Ontrac the best of experiential in 2010


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Ontrac's review of the best of experiential in 2010 www.ontracagency.com

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Ontrac the best of experiential in 2010

  1. 1. The best experiential campaigns of 2011Ontrac AgencyJanuary 2011
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION In the last year there have been some trulyincredible live experiential ideas executed across the worldThis short presentation highlights some of the most powerful, emotive, and successful ones We encourage you to look at the video links included here to get a real flavour of what‟s possible in the world of brand experience…
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Everybody is talking about experiential marketing these days. From brand owners and their agencies to consumers themselves,there is a growing recognition that engaging brand experience is one of the most persuasive forms of marketing around Brands are realising that if they want to have more of a transitory relationship with consumers they need to talk „with‟ them not „at‟ them. Dialogue, not monologue is the key
  4. 4. EXPERIENTIAL Experiential marketing is a form of marketing that creates an emotional connection with a consumer. It‟s the actual customer experience with the product and service that resides in the customer‟s consciousness. Using one or more of the senses such as touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing –Experiential Marketing seeks to establish a touch point or connectionwith the customer - connections in the form of experiences that are personal, memorable, interactive and emotional in scope
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION Experiential works. We know that. The ability to involveindividuals in a live, face-to-face brand engagement provides us,as marketers, with an unequalled opportunity to create a lasting impression Yet the marketing landscape is shifting so quickly that it‟s value can‟t be fully realised unless it is supported by other communication that will enhance, amplify and prolong
  6. 6. JOHNSON’SJohnsons billboardAdult skincare brand Johnson‟s launched its first touchable, fullytactile billboard at Westfield Shopping center for 1 dayIts team constructed the 20ft by 10ft „World of Softness‟ advert topromote its 24hour Moisture body lotion. It featured real-life modelsand was made with soft pink tones and materials to highlight brandcredentialsThe Johnsons team invited shoppers to test the lotion forthemselves and to appear alongside the models“We wanted to do something different to demonstrate our product towomen. What better way of putting the product to the test than invitingwomen to feel the softness for themselves?” said Johnson‟s assistant brandmanager, Beatriz Franco.
  7. 7. JOHNSON’S
  8. 8. VIMEOVIMEO ParisTo mark World Wide Water Day, BDDP created a unique and compellingstory to capture the interest of the French general public. The agencydevised a poster of a new kind, using directly water as mediaA wall of water was installed in the middle of the heart of Paris anddelivered for a week the provoking message of the use of unsafe waterand it‟s tragic consequenceshttp://vimeo.com/10756110We urge you to click on this link and watch this incredible campaign!
  9. 9. VIMEO
  10. 10. H&MH&M flagship storeWhen H&M launched a new flagship store in Amsterdam, they markedthe special occasion with an aim to build some serious hype, theyopened the store over three nights of projection mapping events,created by Muse AmsterdamThe concept for the projection mapping installation was based arounda huge red ribbon that wrapped around the building, as it untangled,it revealed virtual doll house where nothing was quite what it seemed.It lasts just over three minutes before fading away to reveal theflagship storehttp://adsoftheworld.com/media/ambient/hn3dprojectionmappinginthecitycentreinamsterdam
  11. 11. H&M
  12. 12. VODAFONEAll your mates in 1 placeThe first experiential campaign to use floor media in an entirelyinteractive way. A campaign called „All your mates in one place‟ wasdevised to launch Vodafone 360 the new mobile interface that bringsall your contacts and social media into one place.Vodafone challenged people to see how many mates they couldphysically get into 1 place, whoever got the most mates in one placewon £36,000.1,450 circles were sprayed throughout the UK and huge red matsplaced in targeted locations. To get the rules, entrants sent an SMStext to the text number on the circles and then sent back theirphoto of their attempt as an MMS. Forty million people were exposedto the campaign and over 10,000 took part. The winning entry?135 people - and a donkey!
  13. 13. VODAFONE
  14. 14. NIKE GRIDNike GridThe Grid is London, North, South East and West across 40 postcodes,the entirety is your gameboardThe idea is to run from phone box to phone box, street by streetacross London to claim the most streets in just 24 hours. For eachphone box “check in” you‟ll get points, and the more you run themore you getNike have also taken more than a little inspiration from FourSquareby issuing “badges” for speed, endurance and stamina over theevent, with the whole thing tracked and broadcast through Facebookhttp://www.nikegrid.com/rules
  15. 15. NIKE GRID
  16. 16. T-MOBILEDance Flashmob in LondonT-Mobile launched an advertising campaign with the aid of a flashmob dancing in London‟s Liverpool Street StationAt 11.00 am, on Thursday 15th January, 350 dancers surprisedcommuters passing through the railway stationThe three minutes of synchronized dancing was captured on tenhidden television cameras, edited and premiered during an entiread break in Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 4, at 9 pm on Friday16th January, and sent virally to millions of people around theworldhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NB3NPNM4xgo
  17. 17. T-MOBILE
  18. 18. ASICSASICS New York Marathon CampaignThe campaign centred around creating personalised supporter messagesfor loved ones in the race, which would be triggered with RFID tags,displaying the individual messages on massive LED screens as runnerspassed selected sensor checkpoints in the MarathonASICS setup a campaign site dedicated to taking images, video, messages,texts, tweets and Facebook comments of support for runners in theevent. They also setup live video booths at the event, allowing friendsand family to record their personal message in stylehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnrzClsOlyU
  19. 19. ASICS
  20. 20. MINIVirtual Mini CampaignThe game challenges you to hunt, catch and escape with a virtual MINI inStockholm using an iPhone app and your own two legsThe catch is, you have to get within 50m of the virtual MINI to hit “TakeThe MINI Now” in the app before escaping as fast as possible, becauseanyone else who gets within 50m of you can instantly take the virtual MINIback!If you are the person holding the virtual MINI after 7 days of 24/7 gaming,you‟ll win a real MINI Countryman!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMWu1h_6OfE
  21. 21. MINI
  22. 22. HOYTSHoyts Saw VIIHere is a freaky little experiential campaign recently created by Mitchellsin Australia for the opening of SAW VII with HoytsPeople could enter a SAW VII branded photobooth to watch the trailer (attheir own risk!) and then get a free Halloween photo taken while stillinsideThe catch was, that on the third flash, Jigsaw would appear from behindas part of their photo that was also shown instantly on screen to add alittle excitement to the experience http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAtCJuRuSkk
  23. 23. HOYTS
  24. 24. If you haven‟t already engaged in experientialmarketing but would like to know how this growingmarketing discipline can benefit your brand, please get in touch using the details at the end of this presentation,If you are still unconvinced that such compellingmedia can deliver a robust return, the following 2 slides aim to get you thinking about the ROI advantages of this medium…
  25. 25. EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING ROIExperiential engagement provides brands with anopportunity to interact with consumers in a substantive,meaningful way – providing depth of interaction, thatallows for two-way dialogue. It frequently movesconsumers through the purchase funnel very quickly, inrelatively short order, sometimes in a single interaction,participants are moved from awareness to purchaseAnd due to it‟s emotional engagement, has the power toform memories that impact future behaviour relative tothe brandPerhaps though, it‟s most powerful impact comes fromword of mouth advocacy and it‟s propensity to providepersonal recommendations to others
  26. 26. EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING ROIIn simple terms, experiential marketing:- Allows more time to be spent with consumers- Requires less time to inspire action (purchase)- Leads to longer relationships and advocacy that pays offWhat many term the „time economics of experientialmarketing‟ is basically about … spending more time with your customers, for less money!
  27. 27. WHO WE AREWe are an integrated marketing agency with over 30 years experience.To us integration means combining marketing disciplines to createpowerful, commercial campaigns that deliver ROIExperientialThe experiential department create and deliver large-scale strategicexperiential campaigns integrated with other media to maximise reach This includes:- Strategic live and digital planning- Experiential design, production and implementation- B2C & B2B event delivery- Sponsorship & ownership packages
  28. 28. WHO WE AREOur approach:We believe that the best way to experience a product, service or brand is to engage and interact with it on and offlineWe specialize in the creation and delivery of memorable experiences, which resonate with consumers in relevant and meaningful ways and build positive responses that drive both sales and brand equity for our clientsServices- Fully integrated brand experience- Sampling- Roadshows and events- Retail marketing- Shopping centre marketing services- Exhibitions, trade and consumer shows