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Educated LinkedIn's EMEA Sales Organization (Marketing, Talent & Sales Solutions) on alternative social media and digital offerings within the market. Objective of the training was to support sellers in practicing consultative selling.

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  • Following the great success of the program where the program reached 5 geo locations, 2 business lines and over 75+ peopleQ3 – Focused on the big two with commercial offeringsFacebook – Built and delivered by Nadia James & JBTwitter – Built and delivered by Will Scott & JBQ4 - we have extended the programGoogle Owned Platforms – Google Plus and Youtube ( YT at sales team request) – Built and delivered by Nadia James & JBSelf expression platforms – Instagram, Pinterest and MySpace – Built and delivered by Will Scott & JBFunctional networks & locatiion services – FourSquare, Path & Branchout – Built and delivered by Ian Hurlock & JB
  • Vs LinkedInConnect the worlds professionals to make them more productive and successful
  • Source:
  • 3 hours of video is uploaded per minute to YouTube from mobile devicesYoutube is avail on 350M devices% Unique visitors UK growth, is 9.6% for Youtube vs. Facebook 2% vs. LinkedIn 24.2%Source:Comscore August 2012 (Stats based on 2011 data)
  • Youtube released stats- 11.7 million adults aged 35-50Reach 61% of Adults aged 35-50 are on YouTubeSource:, UK August 2012
  • VP centers around Reach, insights, and engagementSource:
  • Both are not mutually exclusive, and have a symbiotic relationship. YT encourages that both incorporate videosBrands can use ads to promote video channelBrands can incorporate video format into ads
  • Units sold on CPC basisYoutube recommends advertisers use video ads over staticSearch & Watch adsDon’t allow pop-ups, floating ads, pre-expanded ads or ads with uninitiated audioPromoted videos appear on top and/or side of searchVideo based ads:InStream ads (some with skip option)Promoted videos appear at top TrueViewInstream adsAllows viewers to skip watching an ad after 5 seconds90% consumers prefer ads they can skip60% of all In-Stream ads sold are skippableTrueView ad format reduced audience drop-off by 40% when compared to standard In-Stream AdsSources:
  • Rich media mastheads- fully interactive creative canvas. 970x250 pixel in-page unit. Expandable unit, On-click it expands to 970x500 pixels. Always recommend inclusion of video.Video ads- brand can display a YT hosted video. Easy formats to implementX-Men:Wolverine film case studyOne of the first large global deals (2009)+15% awareness of film release~50% of UK respondents discussed/shared info about film release 5 weeks after the campaignIncreased purchase intent by 10%SourcesHome page Takeover specs: Costs:
  • Playlists great for brand because cross viewership promotes engagement with videos
  • Top verticals for brand pages- Consumer, FCMG, Tech (phones), Auto, Travel, RetailGood Consumer examples- Cartier, Loreal, ChanelChannel Youtube one sheeter: tips : levels:
  • - Prior to April 2012, YouTube required channel owners to apply to Partner program- Ad revenue is typically split 60/40 or 70/30 with partnersSources: hub resources: Playbook: stories:
  • Partners are reaching 100,000 subscribers mark five times faster than they were 2 years agoOnly 2% of all Youtube channels have 100,000+ subscriberstop 1,000 YouTube channels receive an average annual ad payout of $276,000
  • For 2 years, Justin Bieber’s Baby video held the number 1 title on YT with 803M+ views since its release, - In 5 months, Psy’sGangham style has acquired 805M+ views (posted July 2012). Estimates that the Youtube views ad rev alone have generated Psy $1.5M- Music category makes up 25% of the Top 1000 overallSources$50-million-meme/
  • Original Content ChannelsContentlaunch cost Google an estimated $100M+Number of subscribers has doubled YOYAmount of time users spend watching the channels has grown 4X in past yearNew channels launching in UK, Germany, France and more in US23 of the 100 Original Channels made it into the top 1,000 overall channelsin under a year.RentalsUsers have 30 days to watch full- length films and 48 hours to finish watching once they’ve startedSources:
  • % Unique visitors UK growth, is 9.6% for Youtube vs. Facebook 2% vs. LinkedIn 24.2%Source:Comscore August 2012 (Stats based on 2011 data)
  • **Remove product motion path when upload to salesforce.
  • Sources:
  • Comscoresept 2012 data- 2.5 Page views/per unique in UK, Page views up 10% MOMMembers and engagement numbers should be taken with a grain of salt for judging Google+ social networking engagementMany Google account holders previously (ie. Gmail users) were automatically upgraded to Google+As of Jan 2012, new Google users interested in signing up for any Google property must automatically create a Google+ enabled profile in addition to Gmail accountActive users are based on engagement with all Google products which are Google+ enhanced including YouTube, the Android Marketplace and Google.comSources:Comscore data, Sept 2012
  • students, 2.65% software engineer, consultants 1.99% (from survey, n ~2.5M users)Gender demographics (survey base, n ~44M users)
  • +1 button- Social action is automatically shared across their network.HangoutsUp to 10 participantsProfile basic infoCover photo, profile pictureAdd school, work, hometown Photo albumsCreate eventsCirclesUsers can selectively shareinformationPrioritizes news feed prominence byCircles Hang out available via desktop, tablet or mobileAbility to live stream a Hangout publicly onto profile, YouTube channel or websiteGoogle+ LocalUsers are able to see reviews of businesses via Google+ LocalZagat scores & reviews are also integrated.Eventsautomatically sync to Google Calendar Attendees can upload photos to the event in real-time or link photo album to events.Sources:
  • Events- Party mode– after receiving an Event invite, users can turn on Party Mode to instantly share photos takenfrom your phone to the Event stream on Google+
  • Best practice use casesShowcase user submitted photos.Create image gif’sAdvertise your new productDivide one image into five parts.Showcase your entire teamOffer promotional codesAds- Google+ claim benchmark, 5-10% Clickthrough rate uplift with socially-enhanced Search adsImportant note, +1 button does NOT mean a user is automatically following a brandRipple (report)“lets you identify influencers and follow how their communities react to your content”- Google also provide social reports across all social networks (ie. Facebok)Sources:
  • Direct connectEnables users to automatically add brands to their Circles by including a “+” before the brand name in their Google search queriesstill experimenting -- it won't work for every Google+ page. Additionally, some users won't have access to Direct ConnectYouTubeappfor Google+ HangoutsNow participants cancontrol, save and share playlists from inside the hangout itself“All your friends in the Hangout can drag and drop videos to sort the order in the playlist, or skip forward or backward to play the next one. Youtube/ Google+ handleGoogle actually has been giving new YouTube users the option to use their Google+ identity on YouTubeAs of 29 June existing users can also switch their old YouTube handles to their Google+ profilesSources,2817,2404155,00.asp
  • Sources:,0,1691238.story
  • Released iPad specific app in Jul 2012 (took little over a year to roll out)Sources:
  • Comscoresept 2012 data- 2.5 Page views/per unique in UK, Page views up 10% MOMMembers and engagement numbers should be taken with a grain of salt for judging Google+ social networking engagementMany Google account holders previously (ie. Gmail users) were automatically upgraded to Google+As of Jan 2012, new Google users interested in signing up for any Google property must automatically create a Google+ enabled profile in addition to Gmail accountActive users are based on engagement with all Google products which are Google+ enhanced including YouTube, the Android Marketplace and Google.comSources:Comscore data, Sept 2012
  • YouTube Google+ Platform & Ad Offering Overview

    1. 1. LinkedIn Social Media Series: YouTube & Google+July 2012 Nadia James Account Planner UK Jonathan Bradford Associate Solutions Consultant UK,FR,NL
    2. 2. Social Media Landscape series : Session program
    3. 3. Disclaimer A few things to keep in mind: • Marketing is a fast moving market place and so product suite is subject to constant change • Engagement rates and costs arent often publicly available. However guidelines based on public information have been included as guidelines only • Social is an ever changing industry and so best efforts have been made to ensure information is current and valid • An effort has been made to ensure the material is impartial • This deck is not intended as a LinkedIn Vs other platform sales story
    4. 4. Learning objectives • An overview of the platforms • Recent member milestones & usage stats • A few current events / recent product releases • An overview of their go to market approach and commercial product offering ( where they have one) LI sales team better informed about other social platforms.
    5. 5. Ice BreakerWhich Video has had the most views on YouTube?
    6. 6. YouTubes vision is to give everyone avoice, to evolve video and to make our partners and advertisers successful.
    7. 7. Company Milestones Feb 2005 Jul 2006 Aug 2006 Oct 2006 June 2007 Oct 2008 Nov 2008 Apr 2009 First video 100M video Launch 1st ad Acquired by Mobile site CBS & MGM Promoted Videos Shows and Films upload views per day & unit— Google for $1.6B launched launch full-length & Pre-Roll ads launch 65,000 new daily Participatory programming launched video uploads Video Ads May 2009 Jun 2009 Jul 2009 Oct 2009 Oct 2009 Jan 2010 May 2010 20 hours of video Launch Auto- 3D Launched Sign first major Live Stream of YouTube Rentals YouTube exceeds uploaded every Share to social network deal U2 Concert launched 2 Billion views minute networks and with Channel 4 per day Web mail
    8. 8. Quick Stats 800M+ 27.4M Unique visitors UK Unique Visitors (9.6% YoY growth) 400M+ 20% Mobile views per day Global views come from mobile devices 72 hours 700 Of video uploaded each Youtube videos shared on minute Twitter each minute *Assume figures are monthly, unless otherwise noted.
    9. 9. Audience Demographics 27.3% of visitors are from London 65% Reach of 81% Reach of women aged men aged 18-34 18-34 Age 15-24 25-44 45+ 19% 92% Reach over 2.5M Mums 42% 52.6% of visitors N. Ireland Internet use YouTube are social grade B 39% Audience or C1
    10. 10. Value Proposition
    11. 11. Product offering Ads Channels Brands can reach YouTube’s 800M+ visitors through Ads & Channels.
    12. 12. Ads TrueView In Stream Ad allows viewers to skip watching an ad after 5 seconds Reduced audience drop-off by 40% when compared to standard Appear on Homepage Appear on Search & Watch pages In Stream Ads • Allows advertisers to recreate/repurpose TV advertising online InVideo overlay is a 480 x 70 Flash or • Ads click through to a website or brand static image that appears at the channel bottom of the video • Includes 300 x 60 companion ad In Stream Advertising Includes a 300 x 250 companion ad
    13. 13. Homepage Takeovers 2 types of takeovers- Masthead & YouTube video ad units Cost per day - $375,000 US £90,000 UK
    14. 14. Channels Customizable background and API integration Users can browse videos by date added or popularity Videos can be listed Playlists automatically individually, grouped or play videos within a within feed queue Channels allow content providers to develop affiliate channels or partnerships
    15. 15. Brand Channels Discover & engage – Discover a Channel types brand and watch content User– Brands can edit the look and Customise – Brands can edit the feel look and feel Brand – Full moderation of Control – Full moderation of comments, limit accessibility to certain comments, limit accessibility to certain demo’s demo’s Custom Brand – See how many Analytics – See how many and how and how has visited / viewed has visited / viewed Cost Gadgets – Small web User– Free apps or custom ads which sit on a custom Brand & Custom Brand – brand page only Free with media spend range £25k +
    16. 16. Partner Program YouTube sells advertisements on There are over 10,000 CPC basis for which Channel Owners jointly profit. content partners Content providers can choose which advertising units to utilise on their How can they measure activity? page, and optimise accordingly. • Community actions (likes, favourites, comments, share Content providers can also optimise s) video arrangements with tabs by • Traffic sources vertical, prearranged playlists or • Audience retention strategic placement of similar • Track level of subscribers & videos to viewers.Users who upload original, quality content viewership and are monetizing at least one video are • Demographics & locationautomatically enrolled in YouTube’s Partner Program.
    17. 17. Self-made YouTube partners
    18. 18. YouTube’s #1
    19. 19. New Initiatives Live Streaming Rentals In Oct 2011, YouTube launched 100 original content channels in Oct 2011 • Launched in 2008 with four partners—Howcast, Next New • Content providers control their Networks, Rocketboom & distribution window, the rental Young Hollywood price and duration • Live streaming has evolved to • Available for watch via multiple host more well known events devices or offline download• Top 25 channels now average 1M views per week such as US Presidential• Amount of time viewing has grown 4X Debates, or concerts
    20. 20. “ ”
    21. 21. The value of Google+ Chrome Playstore Google has 35 publicly released products. Maps Google+ allows users to seamlessly connect their usage of Google’s products. It will also allow Google to YouTube graph their user’s behaviour across all of Shopping Google’s channels. Search Gmail
    22. 22. In the news
    23. 23. Company Milestones Jun 2011 Jul 2011 Aug 2011 Aug 2011 Sept 2011 Sep 2011 Google Google+ has Google+ users YouTube videos Open introduces 10M users receive 150 can be watched membership to Broadcasts first Google+ project invitations to with friends via everyone over public Hangout give out Hangouts 18 years old feature Oct 2011 Jan 2012 Jan 2012 Sep 2012 Google+ has 40 Google Google+ opens Google+ million users announces membership to announces “Search, plus teenagers 400M members Your World”
    24. 24. Quick Stats 400M 4M Members UK Monthly Uniques 100M 10M Monthly Active Users Page Views Google’s release of Google+ as a 12 minutes social layer has caused wariness of engagement stats they’ve Per day in Google+ stream released.
    25. 25. Audience Demographics 42.06% Single 27.39% Married 1.35% in an open relationship 0.43% in a civil union Top 5 pages followed on67% Male 32% Female Google+ The “+1” button is 20% of users are served over 5 Billion Students times per day Top 10 Brands on Google+ (UK only) 3.8% of users are based in the UK
    26. 26. Google+ Profile
    27. 27. Features “+1” serves as a user Circles allow users to group recommendation connections by which social circle they fall under Google+ LocalUsers can share or follow circles Hangouts allow users to host to build up news feed content or join video chats Events
    28. 28. Mobile User stream Group Chat Hangouts Events Google migrated all of the flagship features of Google+ onto its mobile (and newly released tablet) applications.
    29. 29. Brand Pages Highlights • Brands must manually segment their audiences using Circles for sharing content Encourages site visitors to • Hang Out functionality is share or recommend a available to brands brand’s content within their • Ripples is a visual guide for Google+ network brands to track who has publicly shared a post or URL and the comments they’ve made Google does not offer ads on the Google+ 1M+ Business and brand pages platform, however brands Brands can add a Google+ created in the first 6 months of can target Google users Badge to their site in order to direct traffic to Google+ page Google+ with socially enhanced ads
    30. 30. Google+ integration Direct Connect aligns Google+ with Gmail integration • Google+ users can stay within Gmail search. environment when replying to Google+ email notifications • Users can comment on, view, and "+1" posts from within Gmail • Activity will appear in user’s Google+ stream in real time Google+ Google+ members can use circles as search filters in Gmail YouTube
    31. 31. Key Takeaways • Scale and engagement of viewers on YouTube is growing RAPIDLY • YouTube has launched initiatives that place it head to head with traditional TV broadcasting—live streaming, rentals & original content channels • YouTube offers distinct value propositions to its channel partners and advertisers • Google+ is a social layer (not just a network!) • Google is rapidly integrating Google+ features across its full product offering (ie. Gmail, search & Youtube)
    32. 32. Questions?
    33. 33. Appendix
    34. 34. Home page layout Search of entire site Site visitors are required to create a free account in order to upload, comment or like videos Videos are Users can subscribe to recommended to “channels,” accounts users based on their that upload video site behaviour regularly
    35. 35. In the news
    36. 36. iPad
    37. 37. Google+ Comscore stats 1000 • Monthly 900 Uniques • Monthly page views 500 300 300 246 128 111 97 89 0 Apr-12 Jun-12 Jul-12 Sep-12