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8 Incredibly Helpful Network Marketing Tips


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Network Marketing is a very noble profession. It's not rocket science. Most often we make it way too hard. Honestly, anyone who puts their mind to it, does the right things, learns the skills necessary and is consistent can build a very successful business.

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8 Incredibly Helpful Network Marketing Tips

  1. 1. 8 Incredibly Helpful Network Marketing Tips Network Marketing is a very noble profession. It’s not rocket science. Most often we make it way too hard. Honestly, anyone who puts their mind to it, does the right things, learns the skills necessary and is consistent can build a very successful business.
  2. 2. By Celene Harrelson Helping Transform New Solopreneurs Into Happypreneurs! Marketing Strategies for Online Business, Network Marketing, MLM and Direct Sales
  3. 3. Does this happen overnight? Not usually. I was fortunate in my network marketing company to see success pretty quickly and I know countless others who have built a high five figure monthly income in a matter of months in my business. But honestly, you need to expect to work 3-5 years to see your 7 figure income dreams come true. Where else can you work 3-5 years and see that kind of income and live the life of your dreams? So what do you need to do to make that kind of success happen? There are a number of small things, when done consistently, will move you towards success. Here are 8 tips to help you do just that…
  4. 4. Approach people with confidence. They are not doing you a favor by listening to you, you are doing them a favor by sharing your opportunity and life changing products with them. Stop apologizing in your tone of voice, the way you carry yourself and what you say. You are a busy professional and they are fortunate you chose to share your business with them.
  5. 5. Don’t take it personal if you are rejected. It’s not personal. They may have some things going on in their lives and it’s just not the right time or they may not believe that Network Marketing is the answer. Some people just don’t have the right mindset or beliefs for this business. There are all kinds of reasons that they may not be interested, that’s their thing, not yours, so don’t take it personally and move on. However, do keep them on a list to revisit sometime in the future. Things change and often people who were not interested, will be open to your opportunity later.
  6. 6. Do something every day to grow your business. I make it a point to contact a bare minimum of 2-5 new people a day. When I first got started that number was 5-10. You know how much time you can devote to your business. Decide how much time that is and come up with a number, then don’t quit until you’ve spoken to that many people every day.
  7. 7. Plug in… Plug in to local and online meetings with your company and upline to learn as much about the product, opportunity and the tools and training your company provides.
  8. 8. Spend some time every day on personal development. Your business will stop growing when you do. It simply cannot outgrow you. Learn to shift your mindset. Be conscious of the words you speak. Be positive. Read books, listen to audios and watch videos that will improve your personal and professional skills.
  9. 9. Know your “WHY” and revisit it daily. Why do you want to build a successful Network Marketing business. It should be more than just “I want to make $10,000 a month.” Dig deeper. What will your life look like when you do? Where will you live, what kind of home, how will it affect your family and lifestyle. What will it do for the world you live in? See and know your why very clearly.
  10. 10. Set goals to achieve the success you want to see. Then break that down into daily, weekly, monthly steps that will lead to your reaching those goals. For instance if you want to achieve a certain rank in your company in order to win a trip or a car, what steps will you have to take regularly to get there?
  11. 11. Know what you want, focus, be intentional and consistent. Have realistic expectations, goals and a plan to make it happen and you will get there. Following these 8 Network Marketing Tips will help you to grow a solid home business. For more training to help grow your network marketing direct sales business, build a team and make more money get my free 12 Power Prospecting audio training here.
  12. 12. Connect With The Happypreneur Check out, “8 Incredibly Helpful Network Marketing Tips” at The Happypreneur. For more tips and training, follow me on Facebook. I'm Celene Harrelson. I teach you to take The Most Out Of The Internet and Social Media To Grow Your Network Marketing / Direct Sales Business, Build A Team And Make More Money!
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