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Studio Output Insight Report


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Studio Output Insight Report

  1. 1. Bright ideas forinspiring brands.
  2. 2. InsightReport.Entertainment.November 2012Welcome to Studio Output’s Entertainmentinsight report, featuring the latestinnovations, trends and insights withinthe entertainment sector. From content tocelebrities – and everything in between.This edition takes a closer look at ‘secondscreens’ and how tablets and laptopsare changing the way we watch TV,personalised content and publishing ishelping to individualise content, contentproducers are using multiple platforms likenever before and interactive hardware ischanging the way we engage with brands.Bright ideas for inspiring brands.
  3. 3. Second screen.The changing face of TV.The past year has seen the birth of a numberof platforms that attempt to enhance TVviewing, by integrating with social media.Its about curating television to create avery personal experience that interactswith other digital media platforms.Dijit’s Next Guide updates the antiquatedscreen guide with an iPad app that offersup-to-date information about both liveand streamed television. It is also hyper-personalised, suggesting shows basedon your previous viewing decisions.Zeebox is already a familiar app in thisfield, but Sportstream in the US is a Streaming. Interactive.similar service that specifically catersto sports viewers. It has chat streams, Personal.realtime score updates and the ability topost through to Facebook and Twitter.Next Guide by Dijit ideas for inspiring brands.
  4. 4. Personalised.Individualising the web.A consistent theme recently has been a focuson the individual and user-specificity. NewzSocial and allow users to curatetheir own personalised magazine, drawingfrom mainstream media sources and socialstreaming. They then allow you to share your Potential.magazine with your friends, pushing thecurated content back into the social users can create adigital scrapbook, marking events Self-publish. Opportunity.through the instagrams, pins andtweets which surrounded is what we always wishedThe Sims would be. It pulls from yourfriends’ Facebook profile photos andturns your gaming characters into littlemodels of your friends (or enemies).Finally, Topshop continues to break thecatwalk/high street barrier, live streamingtheir LFW show to their website whereshoppers could immediately buy the look orresearch a model’s make-up.Newz Social Facewww.gameface.meTopshophttp://www.topshop.comBright ideas for inspiring brands.
  5. 5. Multi-platform.New ways of interactingwith brands.The ill-fated BBC Director General recentlycommented that the amalgamation ofTV, online and radio creates “genuinelydigital content for the first time.”This movement towards a connected digitalworld can be seen in Apple’s decision livestream their iTunes Festival. Inpublicity for the event, they emphasised Streaming.the ability to watch the festival “On yourcomputer”, “On your TV” or “On the go”. Portable.Potentially changing the way TV is distributedforever, US TV show Raising Hope aireda new series on Twitter this month beforeits release on national television. It wasavailable for a week on the show’s Twitterpage for keen viewers to track down.Vimeo and cloud service Dropboxhave now made it possible for usersto add their Dropbox account onVimeo, increasing uploading ease.iTunes Festival Hope + Dropbox ideas for inspiring brands.
  6. 6. Interactive.Hardware forcing content to evolve. Explore. Touch.Another innovation that emerged fromLondon Fashion Week this year comes in Interact.the form of the partnership between Dianevon Furstenberg and Google glasses. Thedesigner integrated the glasses into hercatwalk looks, as well as wearing themherself. This allowed people at home to watchthe show both from the point of view of themodel as well as from the illustrious front row.Berg’s beautiful film innovation CinemaGlass is the first touchable movie.Viewers can stop the footage andinteract with the objects on the screen-zooming in or changing perspective.If youve got tech-savvy youngsters athome, youll already know that children’sbook and short film The FantasticFlying Books of Mr Morris Lessmorenow has an iPad app, allowing childrento play games within the book andexplore different aspects of the story.Cinema Glass Billboard Fantastic Flying Books ofMr Morris Lessmore Street ideas for inspiring brands.
  7. 7. InsightReport.Pod Takeover.Visual trendsThis months takeover comes from Design DirectorsAlun Edwards & Johanna Drewe, Digital DesignerSam Quayle and Producer Kate Plummer, one of ourPods here at Studio Output."Were thrilled to be working on big projects forgreat clients, whilst expanding our team and skillset.Weve delivered digital and rich media campaigns,rebranded a design classic superstore, won a coupleof awards and offered a warm welcome to newdesigners, Sam Quayle and Sam Clarke."Bright ideas for inspiring brands.
  8. 8. High value.Polish til it sparkles. Celebrate.Getting the most from your subject!With the introduction of HD and retina Retina-ready.displays, there is now the means to deliverhigh-quality imagery onscreen. A cocktailof the rendered 3D aesthetic, high-defphotography, with a dash of Photoshopflare creates a super-real world that ramps Maximum.everything up to the maximum. Highdefinition, iconic gestures, real colours,super detail, strong contrast, extra highlights,depth to shadows – all to show off the subjectmatters highest qualities without flaws.When you have access to an Olympicchampion you want to give them the visualvalue they justly deserve. If promoting amulti-billion pound sport you want as muchimpact as possible. If its the big TV eventof the week its about giving it the glossand glam it demands, while a high valueproduct needs to be broadcast as just that.Its all about matching productionvalues with perceived value.Apple iPod Ad Guest Factor ideas for inspiring brands.
  9. 9. Painting with light.Bright experiences.Exploding onto the stage!Weve seen a riot of colour and light acrossexperiential events lately. Following thevisual treats of the Olympic opening andclosing ceremonies, the use of projectedand lit surfaces has crossed over into allareas of entertainment. When looking forthat wow factor, nothing quite matches thecontrast between a dark space bursting intolife with moving light – painting a scene ina sensory overload of colour and action.Its a fabulous way of animating, and bringingto life flat or inert surfaces. Full of fastpaced transitions or subtle shifts to set amood. It can be mysterious and suggestive,defining space, objects and pace. As it isonly light, it is naturally transient, movingand shifting, through states of colour andelectryfying otherwise dark spaces.A theatre of RGB light, not only addingto the performance but becomingan awe-inspiring part of it.McLaren P1 Launch Smith and Flavia Cacace by Carsten Nicolai Performance.Silo 468 Helsinki Electrifying. Transforming. ideas for inspiring brands.
  10. 10. Something from nothing.Engage an audience.Back to the old skool! Weve seen a revival in theuse of animated Gifs as content for online use.Theres something eerily addictive, almost magical,about watching these lo-fi grabs of animation,mesmorised by the stuttering, looping content. Simple.Once the vehicle of choice of the onlineprankster, weve seen this cross back into use quirky brands and major entertainmentchannels, even playing a part in media plans Alive.of the recent US presidential election.Its a fascinating, engaging and witty method,making interesting and living content from aselective amount of action. Not only about bigfails, subtle use can bring to life otherwise staticimagery as seen on the District Clothing website,with model blinks and active environments.Explore the links below – theres a lot more tocome in developing this format of edgy content.MTV VMA Gif Wall of One Direction video Clothing Div Gifs Power of Gifs ideas for inspiring brands.
  11. 11. If this has got you intrigued oryoud like to see Studio Output’swork for the entertainment sector,please get in touch.Sam AllenHead of Business Development+ 44 (0)20 7239 9283sam.a@studio-output.comStudio Output / London Studio Output / NorthUnit 4, The Piano Works 2 Broadway117 Farringdon Road Lace MarketLondon EC1R 3BX Nottingham NG1 1PS+ 44 (0)20 7239 9270 + 44 (0)115 985