dr joe molete minquiz finalist presentation 11 july 2013


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Dr Joe Molete of Dr Joe High Performance Academy presentation on six key ingredients of greatness presented to the minquiz finalists

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dr joe molete minquiz finalist presentation 11 july 2013

  1. 1. Inspiring, Connecting and Nurturing Presenter: Dr Joe Molete Audience: MINQUIZ National Finalists Date: 11 July 2013 Title: Six Key Ingredients of Greatness HPA
  2. 2. So far I have come across about 24 ingredients. Today since we have an hour we will only talk about Six Key Ingredients of Greatness HPA
  3. 3. What shocks me about life is that if you take about 100 young ambitious people like you, listen to their dreams and track them over a period of time you get the same results described by Earl Nightingale in the strangest secret. HPA
  4. 4. By the time they are 65 years old only 5% achieve success. About 1% super wealthy and 4% financially independent. This happens despite the fact that there are basic fundamentals to change from yellow to red or green. Super wealthy Financially independent Dependent on a job Financially troubled
  5. 5. A success is anyone who is realizing a worthy predetermined ideal, because that's what he or she decided to do ... deliberately. Earl Nightingale Money is not everything but it sure ranks up there with oxygen Zig Ziglar Most people are successful based on Earl’s definition but why not embrace Zig’s definition and make money in the process. You can always give money away to the less fortunate like Bill Gates when you have too much of it. HPA
  6. 6. In search of the answers as to why some turn red, some green while majority remains yellow I read many books and danced to a lot of music. My life changed in the process. I hope you will find something useful from my story. HPA
  7. 7. Your GREATNESS 2 3 4 1 5 6 Lets talks about the six key ingredientsHPA
  8. 8. Your GREATNESS 2 3 4 Align your skills with the Knowledge Economy 1 5 6 The 1st ingredient has to do with the knowledge economy
  9. 9. Raw Materials Agri products Industrial products Knowledge products Innovation Technology Industrial Society Agricultural Society Knowledge Society Societal Transformation So, focus on knowledge productionHPA
  10. 10. Some examples! Make sure to study science or be passionate about innovation NanotechnologyGenomics TAVI HPA
  11. 11. Nick D’Aloisio, 17, sold His app Summly $30 mil to Yahoo Psy's "Gangnam Style" made YouTube history with 1 billion views 28-year-old Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in the world, with a personal wealth of US$17 billion Psy, Mark and Nick aligned their passions with technological advances and they are young like you. What is stopping you to be like Nick? HPA
  12. 12. To be like Nick you need to cut out the noise and make time to dream and reflect. Otherwise you will be forever facebooking, inboxing and outboxing etc. HPA
  13. 13. "The most important thing that affects us is our dreams —our ability to see the future. But here's why we don't reach into the future. We're trapped either by regret of the past or the routine of the present. So make sure that the greatest pull on you is the pull of the future”. Jim Rohn HPA
  14. 14. Your GREATNESS 2 3 4 Understand the Knowledge Economy 1 5 6 Know your Motivation & Purpose 2 Know Your Authentic Self The 2nd ingredient has to do with purpose and motivation
  15. 15. What is the one thing that has ignited your motivation to do what you do? Mokgadi decided to research the cure for HIV/AIDS because her brother died of HIV/AIDS! Mary is studying to be a social worker so as to help sexually abused kids because she was sexually abused when she was young! HPA
  16. 16. For me, being healed by traditional medicine ignited my interest to integrate traditional medicine and western medicine. Hence I studied PhD in Biotechnology, hence I currently work with traditional healers and scientists, etc. ME Raw herb Granny and siblings Herb in preparation HPA
  17. 17. Take advantage of the law of attraction, it works. Visualise your dreams and let them serve as a motivator for you to do what you already know. My dream board looks like: HPA
  18. 18. Remain balanced and focus on intrinsic motivators too. The extrinsic motivators are important early in life but overtime it is the intrinsic motivators that are very important Extrinsic Motivations  Monetary Compensation  Having Power  Having a Title  Public Recognition  Social Status  Winning over Others Intrinsic Motivations  Personal Growth  Satisfaction from a Job  Helping others Develop  Finding Meaning in Effort  Being True to ones Values  Making a Difference HPA
  19. 19. “The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor” - William O’Brien, the former CEO of the Hanover Insurance Company HPA
  20. 20. Your GREATNESS 2 3 4 Understand the Knowledge Economy 1 5 6 Know your Motivation & Purpose 2 Know Your Authentic Self Integrate your Portfolio of Passions The 3rd ingredient is about your portfolio of passions
  21. 21. SCIENCE MUSICLEADERSHIP Only focus on things that you are passionate about. Integrate and align them with you work. Remember work is not a place you go to but passion in expression. My portfolio of passions consists of: HPA
  22. 22. All my activities are aligned and integrated around music, leadership and science so that I can help produce leaders as well as products from indigenous knowledge Motivational Speaking Leadership Seminars Partnership with Industry Working with IK Holders Djing at Parties Facilitating Networks Members RRR HPA HPA
  23. 23. “We’re not born with unlimited choices. We can’t be anything we want to be. We come with a specific, personal destiny. We have a job to do, a calling to enact, a self to become. We are who we are from the cradle, and we’re stuck with it. Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but Steven Pressfield in The War of Art to find out who we are already and become it”. HPA
  24. 24. Soccer Star FarmerGuitarist PASS - certain things not aligned with you. Don’t be stuck doing certain things that don’t fulfil you or where you are not making meaningful progress. Some of the things I passed include: HPA
  25. 25. Your GREATNESS 2 3 Understand the Knowledge Economy 1 5 6 Know your Motivational Triggers 2 Know Your Authentic Self Integrate your Portfolio of Passions 3 Focus on Continuous Development 4 The 4th ingredient is about continuous learning
  26. 26. Qualifications show credibility. So, make sure you collect certificates when ever you can. It takes a lot of sacrifice but the rewards exceeds the sacrifices. The fact that I was able to achieve greatness despite my humble beginning should be a motivation to you. Be like me and better! BSc (Hons) Biochem Wits 1994 BSc Biology & Biochem Wits 1993 Advanced Management Program Harvard 2009 Masters Business Administration UCT 2007 Masters in (Biology) Howard 1996 PhD (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Microbiology) Penn State 2001 HPA
  27. 27. Jim Rohn Anthony Robbins Les Brown Brendon Burchard Robin Sharma Bill George Steve Covey John Demartini Identify mentors and role models. Make sure to learn from them. You will accelerate your journey to greatness by not repeating certain mistakes. Some of my mentors include: HPA
  28. 28. Contribution Spirituality Relationships Physical Health & Wellness Financial Wealth & Prosperity Vocational Success Development Continuous development is not only about qualifications. Make sure to learn and improve in all the seven areas of life, they are all connected HPA
  29. 29. Operate from a document and write down your game plan GOAL OR BEHAVIOUR WHAT I WANT TO ACHIEVE IN 5 YEAR5 WHAT I WANT TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ACTIVITIES (JAN -MAR) Development Financial Wealth Spirituality Relationships Service & Contribution Exeptional Living Plan Career Health & Wellness HPA
  30. 30. Transaction Estimate Actual Income Basic Salary: ( ) Project 1 Project 2 Total Income: Total Salary Deductions PAYE Contribution UIF Pension Group Life Net Income Fixed Expenses Priority Saving Pay Myself First 10% (Investment) Home & Auto Long Term Bond or Rent Property Rates/Levis Home Owner Association Water & Electricity Home Helper & Gardening Security Alarm Repair & Maintenance - Household Vehicle Monthly Payment Petrol Parking Insurance & Travel Medical Aid Life Term Insurance Vehicle Insurance Home Content Insurance Gym Education & Communication Children School Fees Aftercare Child Transport Multichoice/DSTV Education (Books) Entertainment / Subscriptions Cell Phones Other Expenses Bank charges Credit Card Payments Clothing Groceries Repair & Home Improvement Vehicle Repairs Medical expenses Travel Total Expenses: Net Surplus/Deficit Updated xxx XXXX 's Monthly Income and Expenses Spend = 70% Save =10% Invest = 10% Give away = 10% Embrace this philosophy! Have a budget! HPA
  31. 31. Your GREATNESS 2 3 4 Understand the Knowledge Economy 1 6 Know your Motivational Triggers 2 Know Your Authentic Self Integrate your Portfolio of Passions 3 Focus on Continuous Development 4 Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit 5 The 5th ingredient is about the entrepreneur within
  32. 32. Entrepreneurs follow their passion and attract money and not the other way. Choose passion! HPA
  33. 33. Be a C player - Take massive action and learn from results whether good or bad. Don’t wait for the right moment! Don't be afraid to make mistakes. CA B The world belongs to those who do something rather than just wish & hope & pray, and intend to do something someday, when everything is just right - Brian Tracy HPA
  34. 34. HPA
  35. 35. Be persistent and continue knocking on doors. It is promised even in the Holy book that when you ask it shall be given. They never said knock once! “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” – Matthew 7: 7-11 HPA
  36. 36. Your GREATNESS 2 3 4 Understand the Knowledge Economy 1 Know your Motivation & Purpose 2 Know Your Authentic Self Integrate your Portfolio of Passions 3 Focus on Continuous Development 4 Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit 5 Nurture Your Support Team 6 The 6th ingredient is about the people in your life
  37. 37. Nurture your networks in all spheres of life. You are who you are because of others. Make sure to give back too. Your Networks Personal Family CommunityProfessional HPA
  38. 38. Nurture those relationship that add value to you (green) and minimize those that are distractive (red). ME HPA
  39. 39. “Don’t join an easy crowd; you won’t grow. Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high.” – Jim Rohn Don’t make yourself feel good by being around mediocre people or people who are dependent on you. Take the challenge. As they say “ birds of the same feathers…” HPA
  40. 40. Celebrate your successes in your own way with those who helped you no matter how small the success. The more grateful you are the more the blessings will come your way. HPA
  41. 41. Your GREATNESS Know your Motivation & Purpose 2 Know Your Authentic Self ME Integrate your Portfolio of Passions 3 Focus on Continuous Development 4 Understand the Knowledge Economy WORLD 1 Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit WORK 5 Nurture Your Support Team WE 6 Lets review the six key ingredients. Remember they only work if you put them into practiceHPA
  42. 42. Website: www.joemolete.com Face book: drjoehpa Cell: +27 76 199 0942 Professional Speaker Inspiring Coach Nurturing dj & connector Connecting Email: drjoe@joemolete.com Thank You for ListeningHPA