Gonegosyo siliman mindsets of entreps-2011ver1-ardy roberto


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Gonegosyo siliman mindsets of entreps-2011ver1-ardy roberto

  1. 1. MINDSETS ofSuccessful EntrepreneursSiliman University, Negosem February 2011 Ardy Roberto Co-Founder, Salt & Light Ventures, Inc Inspire Leadership Consultancy, Inc. Entrep10 Awardee, Microsoft Most Inspiring Entrepreneur Co-Columnist, Philippine Daily Inquirer’s MarketingRx Author, S4, Heart of Healing, Buhay na Hindi Bitinwww.saltandlight.asia
  2. 2. Diagnostic Test:Stare for a few seconds at each of the following patterns. Are the patterns moving? Or are they perfectly still??
  3. 3. The patterns are used to test the level of stress a personcan handle.None of these images are animated - they are perfectlystill.The slower the pictures move, the betteryour ability of handling stress.Senior citizens and kids see them standing still. Walangstress!Alleged criminals that were tested see themspinning around very fast!How did you do with the test??
  4. 4. Everyone has different sources and kinds of stress
  5. 5. Job Fair
  6. 6. China job fair
  7. 7. MINDSETS OF SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS ∞Self-Mastery: The MIND ∞M-B-A: 3 MINDSETS Practice and acquire these mindsetsand you’ll have less stress, more peace
  8. 8. Your MIND = your best friend or your worst enemy―You become what you think about most of the time‖– Earl Nightingale, The Strangest Secret
  9. 9. THE STORY OF NICK – Family man. But a worrier and pessimist. A railroad worker who always expected worse to happen... And then one day while working at the railroadswww.saltandlight.ph
  10. 10. Nick got accidentally locked!Since he was in arefrigererator car,Nick assumed thatthe temperatureinside was a freezing0°C.He started shiveringand thought tohimself, “Ill freeze todeath if I don’t getout of here.” www.saltandlight.ph
  11. 11. Nick wrote a message to his wife and family on a cardboard box: “So cold,” “…bodys getting numb. If I could just go to sleep. These may be my last words.” www.saltandlight.ph
  12. 12. The strange thing was the boxcar‟s refrigeration unit was broken and the temperature inside was just around 16°C — far from freezing.But the autopsy on Nick‟s body showed that he had frozen to death! www.saltandlight.ph
  13. 13. Nick’s thoughts froze himself to death. www.saltandlight.ph
  14. 14. ―As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.‖ – Proverbs 23:7 King Solomon
  15. 15. What are the thoughts in your mind?What do you think about most of the time? Are you hopeful? Or are you worried?
  16. 16. Study on Worry: “What People Worry About”40% are worrying about thingsthat never happen anyway.30% are worrying about past,unchangeable decisions.12% are worrying about illnesses that never happen.10% are worrying about adult children and friends (who are able to take care of themselves).Only 8% are worrying about real problems.
  17. 17. Placebo Case StudyPlacebo heart surgeries anyone? www.saltandlight.ph
  18. 18. Businessweek, reporting on the economics of the billion-dollar heart surgery industry, reported that those who had thought they had undergone laser heart surgery to improve their blood received the same flow benefits as those who went through actual heart surgery. I.e. “Hindi na barado!” www.saltandlight.ph
  19. 19. What are the thoughts in your mind?What do you think about most of the time? Are you hopeful? Or do you worry?
  20. 20. Think on these things… Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things arelovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be anypraise, think on these things. – Phil 4:8
  21. 21. The Entrepreneur’s MINDSET M-B-A3 Mindsets that successful entrepreneurs possess
  22. 22. MINDSET #1: M–B-AM – Mangarap {Dream!}
  23. 23. MINDSET #1: M–B-A M – Mangarap {Dream!} What are your dreams? Is your dream worth achieving? Is it going to help other people?Will achieving your dream help make the world a better place?
  24. 24. MINDSET #1: M – B – A : M – Mangarap {Dream!} Edwin Pages story: from beerhouse business to Online real estate magnate
  25. 25. -Edwin Pages
  26. 26. MINDSET #1: M – B – A: Mangarap! -Dream BIG! -…But start small-- e.g. TEED @ Limketkai and GV sa Don Mariano
  27. 27. “Most Successful Failure”
  28. 28. “Everything that wecould do wrong, we did wrong...”
  29. 29. Paul to Timothy : “Some people, eager for money, have wanderedfrom the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” (NIV, 1 Timothy 6:10)
  30. 30. God, if you’re real...
  31. 31. How Salt & Light Ventures became #1 niche seminar producer and promoter We started small and dreamed BIG
  32. 32. Start up: Salt & Light Ventures 2000 How do I grow this business?
  33. 33. Start small: 15 to 50people workshops How do I grow this business?
  34. 34. Then… 100 to 250 people seminars
  35. 35. Then… 300 to 500 to 1,000 people conferences
  36. 36. Okay – let’s go! Think BIG:Araneta Coliseum and PICC
  37. 37. 10 years after the “most successful failure” concert business in CDO…a seminar with 14,000 people!
  38. 38. PICC: 4,000 peopleTotal for 2 days: 18,000 people
  39. 39. My “Miracle” Patient @ Sea of Galilee Miracle: From bankrupt to giving back www.saltandlight.ph
  40. 40. Another dream: Project ―AUTHOR‖I also started smalland dreamed BIG. (And I wrote it down!)
  42. 42. Im Inspired! - My 3 Most Successful Failures - (c) Ardy Roberto 2010. ardyroberto.org
  43. 43. MINDSET #2: M–B-ABELIEVE(Magtiyaga)
  44. 44. Believe because…―It shall be doneto you according to your faith.‖ Matthew 9:29
  45. 45. Dec „99-May 2000Crisis situation – Very ill, suspected to have bone cancer or leukemiawww.saltandlight.ph
  46. 46. “Missed diagnosis”www.saltandlight.ph
  47. 47. June 2000“SLE”Systemic Lupus:Attacked multiple organs, esp kidneys, nervous system, etcVery bad prognosis..www.saltandlight.ph
  48. 48. October 2000My “Miracle”:Patient• Kidney damage reversed• No chemotherapy• No Dialysis• Minimal medication• Lupus quiet since 2000 www.saltandlight.ph
  49. 49. 2001 onwardsMy “Miracle” Patient www.saltandlight.ph
  50. 50. Living...second lifewww.saltandlight.ph
  51. 51. Dream tripsMy “Miracle” Patient @ Sea of Galilee www.saltandlight.ph
  52. 52. Dream trips – Egypt/ Israel 2005My “Miracle” Patient @ Sea of Galilee www.saltandlight.ph
  53. 53. Nick Vujacic
  54. 54. In order to believe and increaseyour faith (because faith comes from believing and believing from hearing), you must have the MINDSET of…Continuous Investment in EDUCATION (vs entertainment)
  55. 55. Don’t join the “Masa” mentality• Spend for things they believe they “need” - Colored TV /DVD• Splurge on celebrated occasions:Christmas, New Year, Valentine (Western influenced);fiesta, jueteng (Native Filipino) 87
  56. 56. Lower/Middle Class Segment • Ubos ang pera sa Bingo, Lotto, Billiards, Sabongan… 88
  57. 57. Budget 10% ofyour income forbooks andseminars
  58. 58. Guerrilla Marketing series
  60. 60. Mindset ofInnovation
  61. 61. Innovation is a process of taking new ideas through to satisfiedcustomers. It is the conversionof new knowledge into new products and services.
  62. 62. Leadership series of books by John Maxwell
  63. 63. Magsubscribe saWealthy & Wais text service.Just text WEALTHYand send to 2910 (Smart/Globe to ff)Simple lang!Get daily encouragementon how to wiselymanageyour finances forjust P2.50@day.
  64. 64. Magsubscribe sa Go Negosyo Text Tips service. Just text Go Nego and send to 2910 (Smart/Globe)Simple lang! Get daily encouragement on how to start up and run a business for just P2.50@day.
  65. 65. * Breadtalk (Singapore) 1st in new category:Innovation: Experiential buying of different varieties of bread.
  66. 66. * Breadtalk (Singapore) 1st in new category:Experiential buying of bread. “Cute bread”
  67. 67. * Breadtalk (Singapore)Started in 2000 by George Quek when he was 46Today does $123M in sales30+ different countries
  68. 68. Innovator:Insect Inter (Thailand).#1 in Insect-fastfood category
  69. 69. Insect Inter (Thailand).INNOVATION:- Serves hygenic insects-organically grown, grown andharvested in a no pesticide-field- located in supermarkets/malls vs sidewalks-Menu :-Crispy Crickets, Deep Fried coco-worms, Grasshopper saladCricket tempura
  70. 70. Insect Inter (Thailand). #1 in Insect-fastfood categorySlogan:“Nevermind thelook, ittastesgreat“founder – SatapolPolprapas
  71. 71. Insect Inter (Thailand) RESULT 60+ outlets Over 15M Baht in sales @ year 100 new franchisees
  72. 72. Insect Inter (Thailand) "I have absolutely no doubt that our crispy, crunchy crickets will replace popcorn as a favourite snack in cinemas― - Mr Satapol Polprapas, InsectInter Founder, 29 yrs old (started with just P160 investment)
  73. 73. Category:Innovation:Budget Chicken Inasalwith Unlimited RiceFounder: Edgar Injap Sia,Iloilo City (2003)
  74. 74. Bring the food deliveryyour customers (OAP) Innovation in store to service www.saltandlight.ph
  75. 75. Innovators solve problems in the form ofservices or products thatpeople are willing to pay up for. (video – subway funproject)
  76. 76. www.saltandlight.ph
  77. 77. www.saltandlight.ph
  78. 78. …BUT WILL THE MARKET WANTto buy your new product? Will therebe a demand for it?Invention (no or little market)Innovation (market demand largerthan supply; e.g. iPad) www.saltandlight.ph
  79. 79. Success MINDSET #3 ACHIEVE (Magsipag) Build character of persistence (tiyaga)
  80. 80. FREE! Text your name, organization,feedback, and email address to: +0920-4106407Get FREE copy of this presentation. 12 who text also get WIN books
  81. 81. Success MINDSET #3 ACHIEVE (Magsipag) Work HARD vs EASY Money mentality
  82. 82. P80M Lotto Winner,Naputulan ng Kuryente."Last Sunday’s debut telecast (TrueStories on QTV featured) the story ofa man who won over P80 millionplaying the lotto sweeps—andeventually lost most of it. In fact, hisfortunes have fallen so low that theelectricity in his ―mansion‖ has beencut off, and his kitchen shelves arebare. (Inquirer.net, 1/29/10.
  83. 83. Florida Lotto winner wishedhe had never won.Family members say AbrahamShakespeare, a truck drivers assistant,was constantly hounded for a piece ofhis $30 million lotto winnings.Shakespeares brother told TheAssociated Press that Shakespeareoften wished he had never bought thewinning ticket. `` `Id have been betteroff broke. He said that to me all thetime, Robert Brown said. (In April of2009, Shakespeare was murdered andburied in the backyard of his friend.)Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/
  84. 84. 80% of orders are writtenduring or after the 5th salescall…but only 10% of salespeoplepersist to call or follow up 5 times…and only 2% persist up to 7 times.– S4 Success Secrets of Sales SuperstarsWinners do what losers hate to do:work and PERSIST!
  85. 85. Marivic & Joseph GoTop Tupperware Distributors ,Cotobato City―No excuses!‖Does Tupperware parties in warzonesBrings guns na lang.Worked from 7am to 12midnight…
  86. 86. ―Everyone wants success, but most people lack two very important qualities: persistence and patience.‖ {Sipag at Tiyaga} - Denis Waitley
  87. 87. Entrepreneurial MINDSET Magsipag… But make sure YOU OWN your business,don’t let your business OWN YOU!
  88. 88. Ask yourself these questions*:How can I get my business to work, but without me?How can I get my people to work, but without my constant interference?How can I systematize my business like a franchise? *source: Michael Gerber, The e-Myth
  89. 89. Entrepreneurial MINDSET To avoid burn out... FIRE yourself!Find a way to make the business run without you. (April 8 story)
  90. 90. Entrepreneurial MINDSET Bottomline:Your business is NOT your life.
  91. 91. Adolf Merckle (World‟s 94th richest,Germany‟s 5th richest) stressed out byfinancial crisis: Commits Suicide (Jan 6-09)
  92. 92. Entrepreneurial MINDSET Your business is NOT your life.-Don’t make business your escape from family responsibilities-Story of Anna (sought recognition from business rather from family)
  93. 93. MY MINDSET I ask myself these questions:How can I work ON my business so that I have MORE time for my family?
  94. 94. Entrepreneurial MINDSETWork ON your business by creating systems.Hire, delegate, outsource, don’t do everything yourself.
  95. 95. Entrepreneurial MINDSETWork hard ON your business inthe first few years so that it canrun profitably and successfullyWITHOUT YOU for the next few decades.
  96. 96. Entrepreneurial MINDSET: Your business is not your lifeSet your mind on not justbeing a successfulentrepreneur,But on being the most...loving spouse, or parent, orbrother, or sister, or son ordaughter…
  97. 97. Entrepreneurial MINDSET: Your business is not your life“What does it profit a man if hegains the whole world but loseshis soul?”
  98. 98. Entrepreneurial MINDSET:Your business is not your lifeAt the end of your life, whatmatters most is the love andrespect of those who mattermost.So make sure that you own thebusiness and the businessdoes not own you…
  99. 99. MINDSETS: RECAP:You have a powerful mind. Think of whatyou want to happen in your life.Entrepreneurial Mindsets:1. Mangarap (Dream)2. Believe (Have faith)3. Achieve (Magsipag, Magtiyaga)But remember that your business is not your life.
  100. 100. "For I know the plans I have foryou," declares the Lord, "plansto prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.‖ Jeremiah 29:11
  101. 101. Daghan salamat! From the Roberto family.+0920-9519618ardy@saltandlight.phwww.Saltandlight.asia www.saltandlight.ph