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5 killer ways to open up your next presentation


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Did you know modern statistics state that you have 60 seconds or less to capture your audience’s attention? …

Did you know modern statistics state that you have 60 seconds or less to capture your audience’s attention?

You’ve might have heard it before, but maybe not in terms of presentations. It’s crucial to understand the importance of grasping an audience’s attention in the first moments of a talk. Your opening lines set the tone for your overall performance, so a great opener will prepare and intrigue the audience and ensure that your message is effectively received.

So, how do you enchant an audience right off the bat?

Here are 5 methods that we have found work the best for beginning a presentation.

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    Nice job guys!
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  • Thanks – some good ideas here. I especially like the idea of using a story, and to me, intriguing everyone (slide #4) is key.

    With asking questions though, “How’s everyone doing?” (#11) mightn’t go very far, because people might well reply “Fine, thanks” – if they respond at all.

    What about asking a question to provoke thought, like “If you could attract higher-value clients, how would that change your approach to your business?” Then you could say “Well in this session you’ll learn a 3-step process to do just that.”

    For more, please see below – comments and backlinks are always very welcome:
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  • I like, thank you
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  • very interesting.. thanks a lot..
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  • Excellent presentation. I will be promoting this one on your social pages. I really like how you concisely stated each necessary point and really laid the groundwork for a great presentation. I will be showing this to our team as well as we go into presentation season this coming Fall, Winter, and so on. Thanks!
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  • 2. Statistics say you have6o to capture the attentionof an audienceseconds
  • 3. ITsCrucial to understand the importanceof grasping an audiences attention in thefirst moments of a talk
  • 4. your opening lines set the tone of the overall performanceso a great opener willprepare & intriguethe audienceto ensure that your messageis effectively received
  • 5. So, how to enchant an audience right off the bat?
  • 6. 1.STORIES1990
  • 7. 1990 1995Fish-birth 1st day of fish-schoolwe crave stories becausewe all have them
  • 8. 2000 2013Fish-birthday BIGFISH graduationproposing this shared experiencewith your audience allows themto identify with youon a personal level
  • 9. futureJust remember to keep the story relevant to therequested topic/event you were askedto speak about in order tomaximize effectiveness
  • 10. 2.questions
  • 11. A simple “How’s everyone doing?”opens up a forum of sorts for the audience,empowering them and making themmore receptiveto your message.
  • 12. ?A question also makes the audiencethink for themselves about atopic that you control.
  • 13. This is a great way to set andreinforce the agenda of yourchoice while giving the audiencea sense of power.
  • 14. 3.quotes
  • 15. Referencing the words and thoughts of anexpert in relation to your message is usefulfor establishing an overarching theme orgeneral idea about the topic.
  • 16. You are imparting wisdom on your audiencewhile creating a segue into your own topic.
  • 17. Just make sure you follow up the quotewith an explanation of how it empowersyour topic and how it is relevant.
  • 18. 4.statistics
  • 19. When used correctly, statistics can be very effective inilluminatingyour topic. The key is to use veryclear,accurate and relevant information in order totruly engage your audience.
  • 20. A solid statistic places your incoming message ina concrete, irrefutable and trusted frame of reference.
  • 21. Data not only provides your presentation with a trusted source,but also lends credibilityto everything you say thereafter.
  • 22. 5.jokes
  • 23. extremely powerful and is often used effectively.A good joke can loosen up your audience andmake them more receptiveto you as a personas well as to your message.Humor is
  • 24. that humor is Highly volatile.A bad joke can be worsethan no joke at warned though,!
  • 25. Make sure you have ascope for your target audiencebefore you dive into a dud of a joke.
  • 26. Use these techniquesin your next presentationto prepare ,engage ,control andentertainyour audience.
  • 27. Like all things, these methods are only suggestionsand their effectiveness depends heavily on delivery.
  • 28. Make them your own,and you will appear morenatural and fluid in your performance.
  • 29. Visit for more helpfultips and tricks on presentations.