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Social Media Week - Mobile and Fashion


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How are fashion brands using mobile and social?

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Social Media Week - Mobile and Fashion

  1. 1. In a smart world, mobile connects @brandemotivity
  2. 2. The fall of old media Less and less time is spent in print media and more in mobile (Mary Meeker) @brandemotivity
  3. 3. New content platforms ASOS Fashion Up is a good example of a fashion brand using mobile as a content platform. The app has allowed them to reach new markets out side the @brandemotivity
  4. 4. And the rise of the new Citizen journalists are reporting and even creating the news as it happens. That has an impact on consumer and brand @brandemotivity
  5. 5. Apps such as Thread allow users to share photos of street fashion. And the control moves away from brands. SoMoLo @brandemotivity
  6. 6. Consumers & brands create in stores Topshop was successful with their summer make-over campaign, Wish you Were at Topshop. Over 2000 photos were shared on their Facebook page, which received 5 million+ @brandemotivity
  7. 7. Ford’s Fiestagram is a great example of brands co-creating with their consumers. Kickstagram from Foot Locker is a current example of how fashion brands are engaging through co- creation. Brands and consumers @brandemotivity
  8. 8. Super-savvy @brandemotivity
  9. 9. Shops won’t be shops Tesco F&F popup shop had no tills – items were bought by scanning a QR code or via an iPad. Urban Outfitters are also taking the tills out of their @brandemotivity
  10. 10. From Tesco Homeplus in Korea, to Net A Porter in London and New York, brands are showing how they can create stores almost anywhere, with mobile as the tool of interaction. Pop-up’s @brandemotivity
  11. 11. Mobile connects The next iteration of mobile will see devices connecting. Google Glass in an example of @brandemotivity
  12. 12. If you think wearable devices are uncool, look at how the designer Diana Von Fusterberg used Google Glass in her LFW show. Mobile and fashion @brandemotivity
  13. 13. Thank You! mobile • Innovation • ideation @brandemotivity