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HIghlights from a presentation made to a major UK broadcaster. Does not claim to be a full audit of activity in this space.

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Social Entertainment 050909

  1. 1. Social media: Making it work for entertainment brands Ann Longley, Digital Strategy Director, MEC Interaction
  2. 2. What is social media – why important? First and foremost – it is behaviour supported by technology. Social media is media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. Social media supercharges traditional word-of-mouth so can influence what is Social media supports the human need for popular. It has also catalysed new forms of entertainment. social interaction with technology, transforming broadcast media monologues (one to many) into social media dialogues (many to many). It supports the democratisation of knowledge and information, transforming people from content consumers into content producers. Source: Wikipedia
  3. 3. Social media and entertainment brands Entertainment is being enriched with social features Recommendations Audience Community Immersive Viewing circles and reviews participation integration experiences A spectrum of social entertainment
  4. 4. Social media and entertainment brands Social entertainment spectrum Easy Recommendations and reviews Community Viewing Integration Circles Near Far Immersive Experiences Audience Participation Difficult
  5. 5. Social mediaSocial media and the BBC and entertainment brands Quickscan of market activity – lots of it is going on Recommendations Viewing Circles Community Audience Immersive and reviews Integration Participation experiences BBC :iplayer – allows audience BBC: Good radio club: a BBC: Apprentice Predictor BBC: Lost Zombies - crowd- BBC: BAFTA award winning to forward to a friend/ share a bunch of fellow radio4 fans effectively helped viewers sourced internet movie; Spooks ARG, Savannah – moment in the programme + tweeting along in real time actively engage and share a BBC Internet Documentary - educational project with more social features coming listening to a 30 minute unique experience while audience invited to get Futurelab – great projects, radio show chosen in watching during the involved in its making. underpromoted? advance broadcast Lost: Blogger engagement to Lost : fan generated Football 3Cs – a game for fans MySpace – Faintheart – Lost ARG build anticipation and demand content – evidence of to play while watching crowd input (shallow success scheduled football on TV participation) Television without pity – Splashcast Social TV (closed C4’s Picture This, We dig tv (who wants to be a The Truth about Marika from Audience reviews that can be due to funding problems) Landshare, millionaire); viewer in the Sweden’s Public Broadcaster shared Sexperience programme; league tables – (produced by Company P) C4 Skins/SkinsLife, – worth 3m viewers. Is it still going? looking at for their long term synergistic approach Blinkx – great video search Jaman – find, watch, review Freak/MySpace (Internet A Swarm of Angels – a crowd Last Will, still in prototype engine but no real social films online. Social network drama/does not involve TV) sourced film making project stage. Multi-touch features integration/facebook with sustainability challenges entertainment – something connect. (example of deep more near field to consider participation) with RAD New idea: What are the Jaman – find, watch, review Social games, e.g. Playfish, Lost Ring, Superstruct (good xbox Project Natal ; implications of applying films online. Social network Zynga – low cost and examples but do not involve MIT’s 6th sense computing*** Amazon’s e-commerce engine integration/facebook popular/could be developed TV); Star Trek ARG for latest to BBC program planning? connect. as able programme film release extensions
  6. 6. Social media and entertainment brands What could be coming to the UK? Recommendations and reviews: V-loggers and others rate and review television programmes
  7. 7. Social mediaSocial media and the BBC and entertainment brands An idea before its time? Viewing circles: Sharing the viewing experience by watching together and creating your own channels
  8. 8. Social media and entertainment brands WE dig TV – still in Beta Audience participation: Puts the user in the programme – claims to have 3M players
  9. 9. Social media and entertainment brands Social media and the BBC Making it easy for the audience to take part Audience participation: SKYNEWS has launched a free citizen journalism iphone app; gives attribution for contributions
  10. 10. Social media and entertainment brands Social media and the BBC But full audience participation is difficult Audience participation: A swarm of angels is a participatory film community that has experienced some growing pains
  11. 11. Social mediaSocial media and the BBC and entertainment brands Community building is a way to reach new audiences and have a longer term impact Community Integration: C4 has developed a number of long term properties linked to programmes but with a life independent of them
  12. 12. Social mediaSocial media and the BBC and entertainment brands What is some of the best that is out there? Audience participation: Interactive Emmy Award Winning ARG from Sweden’s Public Broadcaster embedded#t=421
  13. 13. Social media and entertainment brands Schematic’s in-programme gaming Audience participation: Enable seamless switching from watching to playing
  14. 14. Social media and entertainment brands Last will – a prototype MITE* Immersive experiences: A compelling collaborative effort but one that may need mass reach to succeed * Multiplatform Interactive Theatre Experience
  15. 15. Social media and entertainment brands The evolution of TV Immersive experiences: Public and portable multi-touch screens will become more ubiquitous in the future. How could they work with (live/on-demand) TV?
  16. 16. Social media and entertainment brands Identifying potential threats Immersive experiences: to what extent will such exciting game play erode TV viewing?
  17. 17. Social media and entertainment brands The future of augmented reality Immersive experiences: augmented reality and reversed augmented reality create new pervasive programming possibilities
  18. 18. Social media and entertainment brands Pervasive computing: 6th sense technology from MIT Immersive experiences: When the future arrives what will it mean for TV and media as we know it? Time to start planning now.
  19. 19. Accessible How ‘social’ do your entertainment brands want to be? Curatorial Inclusive Distant
  20. 20. Thank you Find me here: