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Premium Insight February 2014

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Premium Insight is a study made by SAME SAME but different in order to explore the digital activity of premium brands and luxurious “Maisons”.

This new edition will focus on the most innovative strategies in terms of display, emailing, e-commerce, social media and mobile.

Enjoy your reading !

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Premium Insight February 2014

  1. 1. PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014
  2. 2. PREMIUM INSIGHT PREMIUM INSIGHT SAME SAME but different Premium Insight is an overview of the digital activity of premium brands and luxurious “Maisons” focusing on the most innovative strategies in terms of display, e-commerce, social media, mobile and O2O... Founded in 2009, SAME SAME but different is the strategic and creative digital agency of luxury and major brands: Digital operations and website design / e-influence campaigns / Mobile solutions / Digital In store / Consulting & training for leaders. This issue is composed of: SAME SAME but different works world-widely with offices in Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York. • A review of the main digital news • A closer look to the jewelry and watchmaking sector • A study of a case • A focus on a trend • An analysis of a Chinese topic PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014
  5. 5. NEWS RADAR CASE LOUIS VUITTON The Trunk Mystery An old Louis Vuitton trunk was found in New York City on the 1st of January. The Maison invited its fans to participate in the investigation and find the identity of the owner. The enquiry took place in a very special restricted area…Twitter! Each day, until the 9th of January, clues were posted leading to the key to the mystery. The operation ended with the announcement of a special documentary narrating the story of the mysterious trunk on the 16th of January on the TV channel, France 5. Our opinion: An interesting way of promoting a documentary. Louis Vuitton is definitely a good storyteller. However, knowing that Twitter had recently introduced its “custom timelines”, the Maison could have exploited this new storytelling functionality. It would have increased the visibility of the operation by linking the @LaMalleSecrete account to Louis Vuitton’s official page. > Twitter PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014 FOCUS
  6. 6. NEWS RADAR CASE SKYPE x VICTORIA BECKHAM A Spicy museum The Skype Collaboration Project was initiated in March 2013. Its goal was to celebrate creativity and technology by offering students, fashion fans and creatives, exclusive content regarding the fashion industry. The pretext of such a collaboration? Skype is used daily by fashion icons in their professional lives. Among them, Victoria Beckham… Starting in January, throughout the New York Fashion Week 2014, the Spice Girl has been narrating her story on the dedicated website, a museum-like platform, hub of different types of content (Video, tweets, interviews, text, audio commentary…). Visitors were invited to discover how Victoria and her team were preparing the show by asking questions directly via Skype video message and Twitter. Our opinion: We like how this platform celebrates entrepreneurship, creativity and technology. However, the website is overloaded with content which makes the navigation random. > The editorial PREMIUM INSIGHT > The website February 2014 FOCUS
  7. 7. NEWS RADAR CASE GUERLAIN A scent of creation On the 14th of January, Guerlain announced the creation of the Maison’s Tumblr, a space dedicated to beauty, inspiration and poetry. What can be found in it? Beautiful pictures and gifs that illustrate Guerlain’s know-how, history and creativity. The content is organized in categories, giving a magazine-type look to the Tumblr. Among other topics, find out more about the 160th anniversary of the Bee Bottle or the Shalimar perfume… Our opinion: The platform is very aesthetic and well laid out. The choice of Tumblr was also strategic since the Maison is interested in targeting a younger and more connected clientele. Challenge completed! > The Tumblr PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014 FOCUS
  8. 8. NEWS RADAR CASE GLAMOUR Ready, Set, Hunt! Earlier in January, the magazine launched the Glamour Fashion Scanner, a smart operation based on an insight: “In my day to day life I see people wearing clothes that I like but I have no clue where to find them”. Ladies, your prayers have been answered on Google + and Pinterest! Glamour offers you the possibility to post a picture of your very much desired object using #glamourfashionscanner. A community of the magazine experts will go on a digital fashion hunt for you. Our opinion: An operation that sets the bar higher in terms of custom-made and instant services. > Pinterest PREMIUM INSIGHT > Google + February 2014 FOCUS
  9. 9. NEWS RADAR CASE GIVENCHY Mobile men Givenchy released an iOS mobile application on February 4th, featuring the entire menswear line of the Maison. Givenchy is the first luxury brand that decided to launch e-commerce via an app before a website. The platform is minimalist and ergonomic simplifying users’ navigation. Discover, on the App store, the Spring 2014 collection dismantled in four categories; clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. Our opinion: This operation seems to be fan-oriented more than e-commerce-driven. The application targets Givenchy’s aficionados, making it somewhat exclusive. Might as well put a price on it… > The app PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014 FOCUS
  11. 11. NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS PIAGET Piaget owners On January 8th, Piaget created an album on Facebook dedicated to user generated content. The Maison discovered pictures spread out on diverse social media and invited Piaget owners to publish their photographs with #piagetowners. Visit of the workshops by James Bort On January 8th also, the Maison released the pictures taken by the photographer and blogger, James Bort, giving a behind the scenes visit of Piaget’s workshops. > #piagetowners album PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014 > James Bort visit
  12. 12. NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS TIFFANY & CO. Love, Tiffany tab To celebrate the 14th of February, the Maison offered its fans the possibility to send out a Tiffany Valentine via a Facebook connect. 9 steps: Choose your scene, your gift, your characters, your skin tones, your hairstyles and color, your styles, your cityscape and share the love. Valentine shopping coach Starting on January 20th, Tiffany & Co. invited its Twitter fans to share their questions via #TiffanyValentine. The Maison’s personal shoppers will give out advice and answer to the most-asked Valentine’s Day queries. Tiffany weddings On February 7th, Tiffany & Co. introduced “Tiffany weddings”, a brand new section of “What makes love true” on the Maison’s website dedicated to inspiration and real-life stories of romance. > Tiffany Valentine PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014 > Tiffany Weddings
  13. 13. NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS CARTIER The Secrets of Cartier On January 25th, Cartier published a teaser of « The Secrets of Cartier », an exclusive digital visit of the Maison’s exhibition, « Le Style et l’Histoire » at the Grand Palais. The secrets of Cartier’s history were revealed by Élise Chassaing on January 28th at 4pm on Following the reveal, Cartier released 6 videos, an introduction and 5 chapters, narrating the secrets of the Maison’s story. This reminds us in some way, of “Inside Chanel” that the Maison published on its Youtube channel. > The teaser PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014 > The Youtube channel
  14. 14. NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS HARRY WINSTON Publications of still shots of pieces. Publications of celebrities wearing Harry Winston at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards. > Facebook CHOPARD Messenger of Happy Love For Valentine’s Day, Chopard created a dedicated section on its website, Messenger of Happy Love, that offers a selection of gifts for him and for her. The website section is linked to a Pinterest board specially created for the occasion. > The website PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014 > The Pinterest board
  15. 15. RADAR NEWS CASE FOCUS BOUCHERON JAEGER LECOULTRE BVLGARI On February 5th, Boucheron released a video wishing its fans a dazzling Year of the Horse. The video stars one of the Maison’s pieces, a beautiful ring in the shape of 2014’s iconic animal with, as always, the Place Vendôme in the background. The Maison created the #180 skills quiz, a Facebook application. Answer to Jaeger Lecoultre’s knowhow questions! The Maison celebrates Rome throughout a photo shoot of the Monete collection by Thomas Brown and Guido Taroni. > The video PREMIUM INSIGHT > Facebook app February 2014 > Facebook
  16. 16. CASE: The Daisy Tweet Shop
  17. 17. NEWS RADAR CASE THE DAISY TWEET SHOP The Daisy Day On the 28th of January the brand created the Daisy Day to promote the launch of the new Daisy perfume. For the occasion, Marc Jacobs made its first global street stunt. The brand “brought flowers, cute boys, and sunshine to chilly NYC, London & Berlin”, says a Facebook post. Marc Jacobs invited pedestrians that received the daisy to take a photo and post it on Instagram with #MJDAISYCHAIN. The best picture was rewarded with a handbag. > The video PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014 FOCUS
  18. 18. NEWS RADAR CASE THE DAISY TWEET SHOP Hasthags, the new social currency In continuity with the Daisy Day, Marc Jacobs opened a very special pop up store in New York on the 7th of February. The brand introduced the first tweet shop ever, where bills and coins were replaced by hashtags. The concept? Take a picture of the item you want in the Daisy Tweet Shop, post it with #MJDaisyChain either on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and you’ll come out of the store with it. The products range from perfumes to accessories. PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014 FOCUS
  19. 19. NEWS RADAR CASE THE DAISY TWEET SHOP An instore experience The Maison offered a true experience with: • A manicure stand • A selfie photo-booth • A screen projection of the fans’ posts – updated every 30 seconds • A live music show with D.J. Jilly Hendrix. • The new line of Daisy products • A comfortable lounge • Food and drinks • Daisy-themed artwork by Langley Fox Hemingway • And, of course, Wifi! PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014 FOCUS
  20. 20. NEWS RADAR CASE OUR OPINION One fine example of offline to online operation! Where Marc Jacobs could have opted for the typical marketing strategy (sampling, magazines, point-of-sale promotion), the brand managed to express generosity in a very innovative way. Instead of being classic, massive and giving to a load of random people, it decided to reward its core target. The Daisy Tweet shop is a truly creative, complete, coherent and impacting operation that increased: • The visibility of the brand on social media • The creative and innovative perception of Marc Jacobs • The bond between the brand and its fans But let’s not go overboard, Marc Jacobs did not fall in the trap of opulence. We can tell how the brand regulated the operation, in quantity – it’s a 2 day pop-up store opened in limited hours, and in value - we are talking perfumes, not thousand-dollar shoes… PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014 FOCUS
  21. 21. FOCUS: Instant Messaging
  22. 22. NEWS RADAR CASE INSTANT MESSAGING The new Eldorado In 2014, instant messaging applications will go global and massive, much like Facebook and Twitter. Reasons why? • Mobile is king • No charge • Need for privacy • Seek of innovation It is a great opportunity for brands. In terms of reach, because as we will further see, the numbers of users are considerable and because the apps’ functionalities increase the quality of a direct, customized and instantaneous service. However some of these IMS remain closed to brands. Our study highlights three main types of apps: The home sweet homes – where brands can create dedicated spaces – WeChat, Line, KakaoTalk The lands of infiltration – where brands are tolerated as users – Instagram Direct, Snapchat The deserted islands – where brands are forbidden – WhatsApp, Tango, Viber PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014 FOCUS
  23. 23. NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS HOME SWEET HOME - WECHAT What is it? • A mobile text and voice messaging communication service • 600 million registered users • 272 million active users • Has doubled its user base in the last 3 months • Available in 200 countries • 100 million registered users outside of China How can it be used by brands? Official and service accounts Gaming apps Sticker shop Localisation Brand practice – Louis Vuitton: Live and personal customer care, available from 10am to 7:30pm to answer questions. PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014
  24. 24. NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS HOME SWEET HOME - LINE What is it? • An instant messaging application • 300 million registered users • 7 billion messages sent each day • 1 billion stickers sent each day • 80% of subscribers are based outside of Japan • Available in 193 countries How can it be used by brands? Official accounts (messages to subscribers) Gaming apps Branded stickers Artists/celebrities can communicate directly with Line users with the ON AIR function Brand practice – FC Barcelona: The brand sends direct messages, every day or so, to its followers, informing of the club’s news. PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014
  25. 25. NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS HOME SWEET HOME - KAKAOTALK What is it? • A free mobile messenger application • Free texts and calls (groups) • Stickers and themes shop • 130 million registered users How can it be used by brands? “Plus Friend” is a feature in KakaoTalk messenger, which welcomes “artists”. It allows them to reach their fans by sending them contents and updates. Brand practice – Uniqlo: Uniqlo used the Plus Friend section to share coupons. PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014
  26. 26. NEWS RADAR CASE LAND OF INFILTRATION INSTAGRAM DIRECT What is it? -> Instagram: • 100 million users • 5 million pictures posted every day -> Instagram direct: • A direct messaging functionality • Private conversations via the comments section • To 15 people at a time • The sender has the possibility to delete the delivered message Brand practice – Michael Kors: “An early gift from @Instagram! The first 50 people to post a pic and tag it #MKDirect will get a special message from Michael Kors tomorrow.” PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014 FOCUS
  27. 27. NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS LAND OF INFILTRATION SNAPCHAT What is it? • A photo messaging application • Auto-destruct (1 to 10 seconds) videos, photos and drawings to share with your Snapchat selected list of contacts • 100 million registered users • 400 million snaps shared per day How can it be used by brands? Brands can create accounts and ask their audience to follow them to receive Snapchats. Brand practice – Acura: Exclusive content. For the release of its new NSX car, the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company, offered a 6 second video of the car driving around a race track to the first 100 users to add its Snapchat account PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014
  28. 28. NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS DESERTED ISLAND - WHATSAPP What is it? • A simple, personal and real time messaging service • 590 million registered users • 350 million monthly active users • More than 10 billion messages sent per day • Available in 100 countries • Largest messaging app in Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia Functionalities: • Text and voice chat • Photo and video sending • Location • Group chat How can it be used by brands? After Facebook’s unsuccessful 3 billion-dollar-bid last year, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has now acquired WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars. This just might be an opening for brands...! PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014
  29. 29. NEWS RADAR CASE DESERTED ISLAND - VIBER What is it? • Free calls, text and picture sharing with anyone, anywhere • 200 million registered users • 350 million monthly active users • More than 10 billion messages sent per day • Available in 100 countries • Largest messaging app in Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia Functionalities: • Text and voice chat • Photo and video sending • Voice call • Sketch and location sending • Sticker shop • Group messaging with up to 100 friends PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014 FOCUS
  30. 30. NEWS RADAR CASE DESERTED ISLAND - TANGO What is it? • Where messaging meets entertainment • 150 million registered users • 5 million friend requests sent every day Functionalities: • Video and voice call and messages • Group chat (up to 50 friends) • Timeline • Profile customization with status updates + photos • Edit, share, comment and like photos • Friends nearby localization • Music via Spotify • Games PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014 FOCUS
  31. 31. NEWS RADAR CASE INSTANT MESSAGING New game, new rules. We’ve reached a time where users are growing sick of social media’s intrusive advertising. This explains the global rush towards these commercial-free applications that offer an unrivalled level of confidentiality. And here comes a big challenge for brands that must reinvent themselves on unfamiliar territories. Even though the game has changed, and its rules along with it, this new field is very promising in terms of services. Where Maisons have the opportunity, via social media, to reach a massive audience, they haven’t had the chance, yet, to fully exploit the potential of one-to-one or one-to-few relationships. Instant Messaging will enable a new bond between luxury brands and their aficionados; a more thoughtful, respectful, customized, instantaneous and intimate one. The key to success is to remember that users truly own this territory. Imposing oneself would be very badly perceived. Maisons must infiltrate these nests by keeping in mind the reasons why consumers have migrated. PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014 FOCUS
  32. 32. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL: The digital Hongbao
  33. 33. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL OVERSEAS SHOPPING SPREES PREMIUM INSIGHT A revisited tradition The Hongbao, meaning “red envelope”, is a Chinese New Year tradition where close ones offer money to each other knowing that what matters the most is not the amount of RMB given but the way it is delivered. This is why Wechat had the idea to digitalize this long inscribed tradition with the creation of a special account Xinnian Hongbao, “New Year Red Envelope”. February 2014 PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014
  34. 34. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL THE DIGITAL HONGBAO PREMIUM INSIGHT How does it work? The official WeChat account was created right in time for the Chinese New Year. In order to send their virtual Hongbaos, users had to follow the account. Then, they were offered the opportunity to send their red envelopes to either one or a selection of contacts. The maximum amount allowed was limited to 300 RMB. February 2014 PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014
  35. 35. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL THE DIGITAL HONGBAO PREMIUM INSIGHT Miracle of the loaves and fishes The operation was quite successful. Firstly, users were pleased with this new way of distributing hongbaos and turned it into a game. They sent very small amounts of money to groups of friends, hoping to get their RMBs worth out of it by receiving their own red envelopes. But most importantly, the Tencent application benefited from this operation that highly increased the number of WeChat Payment users. Indeed, Hongbao receivers that hadn’t activated the payment method yet, had to do so in order to obtain the gift. A smart move from WeChat! February 2014 PREMIUM INSIGHT February 2014
  36. 36. The next study will be available in March 2014 Michel Campan - Victor Yang - Julien Gaubert-Molina - Emmanuel Duran Campana - © SAME SAME but different
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Premium Insight is a study made by SAME SAME but different in order to explore the digital activity of premium brands and luxurious “Maisons”. This new edition will focus on the most innovative strategies in terms of display, emailing, e-commerce, social media and mobile. Enjoy your reading !


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