immersive
  56. 56. Safe Learning Platform: blogging, wikis, discussions, document sharing, messaging, friending, learningevidence, parent access and contribution #15885386
  57. 57. Professional Learning - essential Allocate sustainable fundingTargeting Technology for Maximum Student Benefit Centre for the Study of Educational Leadership and Policy Support experimentation Showcase New Learning Plan for the plan to Change