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Premium Insight is a study made by SAME SAME but different in order to explore the digital activity of premium brands and luxurious “Maisons”.

This new edition will focus on the most innovative strategies in terms of display, emailing, e-commerce, social media and mobile.

Enjoy your reading !

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Premium Insight June 2013 en

  1. 1. PREMIUM INSIGHT June 2013
  2. 2. PREMIUM INSIGHT PREMIUM INSIGHT Premium Insight is a study made by Same Same but different in order to explore the digital activity of premium brands and luxurious “Maisons”. This new edition will focus on the most innovative strategies in terms of display, emailing, e-commerce, social media and mobile. PREMIUM INSIGHT SAME SAME but different Thus, the study will be composed of: • A presentation of the latest digital news • An analysis of an innovative case • An introduction to a digital trend June 2013 Founded in 2009, SAME SAME but different is the strategic and creative digital agency of luxury and major brands: Digital operations and website design / e-influence campaigns / Mobile solutions / Digital In store / Consulting & training for leaders. SAME SAME but different works world-widely with offices in Paris, Shanghai and Hong Kong.
  3. 3. CONTENTS I. News: Digital datas and campaigns this month II. Case: Aéroports de Paris and Weibo III. Trends: Sharing your Vine IV. beyond the great wall: luxury brands, watch out! PREMIUM INSIGHT June 2013
  4. 4. news: Digital datas and campaigns this month
  5. 5. news case trends BOUCHERON The “B Moments” of the Boucheron Maison: and there was light. In order to celebrate 120 years at Place Vendôme, Boucheron created the “B Moments”, a new space on their website dedicated to instants and figures that left a mark on the Maison. On this page, the brand invites us behind the scenes of its boutique in a poetic world made of paper artwork illuminated by wonderful plays of light and shadow. Indeed, New-York artist, Jo Lynn brought the Place Vendôme to light using her talent in her domain of expertise. Users are welcome to participate in the creative project by controlling the position of the sun, from east to west, in order to enlighten the artworks and discover what lies behind their shadows. The result: an innovative and interactive way of promoting brand history. PREMIUM INSIGHT Our opinion: Boucheron carries on its takeover bid on Place Vendôme. This strategy has the merit of being coherent. Also, we must recognize the brand’s beautiful appropriation of the light, given its importance in the world of jewelry. However, in terms of timing, the teasing phase of the project gave the game away and the final result, that did not have much more to offer, could have disappointed more than one user. > The website June 2013
  6. 6. news case trends MERCEDES Mercedes launches its new model via an exhibition connected to Instagram  The German manufacturer decided to partner with Instagram for the creation of a special exhibition dedicated to the launch of a new model. Anti-conformist, young, modern and aggressive, these are the new qualifiers put to honor by Mercedes in this project. What is the concept? Just connect to via your Instagram account and choose the three most anti-conformist pictures from your photo album. All of the pictures will be rated and a selection will be made and projected during the event. Mercedes’ goal here is to be very immersive and fascinating with the creation of a unique pop-up store where the star piece will come to life in different ambiances, from baroque to street art, via the 3D Mapping technique. Our opinion: Mercedes steps out of the conventional way of communicating of the sector. The idea is participative and trendy. It is efficient in terms of notoriety and engagement. Now we just have to see if CLA sales will benefit from this animation and what the “untamed” operation results will be. > The website PREMIUM INSIGHT June 2013
  7. 7. news case trends LOUIS VUITTON (Re)visit the Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton’s exhibition “Correspondances” In order to get a new look on the exhibition “Correspondances” on Mail Art at L’Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, the Maison created an application that allows users to discover virtually, the spaces, the artwork and the artists, on computers as well as on tablets and Smartphones. High-quality contents and easy navigation have made of this application a successful operation. The brand offers a custom-made tool that allows users to discover the exhibition as they wish. Indeed they can choose to visit “Correspondances” by entering the “artists” and “artwork” themes, by following the chronology with the “timeline” or by choosing the route offered by “the virtual tour”. Our opinion: this tour gives a static impression that is quite disappointing, especially in a context where 360° videos have become a new trend. Indeed the application could have benefited from the advantages of mixed reality that would have nourished the in situ experience. > The website PREMIUM INSIGHT June 2013
  8. 8. news case versace A Google Hangout with Donatella Versace for her Versus collection On the 14th of May, the fashion brand Versace offered an exclusive online interview of Donatella Versace for the launch of the Versus collection. 5 well-known web figures had the chance to ask questions to the fashion designer thanks to Google+’s Google Hangout. This new feature of the social media introduced group video conversations. Participants from all around the world got the opportunity to talk about the launch of the brand’s new collection. Also they got to realize how important the use of the internet and social media is for brands nowadays. Our opinion: a project that sets Versace as a pioneer in terms of use of the most innovative social media… and also a smart move from Google that got to target an influential audience! However we can mention one hiccup; the difficulty of following the interview because of network issues between the participants. PREMIUM INSIGHT > The video June 2013 trends
  9. 9. news case trends CHOPARD Tumblr & Pinterest: Chopard hosts its Festival During the Cannes Film Festival, the brand took advantage of Tumblr and Pinterest’s functionalities in order to develop a powerful communication. All kinds of data like Festival news, star invitations and presentations of the Red Carpet collection turned these platforms into centers of information. Beyond its traditional visibility during the Festival and beyond the simple promotion of its most beautiful pieces, Chopard managed to demonstrate how a luxury brand can use social media in an innovative and complementary way in terms of communication. Our opinion: this project illustrates in a nice way a new tendency on the market. Indeed, brands are behaving more and more like media and are gathering, sometimes, large audiences. Thus, an innovative way of communicating for a historical Maison which sets it as one of the sector’s most visible luxury brands on social media… PREMIUM INSIGHT > The Tumblr > The Pinterest album June 2013
  10. 10. news case trends Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani brand content with the “Frames of Life” experience The Giorgio Armani Maison unveils its project called « Frames of Life », a series of 4 black and white videos that revolve around 4 life moments. This campaign was conceived in order to promote the brand’s Eyewear collection, hence the omnipresence of observation and eye expression. Since the first video was put online in March 2013, the internet users have been able to share Nina, Luc, Carlos, Lucille and Adrian’s stories as they were wearing the brand’s glasses. Our opinion: after this campaign’s hit last year, the brand reiterates the experience with success. Beautiful shots and stories “that meet, cross and interpenetrate each other”. The dedicated internet page holds within itself all of the videos and enables the creation of a true universe revolving around the brand. PREMIUM INSIGHT > The website June 2013
  11. 11. CASE: Aéroports de Paris and Weibo
  12. 12. news case trends Aéroports de Paris The Dream Avenue operation by Aéroports de Paris Aéroports de Paris recently inaugurated its new 2200-square-feet shopping space located in Charles de Gaulle’s terminal 2E . The boarding hall is now nesting all of the most famous luxury brands and has now turned into a must-see location for Chinese tourists. Indeed, Aéroports de Paris wished to create a campaign dedicated to the luxury sector’s number one lovers. For what reasons? • Take advantage of the 2013 Chinese New Year in order to introduce this Avenue that gathers all of the biggest luxury brands within Terminal 2E. • Increase Aéroports de Paris’ notoriety in China and turn it into a place of purchase. > The website PREMIUM INSIGHT June 2013
  13. 13. news case Aéroports de Paris The Dream Avenue operation by Aéroports de Paris Aéroports de Paris put a teasing operation together revolving around Weibo, China’s number one social media, and offered a playful and innovative contest. From January 21st to February 28th, the participants have had the opportunity to send messages via Weibo in order to make a virtual plane fly from China to Paris’ “Secret Avenue”. Indeed each message made the plane fly further. The last message unveiled the Avenue’s location and its author was rewarded with a trip to Paris for two. Were created for this campaign… • A mini event website • Teaser and reveal movies starring a Chinese celebrity, Alyssa Chia • A 360° virtual tour of Charles-de-Gaulle’s terminal 2E PREMIUM INSIGHT June 2013 trends
  14. 14. news case Aéroports de Paris The Dream Avenue operation by Aéroports de Paris Thanks to the use of the right levers: • The viral aspect of Weibo • The notoriety of influential bloggers • A video seeding campaign •… and SAME SAME agency handling the operation! J The contest generated major results in a month: • More than 500,000 unique visitors on the event website • More than 57,000 mentions of the operation on Weibo • More than 100,000 participants in the contest • More than 600 000 videos viewed (teaser / reveal / 360° video) PREMIUM INSIGHT June 2013 trends
  15. 15. trends: Sharing your Vine
  16. 16. news case The Vine trend Created in June 2012 by Dom Hofmmann and Rus Yusupov and launched in January 2013, Vine is a free mobile application that was bought in October 2012 by Twitter. It allows users to film loop videos in a short format. (6 seconds). The application was first available on the iOS exploitation system and is now also available on Android. Vine particularities: • 6-second-loop video: the sound is deactivated by default • Wide-range sharing possibilities • No need to have a Twitter account to use it Sharing your Vine (other name given to loop videos) PREMIUM INSIGHT • Publish your Vine on Twitter: it is possible to add a post and hashtags • Publish your Vine on Facebook • Insert your Vine on your blog or website thanks to a generated link • Vine users can follow each other and search their friends’ videos • The shared video contents are hosted by the platform June 2013 trends
  17. 17. news case The Vine trend trends Brands that use Vine Armani what use for the brands of the sector? Demonstration of the new collections • The application is completely mobile and Smartphones are gaining more and more importance as a way of accessing the internet. According to the Médiamétrie study published in March 2012, France counts 40 million internet users which half of them are mobile users today (22.3 million in November 2012 according to Médiamétrie). • In the context of an event operation, the application is viable. However, the quality of the video is very much limited and it remains difficult to obtain a satisfying result. The format does not allow the creation of aesthetic designs and the application does not offer sound or image improvement (no filters like on Instagram for example). June 2013 Harvey Nichols Live streaming during Fashion Week PREMIUM INSIGHT Neiman Marcus Presentation of the products
  18. 18. news case The Vine trend same same but different’s look For the community • In the context of a web that is becoming more and more visual - time laps, gifs, cinemagraph, stop motion, infographics…- the “short video loop” has a good chance of imposing itself, especially thanks to Twitter. • An easy way to share: this short format is close to the Twitter format with its 140 characters which participated in its success. It answers to the digital needs of immediacy of information, simplicity and practicality. • However the format has a poor quality: thus, the tone given to the videos is usually humorous and the results remain mostly amateur-like. PREMIUM INSIGHT June 2013 trends
  19. 19. news case trends The Vine trend same same but different’s look More precisely • Vine is a new innovative functionality but it is not qualitative enough to be used by luxury brands. This is why more and more alternatives appear on the market. • Facebook has launched an application called Facebook Poke, that allows users to send, to their Facebook friends only, time limited text messages, photos or videos that auto-destruct in a time lap of 1, 3, 5 or 10 seconds depending on the choice made by the message expeditor. > The website • Meanwhile, brands have started exploring what loop videos have to offer. It is the case of Van Cleef & Arpels and its 8 Seconds of Luck project, where the participants create, in a few clicks, their own 8-second loop video revolving around luck, a theme that means so much to the Maison. PREMIUM INSIGHT June 2013
  20. 20. beyond the great wall: luxury brands, watch out!
  21. 21. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL iwatch 365 iwatch 365, a place dedicated to time lovers Created in China in 2006, this platform dedicated to watch lovers leaves its mark of expertise on the sector. Forums, user articles, opinion leaders’ advice, latest trends, you name it, iwatch365 nests every possible information regarding this time measuring tool. PREMIUM INSIGHT June 2013 But more than an information center, this website has been defined by two of its main aspects; its participative and its interactive functionalities. The numerous users nourish the platform with high caliber advice through articles, pictures or videos promoted by a special ranking that records website activity. The members of this community are free to comment or like each other’s posts, and, for the time of a special event, meet up and discuss their favorite subject. PREMIUM INSIGHT June 2013
  22. 22. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL iwatch 365 iwatch 365 in a few words and digits A rich content: • A forum • A database • A space to share pictures • A place dedicated to events • A strong advertising space • A news section PREMIUM INSIGHT June 2013 Participating in the construction of a large community: • More than 70 brands on the website • 21 million pages viewed per month • 900.000 members • 90.000 articles posted per week PREMIUM INSIGHT June 2013
  23. 23. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL iwatch 365 PREMIUM INSIGHT Piaget’s brand zone on iwatch365 An interactive space for watch lovers • Posts related to the history of the brand • Sharing the Maison’s know-how • User activity rankings and most popular posts Q&A and customer reviews • Posts of the pieces of the brand’s collections June 2013 Used to share last minute information • Use of the forum as a media • Latest offline brand activity tab • Column dedicated to live posts PREMIUM INSIGHT June 2013
  24. 24. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL iwatch 365 An inevitable means of communication for the luxury brands of the sector Many brands have understood the importance of this platform that symbolizes a new consumption trend that belongs to the digital era. The user/consumer has taken advantage of many tools that have nourished his expertise in the watch domain. He is now in a constant quest for information, his purchases are hyperinformed, and iwatch 365 has become an essential tool used to fulfill that need. PREMIUM INSIGHT June 2013 Not only a consumer, the website user is also a passionate person. Yet, a passion is meant to be shared and what better way to do so than with the ones who generated it? PREMIUM INSIGHT On iwatch 365, each Maison has a dedicated forum that turns into a space where the aficionados have the opportunity to share their experience. This platform is a new way for the brands of the sector to create a powerful relationship with the people that are most important to them, that is to say their core target. June 2013
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