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  1. 1. Producer of Premium VideosYou possibly have the biggest and most diversepremium content library in the world, your content is firstrate.Chris R., Australia“I think Watch Mojo is interesting because you producequality, professional content on such a wide array oftopics that can be consumed in short bits. Its incrediblethat basically no one else is doing what you guys aredoing to the same extent-- its totally brilliant.”Adam S., Viewer – CanadaPresented at JMSBBy AshkanKarbasfrooshan(Class of 1999)@ashkan@watchmojo
  2. 2. The BIG Opportunity in Advertising$70B TV Ad Spend Shifting to Online Video Video is fastest growing segment in all of advertising. People spend more time consuming content than any other activity
  3. 3. Consumers Don’t Pay for ContentThe DirtyIt’s Always Ad-Supported C Word (Clients)
  4. 4. Users Spend More Time on Facebook Than Anywhere Else
  5. 5. But Google/YouTube OWN Video with 47% Market Share in the U.S.
  6. 6. Web is Repeating History of Cable: Audience Fragmentation
  7. 7. Web is Repeating History of Cable: Overall Consumption Grows
  8. 8. What is WatchMojo?Covering entertainment, lifestyle and knowledge,WatchMojo is a producer and distributor of premium,professionally-produced video content on thepeople, places and things that audiences are passionateabout.WatchMojo boasts a catalog of 7,000 videos that havegenerated 700,000,000 cumulative views since 2006.The company is privately-held, profitable and has neverraised outside financing.
  9. 9. Four Approaches to VideoCONTENT TECHNOLOGY (CMS, CDN)DECA, DBG, Eqal,, Funny or Die, Adobe, Apple, Avid, JumpCut, Sorensen,Generate, Howcast, Katalyst Media, Machinima, On2,, Brightcove, Feedroom,,Mania TV, Mevio, Next New Networks, KIT Digital, Livestream/Mogulus, Ooyala,Revision3, VideoJug, WatchMojo Maven, Permission TV, Qik, uStream, StudioNow (AOL), VMIX, Akamai, BitGravity, Edgecast, Grid Networks, Limelight Networks, Panther ExpressADVERTISING (Networks/Platforms), AdConion, Adify (Cox), Auditude, Aggregation: 5Min (AOL), AOL (parent co),Brightroll, Broadband Enterprises, Freewheel, Break, DailyMotion, Hulu, Kaltura, MSN,LiveRail,, Panache, Scanscout, Tidal Metacafe, Nabbr, Revver, Vimeo, Yahoo!,TV, Tremor Media, Video Egg, Yume YouTube (Google) Search, Recovery, Discovery: Blinkx, Cast TV, Clicker, Clipblast, Dabble, Everyzing, Google, Mefeedia, Pixsy, Truveo (AOL)
  10. 10. Pro Video Solves a HUGE Industry PainCreating High Value Video Ad Inventory
  11. 11. The Content PyramidHypothesis proven right:1) Marketers rejectedUGC (user-generatedContent)2) Traditional MediaCompanies Didn’tEmbrace OnlineWatchMojo focuses onhaving the best contentIn Premium space,between TraditionalMedia Companies’Super Premiumcontent and Prosumer/UGC.
  12. 12. Challenge #153% of videos garner 500 views over time
  13. 13. Challenge #225% of views will come in the first four days
  14. 14. Challenge #3only the first 30 to 60 seconds will be watched
  15. 15. So what do we do? The Dirty C Content-First Strategy A Word (Clients)1) Produce Great Content 2) Distribute on Large Video Sites 3) Leverage Social Media To Create InStream Video Views to Amplify Reach & Impact of Content6) Synthesize Feedback fromDistribution Partners &Advertising Clients toProduce More Content5) Offer Fortune 500 AdvertisersBrand-Safe PremiumContent and Passionate &Targeted Audience at Scale 4) Increase Reach, Build Brand, & Maximize Revenues Through InBanner Video Impressions
  16. 16. WM Content Performs Well on Portals and Traction + Validation with Traditional MediaMonthly
  17. 17. All time Views/Impressions:700,000,000: 250M Click-to-Play + 450M Auto-Play
  18. 18. Capital Efficient & Strategically Focused vs Peers Despite being the most capital efficient, WatchMojo provides the most value: - Evergreen and ad-friendly catalog - Proven production capabilities - Ramping up curation and aggregation - Explosive Distribution via launch of Tier 3 initiative - Demonstrates an ability to produce a wide array of content across all categories (no learning curve) - Owns the means of production versus managing a team of far-flung freelancers with no commitment (this might work with articles but not with videos) - 5 years of experience producing content for the masses (10 yrs including founder’s experience at AskMen)
  19. 19. Headquarters: Montreal, CanadaWatchMojo is based in Montreal, Canada- Perennial finalist in Greatest Cities to Live in- Increasingly on list of “best startup cities”- Government R&D tax credits up to 50%- 33% Multimedia tax credits on video production- Low cost environment- Four colleges contribute experienced workforce- Creative city with European flair and extensively multilingual workforce
  20. 20. Ashkan Karbasfrooshan Founder & CEO- Manager of Investor Relations, reporting to CEO at Mamma.- Executive and Partner at AskMen, helped build the #1 men’s lifestyle portal with only $500,000 in capital: VP ad sales, spokesperson, interviewer, author. Developed product placement strategies and initiatives in articles.- Sold $10M worth of ads in toughest advertising climate since Great Depression from 2000 – 2005 while running AskMen’s sales.- Helped sell company to IGN for $13.5M; IGN subsequently sold to News Corp. for $650M.- Author of two books, 1,000 articles published on MSN, AOL, Yahoo! – industry articles published on Tech Crunch, MediaPost, Yahoo! Finance, PaidContent, GigaOm.- Consulted for various media companies: Yellow Pages (2006), Transcontinental (2006), Demand Media (2007), How Stuff Works (2006), etc.- Funded company, today runs day-to-day operations of raised outside capital)
  21. 21. Revenue StreamsWatchMojo is well positioned for upside via multiple distribution and “Syndication” agreements,or revenue share deals.WatchMojo was one of the few companies securing guaranteed recurring “Licensing” revenues,or minimum guarantees (MGs). Arguably ONLY new media company garnering such deals.WatchMojo is now opening up distribution and video advertising takes off and growing its“Advertising” revenue stream. Licensing Syndication Advertising 12/31/2008 60% 30% 10% 12/31/2009 33% 33% 33% 12/31/2010 20% 30% 50% 12/31/2011 10% 15% 75%
  22. 22. Content Strategy Creation + Curation + AggregationThe entire WatchMojo library consists of three tiers:A) The “produced and owned” videos created by, which represents one of the largestcatalogues of professionally-produced, premium videocontent on a wide array of topics. CurationB) Videos by outside producers under the WatchMojoPresents banner (WatchMojo has right to sell ads onpartners YouTube channel under WatchMojoRepresents. CreationC) WatchMojo TV which houses over 135,000 superpremium videos from 500 traditional mediacompanies & other premium made-for-webproducers.
  23. 23. Distribution Strategy Multi-PlatformI :: Online (2006-present) III :: OOH (2007-present)6,000,000+ users per month 35,000,000 consumers/month10,000,000 Click to Play (CTP) 5,000 retail outletsstreams per month 10,000+ screens100,000,000 Auto-Play (AP)impressions per month In malls, retail outlets, cabs (Spain,250,000,000 CTP all-time streams US, India)(01/2006)400,000,000 AP all-time streams IV :: OTT(11/2010)650,000,000 all time streams. Boxee, XBOX, Sezmi, Roku, Apple TV, Google TV, DIVXPro, etcII :: Wireless (2008-present) V :: Offline5,000,000 views Education portals, academic publishers, etc
  24. 24. Unique Position in Marketplace We Offer EverythingC Word (Clients) The Dirty or Just What You NeedProduction ContentCapabilities Catalog Media, Monetization and Technology
  25. 25. PRESENCE ON
  28. 28. INFLUENCE: FOLLOWERSJulian Assange profile re-tweeted SONY Music diggingby Julian Assange himself… our profile on their artist
  29. 29. Content is being disrupted, but… It’s More Valuable than EverWho’s this crazy SOB?
  30. 30. Thanks!Presented at JMSBBy Ashkan Karbasfrooshan(Class of 1999)