The future of learning blended learning


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The future of learning blended learning

  1. 1. The Future of Learning:Blended learning? Enrique Arias Castaño
  2. 2. The Future...? It is very difficult to predict the future. It‟sdifficult to even predictwhat will happen in the next year.
  3. 3. The Future...? When he saw a demonstration of the telephone in 1880, a U.SMayor declared: “One dayevery town in America will have a telephone!”
  4. 4. Advances intechnology, information, and communication, have changed the way learning and instruction are carried out.
  5. 5. Here‟s a problem for teachers: “For the first time we are preparing students for a future we cannot clearly describe.” David Warlick
  6. 6. Formal and Informal learning Shouldn’t we now start to blend formal and informal learning? Formal Informal Learning Learning 20% 80% Source: Cofer, D. (2000). Informal Workplace Learning.
  7. 7. Students today are doing thingsdifferently from those 20 years ago
  8. 8.
  9. 9. .....are not the same as...
  10. 10. Learners enjoy learning when it’s engaging and fun!
  11. 11. Engaging and fun!
  12. 12. anytime personalisedanyplace
  13. 13. Across the Years Veterans 1945 Baby Boomers Gen X 1965 1980 Y 2000 Gen Z ? Generation Y Echo Boomers Millennials Baby Busters Generation Next Net Gen Nintendo Generation Boomlets
  14. 14. Across the Years Veterans 1945 Baby Boomers Gen X 1965 1980 Y 2000 Gen Z ? shifts happened
  15. 15. Handwriting Typing Spiral Post-It NotebooksHighlighting Filing Paper-based culture
  16. 16. E-mail WebcamsBlogging GamingGoogling Streaming Screen-based culture
  17. 17. Learners will need new „literacies‟• Social networking• Privacy maintenance• Identity management• Creating content• Organising content• Reusing and repurposing• Filtering and selecting• Self broadcasting
  18. 18. Learners will need new „literacies‟• Social networking• Privacy maintenance• Identity management• Creating content• Organising content• Reusing and repurposing• Filtering and selecting• Self broadcasting
  19. 19. Personalised Learning?
  20. 20. Personalised Learning?
  21. 21. Personalisation of learning meansensuring that individual differences are acknowledged
  22. 22. Personal Learning Environments PLEs are not only personal web tools and personal learning networks. PLEs takes realia, as well as learning through TV, music, paper Personal based materials, radio & more formal contexts. Learning Personal Network Learning Learning content is not as Environment important now as where (or who) to connect to, to find it. Personal PWTs are any web tools, Web Tools (usually Web 2.0) chosen by learners to support their lifelong learning. Source:
  23. 23. Sources of Information Print Visuals Animation Videos Audio Internet Wikis, Blogs Conversations
  25. 25. Learning Tools Satellite TV, Computer Internet, LMS Videos Based Learning Mobiles, Social Software Games
  26. 26. Modes of Communication E-mail Texting Voice Chat/ Conferencing Online Office Instant Social Tools Messengers Networks
  27. 27. Social Media use>500 Million >125 Million >100 Million >50 Million 2 Billion views/day >4 Billion images>14 million 24 hours/minute articles Source:
  28. 28. Advent of the internet Culture oftechnology Changes in modes communication Changes in the forms of information
  29. 29. digital natives “born with I.T.” YThey don‟t know any other way
  30. 30. 21 st CENTURY Educators are faced with even more CHALLENGES than the last century
  31. 31. Tech-Savvy Multi-Taskers Personal Hands-On VisualCollaborativeGoal-Oriented Y Social
  32. 32. Where‟s the Conflict? vs Traditional . 21 Century st Teacher Learner
  33. 33. Where‟s the Conflict? vs Traditional . Modern Learner Learner
  34. 34. Beliefs FILE SHARING
  35. 35. Beliefs INFORMAL LEARNING
  36. 36. Trust NEW SOURCES
  37. 37. Old Learner vs. New Learner Techno- Tech-Savvy PhobicSequential Multi-Tasker Formal Personal Passive Hands-On
  38. 38. Old Learner vs. New Learner Text Based VisualCompetitive Collaborativ e Task- Goal- Oriented Oriented Private Social
  39. 39. Shift in Learning Theories for the Online Environment Cognitivism Social- Constructivist• Knowledge is • Make their own simply acquired, meaning accumulated through activities• Learning is mostly and task individual • Learning from and with others
  40. 40. Teachers have to keep up Technology Literacy Media Literacy Online Communication Internet Tools
  41. 41. Students with 21 st century skillsrequire teacherswith 21 st century skills too!
  42. 42. 21st Century Skilled Teacher•Computer-Savvy•Creative•Critical•Constructive•Connected•Communicative
  43. 43. BRAIN BREAK
  44. 44. “Cuando alcancemos el óptimo deinformación, habremos llegado al máximo dedesinformación POR SATURACIÓN”Ignacio Ramonet, periodista español, figura principal del movimiento antiglobalización.
  45. 45. PODCAST• podcast is from iPod and broadcast• Un podcast se asemeja a una suscripción a un blog hablado en la que recibimos los programas a través de Internet.• File to download – mp3• Difusion on RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
  46. 46. VOXOPOP.COM Not traditional forum Audiorecord participationsConversational groups: open & restrictive
  47. 47. PODOMATIC.COM web/blog developer: - Attach audio files EJMS: http://los39sonidos.podom http://audiolibros.podoma Podcast channels
  48. 48. PODERATO.COM podcast developer EJMS: http://www.poder alcr/futbol- 1 Gb to total/ftbol-total-7- upload de-mayo-2012
  49. 49. VOCAROO.COM• Simple • Simple interface • easy • Record or upload audio files • useful • 50mb
  50. 50. VIDEOCAST• El Videocast o Videopodcast es un archivo multimedia que contiene una información combinada de audio y video• Los videos se pueden publicar en un servidor externo (YouTube, por ejemplo)• EJM:
  51. 51. Mind mapsconceptual maps Graphic representations of knowledge
  52. 52. MINDMEISTER.COM• FaceBook user and try it without Submit• Print and variety of formats• Share with others
  53. 53. MINDOMO.COM
  55. 55. BUBBL.US Brainstorming
  56. 56. CMAPTOOLSFREEMIND Installation FREE
  57. 57. WEBSITES Jimdo web editor, free, fast, and easy to use Wix online editor - Flash
  58. 58. PREZI.COM Prezi zooming, designing, drawing and presenting• presentations off-line (download as Flash)• FaceBook
  59. 59. And more tools…• • eed2• Powerpoint to video •• Cuadernia • /casa/index.html •• Video online •• Videos from images •• SKYPE (install)