Pera na hindi bitin 2 hrs seminar - ardy roberto


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Pera na hindi bitin 2 hrs seminar - ardy roberto

  1. 1. Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin: Experiencing breakthroughs in your finances Ardy Roberto Co-Founder, Salt & Light Ventures, Inc Inspire Leadership Consultancy, Inc. Entrep10 Awardee, Microsoft Most Inspiring Entrepreneur Co-Columnist, Philippine Daily Inquirer’s MarketingRxAuthor, S4, Heart of Healing, Buhay na Hindi Bitin, Pera na Hindi Bitin
  2. 2. Q?Kung ang mukha mo ay pera, sinoang kamukha mo?
  3. 3. Manuel Roxas
  4. 4. Manuel Quezon
  5. 5. Sergio Osmena
  6. 6. Ninoy Aquino
  7. 7. Josefa Llanes Escoda
  8. 8. Seminar Outline: Breakthrough #1: Attitude towardsmoney. Will money solve my problems? What is “great wealth?” Breakthrough #2. Mindset reset:Stewardship. Who owns “your” money? to be a betterBreakthrough #3. Howsteward of money so you can beentrusted with more: 7 strategiesroadmap
  9. 9. Ardy Roberto’s Ang Pera na Hindi BitinSeminar = Seed
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Based on experience, research and scripture Ardy Roberto Author, Buhay na Hindi Bitin, Pera na Hindi
  12. 12. Money – earning,saving, managing...Confusing andstressful…
  13. 13. The Bible has500 verses on prayer;500 verses on faith; but over2,300 verses on moneyand possessions.
  14. 14. Ardy Roberto’s Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin Breakthrough #1 knowing “great wealth”
  15. 15. Your money or your life?Adolf Merckle (World’s 94th richest, Germany’s5th richest) stressed out by financial crisis:Commits Suicide (Jan 6-09)
  16. 16. Your money or your life?Adolf Merckle (World’s 94th richest, Germany’s5th richest) stressed out by financial crisis:Commits Suicide (Jan 6-09)
  17. 17. “Whoever loves money never hasmoney enough; whoever loveswealth is never satisfied with hisincome. This too is meaningless.”King Solomon, Ecc 5:11
  18. 18. “For the love of moneyis a root of all kinds ofevil. Some people, eager for money, havewandered from the faith and piercedthemselves with many griefs” (1 Timothy 6:9-10)Money won’t love you back!Don’t fall into the trap!
  19. 19. Adolf Merckle (World’s 94th richest,Germany’s 5th richest) stressed out byfinancial crisis: Commits Suicide (Jan 6-09)
  20. 20. Promise / truth:"For I know the plans I have for you,"declares the Lord, "plans to prosperyou and not to harm you, plans togive you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11
  21. 21. But then why this sad Fact?90% of Filipinos are “broke or will diebroke”- Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) study
  22. 22. Wrong mindset:Poverty mentality. Mentality of lack(mauubusan).No-trust-in-God mindsetDoes not know or believe in God’s promise,God’s truth that He will supply ALL of yourneeds.God takes care of His children. If God is yourFather – through our relationship with JesusChrist – then He will take care of you.God is a rich God. He owns everything.
  23. 23. Know the TRUTH:“And my God will meet all yourneeds according to His riches inglory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19)
  24. 24. True or false? needsOur great God will meet all of ourwhether we are in Saudi, Makati, Cebu orZamboanga
  25. 25. True or false? needsOur great God will meet all of ourwhether we are in Saudi, Makati, Cebu orZamboanga
  26. 26. NEEDS / Pangangailangan(Hindi “luho” or “wants”)e.g.1.  Food2.  Clothing3.  Shelter4.  Education5.  Health6.  Transportation7.  Communication8.  Others…
  27. 27. Breakthrough #2 The Stewardship Mindset Puede ka bang pagkatiwalaan? Can you be trusted with money?
  28. 28. Story of the three managers Mgr A : P5M Mgr B: P2M Mgr C: P1M [according to abilidad]
  29. 29. Story of the three managers Mgr A : P5M puhunan P5M kita!
  30. 30. “Well done, good and faithful servant! Youhave been faithful with a fewthings; I will put you in charge ofmany things. Come and share yourmasters happiness!” (Matthew 25:23. NIV)
  31. 31. Mgr B :P2M puhunan P2M kita!
  32. 32. “Well done, good and faithful servant! Youhave been faithful with a fewthings; I will put you in charge ofmany things. Come and share yourmasters happiness!” (Matthew 25:23. NIV)
  33. 33. Mgr C : P1M puhunan P1M kita? “…I was afraid, and…hid yourmoney in the ground. Look, there you have what is yours.”
  34. 34. Naku, nagalit si bossing: “You wicked and lazy servant!…You ought to have deposited my money with the bankers, and atmy coming I would have received back my own with interest…. …Cast the unprofitable servant into the outer darkness!”
  35. 35. Our purpose is to be faithful stewards of whatever is entrusted to us. Not just safekeeping but make things profitable! (See parable of the talents Matthew 25:14-30)How many of you are burying talents -- money orresources entrusted to you – under the ground?
  36. 36. “Well done, good and faithful servant! Youhave been faithful with a fewthings; I will put you in charge ofmany things. Come and share yourmasters happiness!” (Matthew 25:23. NIV)
  37. 37. Pinagkatiwalaan sa iyo ang pera, puhunan, atkakayahan (talento)…Pinapapalago mo ba ito?Be faithful in the little things and you willbe entrusted with “bigger” things.God honors good stewards.
  38. 38. "Ang mapagkakatiwalaan sa maliit nabagay ay mapagkakatiwalaan din samalaking bagay; ang mandarayasa maliit na bagay ay mandarayarin sa malaking bagay." (Lucas 16:10 MBB)
  39. 39. Puede ka bang pagkatiwalaan sa mga maliliit nabagay?[can you be trusted with little things?]
  40. 40. Q?What will you do if youwin or inherit P80million?
  41. 41. P80M Lotto Winner,Naputulan ng Kuryente."Last Sunday’s debut telecast (TrueStories on QTV featured) the story ofa man who won over P80 millionplaying the lotto sweeps—andeventually lost most of it. In fact, hisfortunes have fallen so low that theelectricity in his “mansion” has beencut off, and his kitchen shelves arebare. (, 1/29/10.
  42. 42. Florida Lotto winner wishedhe had never won.Family members say AbrahamShakespeare, a truck drivers assistant,was constantly hounded for a piece ofhis $30 million lotto winnings.Shakespeares brother told TheAssociated Press that Shakespeareoften wished he had never bought thewinning ticket. `` `Id have been betteroff broke. He said that to me all thetime, Robert Brown said. (In April of2009, Shakespeare was murdered andburied in the backyard of his friend.)Read more:
  43. 43. "Kaya kung hindi kayomapagkakatiwalaan sa mgakayamanan ng mundong ito, sinoang magtitiwala sa inyo ng tunay nakayamanan? At kung hindi kayomapagkakatiwalaan sa kayamanan ngiba, sino ang magbibigay sa inyo ngtalagang para sa inyo?" (Lucas 16:11-12 MBB)
  44. 44. Ilista lahat ng iyong ari-arian(pera, investments, negosyo, lupa, sasakyan, celphone) {SALN}
  45. 45. “The earth is theLORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it” Psalm 24:1{So sino ang may ari ng nasa listahan mo?}
  46. 46. “Most Successful...”
  47. 47. ...failure!”{Everything that we could do wrong, we did wrong...}
  48. 48. sobrang lugi!nabaon ako sa utangsold the business
  49. 49. bible studyapplied God’s wordmiracles of faithful stewardship-  zero debt within 1 yr-  married within means-  honeymoon in Europe
  50. 50. Breakthrough #3 Applying the 7 Strategies
  51. 51. Kodigo para sa mga may problemangbitin na pera...7 money management strategies so Godwill entrust you with more to bless othersmore
  52. 52. strategy 1Save
  53. 53. Mag-iponPara makaipon ng iyong unangmilyon, kailangan mong mag-umpisasa pag-iipon ng piso-piso. Huwagmong isipin na maliit ang piso paraipunin.
  54. 54. The “Automatic Millionaire”Savings System
  55. 55. example: If you earn P7,500 a month,save P750 every month byautomatic transfer or deposited to yourspecial savings account na nagbibigay ng atleast 7.5% interest per annum (or per year).P750@ mo3 yrs = P30,0005 yrs = P54,00010 yrs = P132,00020 yrs = P400,00030 yrs = P1,000,000!
  56. 56. Ang galing ‘no? Sabi nga ng genius na siAlbert Eintein, “The most powerful force inthe universe is compound interest.”
  57. 57. Savings of Savings of P1,000 a month P2,000 a month for 20 years for 20 years = P467,661 = P935,323 Savings ofSavings of P10,000 aP4,000 a month month for 20for 20 years years= P1,864,025 = P4,676,613*6% p.a. compounded *6% p.a. compoundedmonthly monthly
  58. 58. “Tingnan mo yaong langgam, ikaw taongubod tamad, pamumuhay niya’y masdanmo at nang ikaw ay mamulat. Kahit siya’ywalang punong sa kanila’y nag-uutos,walang tagapamahala o taga-masid nasinusunod, ngunit nag-iimbak ng pagkain satag-araw, kailanga’y iniipon kung panahonng anihan” (Kawikaan 6:6-8 MBB)
  59. 59. “Ang tao na iponng ipon, peraniya’y ‘di lilipad naparang ibon!”
  60. 60. Do you have a savings strategy?
  61. 61. 20 – 20 Strategy:Save 20% of your income,20 years before you wantto retire
  62. 62. If you save10%-20% of yourincome, whathappens to the restof the 80%-90%?Do you know whereyour money went?
  63. 63. I-lista!Lahat ng kinita atginastos sa isangbuwan.(see sample hand out)
  64. 64. What is notmeasured, can’tbe managed!
  65. 65. Do you have aspending plan or abudget?
  66. 66. Usual Budget X Budget Y Salary/Income Salary/Income-  Less Expenses - Less Giving (10%)= Savings / Debt - Less Savings (10% - 20%) - Less Debt/Utang (10%) = Budget for Expenses (70% - 60%)
  67. 67. BUDGET AMOUNT %SALARY P 10,000 100%Giving/charity (P 1,000) 10%Savings (P 1,000) 10%Debt/Amort (P 1,000) 10%EXPENSE P 7,000 70%BUDGETItems:- Rent- Food/- Utilities- School/Edu/Kids-  Transpo- Clothes- Entert- Misc. P 7,000*
  68. 68. BUDGET AMOUNT %SALARY P 20,000 100%Giving/charity (P 2,000) 10%Savings (P 2,000) 10%Debt/Amort (P 2,000) 10%EXPENSE P14,000 70%BUDGETItems:- Rent- Food/- Utilities- School/Edu/Kids-  Transpo- Clothes- Entert- Misc. P14,000*
  69. 69. When is thebest time tostartsaving?
  70. 70. Why save?
  71. 71. Ang purpose ng pag-iipon is so that wemay become generous and able tosupport ourselves and ourfamily (and even our extended familywho may need help).
  72. 72. Sabi ni Solomon:“Good people leave aninheritance to theirgrandchildren, but the sinner’s wealthpasses to the godly” Proverbs 13:22, NLT
  73. 73. Purpose of surplus?“So that he will have enoughto provide for the needs ofothers.Because true wealth comes withthe gift of giving.”- Larry Burkett
  74. 74. strategy 2give
  75. 75. experience realbreakthroughs when yougive
  76. 76. “When profit isunshared, it’s less likelyto grow greater.”Malcolm Forbes
  77. 77. “Magbigay kayo at kayo’ybibigyan. Hustong takal, siksik,liglig, at umaapaw ang ibibigaysa inyo. Sapagkat ang panukatng ginamit sa iba ay siya ringpanukat na gagamitin sa inyo.”- Luke 6:38
  78. 78. Breakthroughs happen when youtrust and giveVideo
  79. 79. Dec ‘99-May 2000Crisis situation – Very ill, suspected to have bone cancer or
  80. 80. “Missed diagnosis”
  81. 81. June 2000“SLE”Systemic Lupus:Attacked multiple organs, esp kidneys, nervous system, etcVery bad
  82. 82. October 2000My “Miracle”:Patient•  Kidney damage reversed•  No chemotherapy•  No Dialysis•  Minimal medication•  Lupus quiet since 2000
  83. 83. 2001 onwardsMy “Miracle” Patient
  84. 84. Living...second
  85. 85. Dream tripsMy “Miracle” Patient @ Sea of Galilee
  86. 86. Dream trips – Egypt/ Israel 2005My “Miracle” Patient @ Sea of Galilee
  87. 87. "Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly,will also reap sparingly, and whoever sowsgenerously will also reap generously.Eachman should give what he has decided in hisheart to give, not reluctantly or undercompulsion, for God loves a cheerfulgiver. ...You will be made rich in every wayso that you can be generous on everyoccasion, and through us your generositywill result in thanksgiving to God." (2 Corinthians 9:6-7, 11, NIV)
  88. 88. Giving is a sign that God’s love is in you:“If anyone has material possessionsand sees his brother in need buthas no pity on him, how can thelove of God be in him?” (1 John 3:17, NIV)
  89. 89. “Give generously to him anddo so without a grudgingheart; then because of thisthe LORD your God will blessyou in all your work and ineverything you put your handto.”– Deuteronomy 15:10
  90. 90. strategy 3get out of debt andstop borrowing
  91. 91. “Let no debt remain outstanding,except the continuing debt to loveone another, for he who loves hisfellowman has fulfilled the law”Romans 13:8
  92. 92. Why people get into debt
  93. 93. I – Impulsive buying / indulgenceP – Poor planning (no planning)I – IgnoranceS - Shopping sprees / short termview of savings
  94. 94. Ways to get out or stay out of debt
  95. 95. 1.  Borrow from a pessimist (humiram sa isang pesimistang tao)
  96. 96. 2. Budget for debt repayment – don’t go into deniala.  Make a list – person/org and amountb.  Pay off the smallest debt firstc.  Then pay off all others by installment
  97. 97. 3. Communicate with your debtors
  98. 98. 4. Avoid emotional spending- Huwag bumili ng gamit pag depressed- Huwag pumunta ng supermarket nggutom- [Tip: bring only cash when you go tosupermarket]
  99. 99. Tips from Pastor Jim Reyes when at themall:1.  Drink lots of water.2.  Walk a lot.3.  Eat champoy.4.  Read a book5.  When you see a SALE sign: S – Stay A – Away L – Look E – Elsewhere!i.e. Flee from sin!
  100. 100. Mahirap ang mabaon sa utang.Sabi ni King Solomon:“The rich rules over the poor, and theborrower becomes the lender’slave” (Proverbs 22:7,NASB)
  101. 101. Kaya lang, there is a debt that we can neverpay for:“For the wages if sin is death, but the gift ofGod is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” –Romans 6:23
  102. 102. “All of us have sinned and fallen short of God’sglory. But God treats us much better than wedeserve, and because of Christ Jesus, hefreely accepts us and sets us free from oursins.”Romans 3:22 - 24
  103. 103. Why did he pay for our sins?Pag-ibig. Ito ang pag-ibig na hindi bitin. Hindikayo papabayaan ni Hesus.“For God so loved the world that He gave hisonly son, Jesus Christ, so that whosoeverbelieves in Him will not perish but have eternallife.” John 3:16
  104. 104. strategy 4Live Simply“Mabuhay ngsimple!”
  105. 105. “Being frugal* is the cornerstone ofwealth building.”- The Millionaire Next Door
  106. 106. US$89 billion dollar man
  107. 107. FRUGAL:IKEA billionaire owner rides bus, flies economy class
  108. 108. Kung mayroon lang tayongpagkain at damit, tama na rawiyon, dapat kuntento na tayo(Paul to Timothy - 1 Tim 6:8)
  109. 109. champion boxer – earned $300M career (P13.5B)employed 200 (drivers, bodyguards, chefs, gardeners, etc)$4.5M on cars and motorcycles$3.4M on clothes and jewelry$7.8M personal expenses$140,000 tigers + $125,000 trainer$2M bathtub as gift to wife$410,000 birthday party$230,000 cellphones2005Utang/Debt = $38M
  110. 110. champion boxer – champion gastador2005Utang/Debt = $38M
  111. 111. world champion boxer – pinoy from gensan
  112. 112. “Keep your lives free from the love ofmoney and be content with what youhave because God has said. Never will Ileave you, never will I forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5,NASB)
  113. 113. Tale of two workersLita• Lives simply – no malls, no movies• Reads for enjoyment• Laundry woman• Husband – jeepney driver• Sent 5 children to school – all working• Very seldom asked for advance on salary
  114. 114. Tale of two workersLoriGastadorText / loadDVDAsawa – spends on cigarettes/yosi, alakAlways asks for advance
  115. 115. Frugal*: matipid, kuripot
  116. 116. Pray before you pay.
  117. 117. strategy 5Magsipag,Mag-negosyo
  118. 118. “Lazy people are soon poor; hard workersget rich.” (Proverbs 10:4, NLT)
  119. 119. Composition of millionaires in the world:1% - celebrities (singers, actors,athletes)5% - top salesmen10% - top specialists (lawyers, doctors,professionals)10% - top executives of megacorporations74% - entrepreneurs!(Bo Sanchez, 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich)
  120. 120. “All hard work brings aprofit, but mere talk leadsonly to poverty”- King Solomon (Proverbs 14:23)
  121. 121. “Do not love sleep or you willgrow poor; stay awake andyou will have food to spare”- King Solomon (Proverbs 20:13)
  122. 122. my work story -• ham cook• call center• gardener• mail room clerk• test subject – sleep deprivation study• fire extinguisher salesman• encyclopedia salesman• writer• employee - entrepreneur• concert promoter
  123. 123. “Most Successful Failure”
  124. 124. “Everything that wecould do wrong, we did wrong...”
  125. 125. Start up: Salt & Light Ventures 2000 How do I grow this business?
  126. 126. How Salt & Light Ventures became #1niche seminar producer and promoter We started small and dreamed BIG
  127. 127. Start small: 15 to 50 people workshops How do I grow this business?
  128. 128. Then… 100 to 250 people seminars
  129. 129. Then… 300 to 500 to 1,000 people conferences
  130. 130. Okay – let’s go! Think BIG: Araneta Coliseum and PICC
  131. 131. 10 years after the “most successful failure” concert business in CDO…a seminar with 14,000 people!
  132. 132. PICC: 4,000 peopleTotal for 2 days: 18,000 people
  133. 133. “God has given you theability to produce wealth” (Deutoronomy)
  134. 134. Microfinancing MFI’s – Maragondon, Cavite Natural/organic farming Organically fed hogs – P10k @
  135. 135. Franchising
  136. 136. Small business, franchise or directselling
  137. 137. My experience as anetwork marketingdistributor:Put in 5 years part-timeEarn royalties = fulltime salary of amanager/executivefor next 15 years
  138. 138. Bonus session! 3K-Marketing KKK
  139. 139. KKK #1K “KAKAIBA” {differentiate and innovate} Kakaiba ba ang tindahan mo?
  140. 140. Maglista ng 5 “Pinaka” (Pinaka mabait, masungit, malinis, madumi… etc) Basta kung saan ka puwede maging kakaiba (kahit sa fantasya!)
  141. 141. “Pinaka… Maaliwalas… Maliit / Malaki / Mabait / Masungit Magara / Masimple / Malinis / Marumi Maganda / Ma-pangit / Matimis / Maasim Mabango / Mabaho / Mahaba / Maigsi Malumot / Masama / Mahangin / Matangos / Mabarato/ Mahal / Malasa / Masarap / Maraming …. Pinaka-enjoy, pinaka-kadiri, pinaka-cholesterol, pinaka- trusting, pinaka…
  142. 142. KKK #1K - “KAKAIBA” {differentiate and innovate} ‘K’ase studies
  143. 143. KKK #1K - “KAKAIBA” Pinaka-trusting Honesty Coffee Shop
  144. 144. Pinaka-trusting Hones
  145. 145. Pinaka-trusting Honesty Coffee Shop
  146. 146. Pinaka-trusting Honesty Coffee Shop
  147. 147. Pinaka-trusting Honesty Coffee Shop – Batanes
  148. 148. Pinaka-trusting Honesty Coffee Shop – Batanes
  149. 149. Pinaka-psychiatric o pampalamig ng init ng ulo Taksiyapo store and restaurant - Pampanga
  150. 150. Pinaka-enjoy na bakery Bread Talk – Singapore, Manila, Etc
  151. 151. Pinaka-enjoy na bakery Bread Talk – Singapore, Manila, Etc
  152. 152. * Breadtalk (Singapore)Innovation: Experiential buying of different varieties of bread.
  153. 153. *Breadtalk (Singapore)Started in 2000 by George Quek when he was 46Today does $123M in sales30+ different countries
  154. 154. Pinaka-malutong na krispy krickets / (pinaka-fear factor na pagkain) Insect-Inter – Bangkok, Thailand
  155. 155. Insect Inter (Thailand). #1 in Insect-fastfood categorySlogan:“Nevermind thelook, ittastesgreat“founder – SatapolPolprapas
  156. 156. Insect Inter (Thailand) Ø RESULT Ø 60+ outlets Ø Over 15M Baht in sales @ year Ø 100 new franchisees
  157. 157. Insect Inter (Thailand) "I have absolutely no doubt that our crispy, crunchy crickets will replace popcorn as a favourite snack in cinemas“ - Mr Satapol Polprapas, InsectInter Founder, 29 yrs old (started with just P160 investment)
  158. 158. Pinaka-masarap mabusog (budget) (unlimited rice kasi…) Mang Inasal – Philippines
  159. 159. Pinaka-kakaibang produKto Krazy Store – Japan
  160. 160. Pinaka-kakaibang produKto Krazy Store – Japan
  161. 161. Think!
  162. 162. KKK #2 K “KAIBIGAN” Kaibigan ka ba ng mga ‘K’ustomers, Komunidad at Kalikasan?
  163. 163. Myshelte
  164. 164. A world full of junkWe don’t want a polluted Earth
  165. 165. Seeing Possibilities
  166. 166. Solar Bottle Light Natural daylight for the community
  167. 167. What is the common source of light? Bulbs •  Consume energy •  Cost of electricity
  168. 168. Made from readily available & recyclable materials…
  169. 169. 2L PET soda bottlesencased in GI corrugated sheets
  170. 170. Easy to assemble…
  171. 171. Provides a good source of lightequivalent to 55 watts
  172. 172. Before and After
  173. 173. KKK #3 K ma“KULIT” Increase transaction size by being Ma”KULIT” (pero malambing): “O baka kailangan nyo rin ng…” Magtanong… asK and you shall receive!
  174. 174. Bonus idea:
  175. 175. Think!
  176. 176. strategy 6Mag-invest
  177. 177. Double your money offer
  178. 178. The lesson is “If it’s too good to be true,it probably is!”
  179. 179. “People who want to get rich fallinto temptation and a trap and intomany foolish and harmful desires that plungemen into ruin and destruction. For the loveof money is a root of all kinds of evil.Some people, eager for money, havewandered from the faith and piercedthemselves with many griefs” (1 Timothy 6:9-10)
  180. 180. “Before you invest, investigate.”
  181. 181. NBI WARNS OF MORE PYRAMID SCHEMESPhilippine Daily Inquirer, February 23, 2008
  182. 182. SHOWBIZ CELEBS INVESTED INFRANCSWISS SCAMPhilippine Daily Inquirer, July 11, 2007
  184. 184. BOGUS ‘SM’ ONLINE FIRM LURES INVESTORSManila Times, July 13, 2007
  185. 185. Investing in RealEstate?Read Larry Gamboa’s“Think Rich Pinoy”book.Tip: Look forforeclosed propertiesthrough bank listingsand auctions
  186. 186. Stock Market
  187. 187. “If you are a disciplined investor, at nag-iinvest karegularly ng P5,000 a month for the next 20 yearsin Blue Chip stocks or shares, after 20 years, yourshares should be worth P20 million pesos.
  188. 188. Citisec (
  189. 189. Mutual FundsBPI / PhilamOthers[Presentation]
  190. 190. Ask your bank manager about:1.  Special Savings (3 mos)2.  5 Year TDs a.  tax-free, b.  interest out monthly c.  Check out large Rural Banks, Govt Owned Banks or Small Savings or Commercial Banks (interest p.a.: 5% - 7.5%+)3.  Corporate Bonds (PLDT, SMC, Vista etc) a.  5 to 10 yrs b.  Interest out quarterly c.  Range 5% - 8% Or ask for T2 (Tier 2)
  191. 191. Financial Goal Setting Exercise [See handout]Financial Goal SettingMy current monthly overhead based on actualexpense is: P________________My projected monthly overhead in five yearsbased on future needs (education, new home,etc) will be P_____________.God willing, I will have the amount ofP_________________ in my “retirement”account/s by the year _____.
  192. 192. Here’s a Simple “Retirement” plan if you wantto start working in your dream job, ministry, write,take care of family, travel,study again, teach, etc.Work hard in your job, business, saveaggressively, invest wisely and consistently instocks and then start setting up differentretirement accounts over the next 5 to 10 years.Then start earning passive monthly or quarterlyincome from 5 YR TD placements,Corp Bonds, Rental income and pension plan.
  193. 193. - the exercise of good judgment, common sense, and even caution,especially in the conduct of practical matters.
  194. 194. Practise “Prudent Optimism”.
  195. 195. Invest whatever the cycle is.
  196. 196. 175-year old conglomerate. Investing almost P50 B in their business this year.“We continue expanding in a down cycleand that comes back many times overwhen things turn out better.”
  197. 197. Q:Are you also expanding in this “downcycle” so that your investment comesback many times over when things turnout better?
  198. 198. “We’re very prudent in theway we use and deploy ourcapital. Clearly, there is a globalcrisis right now and as we look atour budget, we measure itcarefully in relation to what themarket can take. But if you lookat our capital expenditure for theyear, this is not an insignificantamount. We don’t know of anyother group that is spending thatkind of money in a down cycle.” Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala
  199. 199. OR…you can always learn how to box like: and earn $22M++ after one fight.
  200. 200. strategy 7EducateYourself
  201. 201. Sabi ni Chinkee Tan sa kanyanglibro, For Richer & for Poorer,“Rich people educate themselvesmore than they entertainthemselves.Poor people entertain themselvesmore than they educatethemselves.”
  202. 202. “Masa” mentality•  Spend for things they believe they “need” - Colored TV /DVD•  Splurge on celebrated occasions:Christmas, New Year, Valentine (Western influenced);fiesta, jueteng (Native Filipino) 231
  203. 203. Lower/Middle Class Segment •  Ubos ang pera sa Bingo, Lotto, Billiards, Sabongan… 232
  204. 204. Magsubscribe saWealthy & Wais text service.Just text WEALTHYand send to 2910 (Smart/Globe )Simple lang!Get daily encouragementon how to wiselymanageyour finances forjust P2.50@day.
  205. 205. Magsubscribe sa Go Negosyo Text Tips service. Just text Go Nego and send to 2910 (Smart/Globe)Simple lang! Get daily encouragement on how to start up and run a business for just P2.50@day.
  206. 206. Diagnostic Test:Stare for a few seconds at each of the following patterns.   Are the patterns moving?   Or are they perfectly still??
  207. 207. Look for scholarships andeducational exchange programsfor yourself or your children.
  208. 208. Budget 10% of your personalincome for continuing education,seminars, books
  209. 209. ImportantEducate yourself on how to be healthy.Take responsibility.Or else you’ll spend what you savedand earned to gain back your health.Health is wealth!
  210. 210. If God asked you what youwanted, what would you askfor?
  211. 211. And so the story goes:“That night God appeared to Solomonand said, ‘What do you want? Ask, andwill give it to you!’2 Chronicles 1:7-12
  212. 212. Solomon replied to God, ‘you showed faithfullove to David, my father, and now you havemade me king in his place. O LORD God,please continue to keep your promise to Davidmy father, for you have made me king over apeople as numerous as the dust of the earth!Give me the wisdom andknowledge to lead themproperly, for who could possibly governthis great people of yours?2 Chronicles 1:7-12
  213. 213. 2 Chronicles 1:7-12God said to Solomon, ‘Because your greatestdesire is to help your people, and you did notask for wealth, riches, fame, or eventhe death of your enemies or a longlife, but rather you asked for wisdom andknowledge to properly govern my people—I willcertainly give you the wisdom andknowledge you requested. But I will alsogive you wealth, riches, and fame such asno other king has had before you or willever have in the future!.”
  214. 214. Sabi ni Haring Solomon, na nagingpinakamayaman na hari even after he askedGod to bless him with wisdom,“Trust in the LORD with all you heart and leannot on your own understanding; in all your waysacknowledge him, and he will make your pathsstraight” (Proverbs 3:5-6)
  215. 215. O God, I beg two favors from you before I die. First, help me never to tell a lie.Second, give me neither poverty nor riches! Give me just enough to satisfy myneeds.For if I grow rich, I may deny you and say, "Who is the LORD?"And if I am too poor, I may steal and thusinsult Gods holy name.- King Solomon(Proverbs 30:7-9 nlt)
  216. 216. Diyos ko, may hihilingin akong dalawang bagaybago ako mamatay:Huwag akong hayaang maging sinungaling.Huwag mo akong payamanin o paghirapin.Sapat na pagkain lamang ang ibigay mo saakin.Baka kung managana ako ay masabi kong hindi nakita kailangan.Baka naman kung maghirap akoy matutongmagnakaw, at pangalan moy malapastangan. Kawikaan 30:7-9
  217. 217. “enough” “sapat” “sakto” =Contentment
  218. 218. World’s most expensive wedding – US$60m – almost P350m wedding held in Paris last June 2004 – the bill was footed by the billionaire Indian father of the groom. US$60 MILLION WEDDING
  219. 219. "Yet true godliness with contentmentis itself great wealth.7After all, we brought nothing with uswhen we came into the world, and wecan’t take anything with us when weleave it.”Paul to Timothy1 Timothy 6:6-7, NLT
  220. 220. “Do not store up for yourselves treasureson earth, where moth and rust destroy,and where thieves break in and steal.But store up for yourselvestreasures in heaven, where moth andrust do not destroy, and where thieves donot break in and steal. For where yourtreasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:19-21)
  221. 221. Follow God’s wisdom, and you’ll be godly,righteous:“Once I was young, and now I am old. YetI have never seen the godly abandonedor their children begging for bread."(Psalm 37:25)
  222. 222. Pitong ParaanPara Di Mabitin ang Pera1. Save. Gamitin ang “Automatic Millionaire”saving system.2. Give. Honor the Lord and give back with ajoyful heart. Be generous to your family and tothe poor.3. Get out of debt and stop borrowing. Tama na ang utang, salary advances atcover-spending4. Live simply. Be frugal. Keep your expensesless than your income.
  223. 223. Pitong ParaanPara Di Mabitin ang Pera5. Magsipag, Mag-negosyo. Magingenterprising o mag-umpisa ng sideline onegosyo6. Mag-invest. But “investigate before youinvest” para hindi maloko sa mga scams.7. Educate yourself. Mag-aral and pray forwisdom. Magbasa ng mga libro at mag-attend ng mga seminars para madagdagan ang iyong knowledge at skills.
  224. 224. Mag-umpisa na!
  225. 225. Thank you! From the Roberto +0920-9519618Email:
  226. 226. Ending story
  227. 227. “And my God will meet all your needsaccording to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19)Sa Tagalog,“At buhat sa hindi mauubos na kayamananng Diyos, ibibigay niya ang lahat nginyong kailangan sa pamamagitan niCristo Jesus. Purihin ang ating Diyos at Amamagpakailanman! Amen” (Filipinos 4:19-20, MBB)
  228. 228. “Dear Lord, Salamat! I learned a lot about how to bea faithful manage of Your money which You entrustto me or will entrust to me. Salamat, Lord, na meronpa akong pag-asa para maging good provider parasa aking pamilya. Ngayon na natuto na akong mag-save, magbigay, mabuhay ng simple, magsipag,mag-invest, at mag-aral para umasenso at magingisang faithful steward, sana Lord, You will bless myplan and my actions.”
  229. 229. “Pero, mas mahalaga Lord God, I pray that You willnow enter my life as my Lord and Savior. I amyours! I know that all the material possessions that Ihave in this life do not compare to being with You inheaven at the end of my life.”“Salamat Lord Jesus sa Iyong pagmamahal. Amen!”