1b Representation suggested essay plan


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1b Representation suggested essay plan

  1. 1. RepresentationQ1 (b) “Discuss how you used representation in one of your courseworkproductions.”Use A2 coursework for this question as you had a number of different representations compared to yourAS coursework. Remember with 1b you must include media theory, otherwise your answer is notanalytical.There will be a certain amount of crossover between representation and the other 1b areas.INTRODUCTIONState what you made for your A2 Production• What is “representation”? – filtering of images, social groups, stereotypes, ideas, places to attractand create meaning for target audiences. Think “re-presentation”.• All media images are representations that are constructed.• In A2 soap main areas of representation were gender, class and place. Reps were created for targetaudience to relate or aspire to.• For music video main areas of representation were gender and negotiated or oppositionalideologies. Music videos challenged dominant value systems as they were not part of the “pop”genre• How did you create a representation of “reality” in your soap?MAIN BODY OF ESSAYMOVING IMAGE PIECE: Find two or three examples for each area so you have clear points to discuss.EXAMPLE TABLE:Representation constructed Example Meaning createdGender- femaleGender- maleClass and location (did youbrand Manchester asworking class, middle class,upper middle class?)
  2. 2. Reality British soaps try to maintain theillusion of reality through:1. Lighting – selected to appear as ifdiegetic. Light appears to come fromnatural sources – daylight, streetlights,lamps etc;2. Music – rarely non-diegetic. Pubjukeboxes and radios areoften seen to be the source of musicwhich is often carefully selected toparallel the dramatic action;3. Editing - mainly straight cuts tocreate invisible editing;4. Camera work – predominantly eye-level shots. Mid-shots and close upsare the main choice as they depict theaction from the audience’s eye-levelas if they are there observing thescene. Extreme close ups are also usedwhen the director wants to show thesignificance of a specific item or facialexpression;5. Mise–en-scene – soaps try toemulate a very ordinary setting. Extrasare used to populate public areas andhouses are decorated to look ‘lived in’.Dialogue is written to reflect realconversations and clothes chosen toreflect current fashions.ANCILLARIESRepresentation constructed Example MeaningGender- femaleGender- maleClass and Location
  3. 3. RealityTHEORYFor this essay ANY theory from the other essay areas will work, as will Collective Identity theory. Someexamples are below.This table only contains examples for guidance: you should fill the boxes with your own examplesTheory Main points Apply to your workGender performance-Judith Butler• Different reps of femininity.• What gender performances didyou construct and what impact willthis have on the audience?• Use character archetypes e.g. thetart/the gossip to demonstratewhat kind of women youportrayed in the soap and howthey related to each other.• Do the women support each otheror fight? Does this create apositive or a negative rep ofwomen for the audience to aspireto?• Do your female charactersconform to the male gaze?Gender performance-Judith Butler• Different reps of masculinity.What gender performances didyou construct and what impact willthis have on the audience?• Use character archetypes e.g thevillain/the hero/Jack- the- Lad, todemonstrate what kind of womenyou portrayed in the soap and howthey related to each other.• Do the men support each other orfight? Does this create a positiveor a negative rep of men for theaudience to aspire to?Stuart Hall- audiencereception• Are the audience encouraged tohave a hegemonic/dominantreading of your soap? (one thatagrees with social norms)• Do you take into account that theaudience may have had similarexperiences to your charactersthat will change how they perceive
  4. 4. things?• Does the location of your soap andhow it’s represented affect howthe audience perceive events inyour trailer?Jacques Lacan- mirrortheory• Do you create representations thatyour target audience can relate to(reflect)?• Are your characters aspirational?Do any of your characters aim toshow the audience their ideal self?• Do you create characters that theaudience can reject?• Do you want the audience toaccept/ reject/ negotiate/escape?CONCLUSION:• A variety of representations is important in moving image media texts so the audience have anumber of reflections to respond to. Did you do this? Be honest.• The audience’s personal experiences will affect how they perceive the representations portrayed inthe text.