Careers in Marketing: Flux, Flexibility, and the Future

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Aquent/American Marketing Association (AMA) Webcast presented by Matthew T. Grant of Aquent on September 25, 2008.

Aquent/American Marketing Association (AMA) Webcast presented by Matthew T. Grant of Aquent on September 25, 2008.

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  • 1. T e esi e a efo t e h s l s r rm h d 9 2 / 8W e c s: / 5 0 bat rei : C resnMak t g ae r i n Fu , lxbly&teF tr lx Fe iit h uue i
  • 2. Careers in Marketing: Flux, Flexibility, and the Future presented by Matthew T. Grant, PhD
  • 3. Matthew T. Grant, PhD Aquent’s Minister of Enlightenment
  • 4. Aquent: a staffing firm specializing in marketing and design 20+ years supporting marketing and design organizations Our customers are industry leaders 90 of the Fortune 100 2/3 of the Fortune 500 Other Services Consulting Training Outsourcing Translation Offices to help you wherever you are Nearly 70 offices in 17 countries 40 offices in major metros across North America Contact us 877 227 8368
  • 5. Temporary Marketers?
  • 6. The Big Picture
  • 7. All is Flux HERACLITUS - 535–475 BC
  • 8. All is Flex(ible)
  • 9. All Roads Lead to the Future
  • 10. Marketing Present resembles Marketing Past
  • 11. This is a Revolution, People!
  • 12. The Reveal
  • 13. Ongoing and Radical Convergence of Marketing and IT
  • 14. Project-Based Careers
  • 15. You Are Your Network
  • 16. Learn to Survive
  • 17. Convergence of Marketing and IT
  • 18. The State of Shopping
  • 19. Data Rich Environments
  • 20. Marketing, Meet Operations A Sample Illustrative Job Description • Marketing Operations Manager This individual will assist in the management of the marketing operations of our portfolio companies, working closely with the Creative Director and CEO in developing and effecting the strategies for our portfolio companies.
  • 21. Data Management is Job #1 Drilling Down on the Same Description • Data Management: Manage and optimize existing data integrity controls; develop new procedures as the business expands; contribute to selection/implementation of new technology as related to marketing data • Reporting: Identify key metrics and determine how to extract them from the data; develop reports and reporting procedures with technology partners to highlight these metrics • Follow-up Campaign Management: Manage operations of existing direct mail, email, telephone and SMS follow-up campaigns; drive development of next-generation follow-up that the business can grow into
  • 22. The Future Belongs to Marketing Technology
  • 23. Get Your Nerd On
  • 24. Heard of “Social Shopping”?
  • 25. Is On-line Video in the Mix?
  • 26. Is Customer Service the New PR?
  • 27. The Project-Based Career
  • 28. What Marketing Organizations Want
  • 29. Technical Know-How Online Marketing Coordinator Job Description: • Manage e-mail campaign process including HTML setup, testing, deployment, and monitoring of email delivery using a mass email broadcast tool. • Assist with the development of email strategies, segmentation recommendations, and email test plan design. • Manage reports to monitor, analyze and optimize email campaign performance on a daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal basis. • Analyze site performance and create reports using Omniture. • Monitor competition and current email trends/statistics for comparison.
  • 30. More from Less One ASSISTANT Online Services Marketing Manager is responsible for: 1. Leading the implementation ... including requirements definition and project level business insights throughout the life cycle of the project. 2. Design, manage and track ... 3. Analyzing the effectiveness of the customer experience ... and ensuring the implementation of enhancements to optimize this experience. 4. Promoting the value of online service to all stakeholders... developing and maintaining effective relationships with these parties, as well as external partners. 5. Promoting consistency between the various online service capabilities, as well as with other related applications and other direct channel capabilities.
  • 31. What Marketers Want
  • 32. Challenging Opportunities
  • 33. Freedom of Choice
  • 34. Impermanent Placement
  • 35. You Are Your Network
  • 36. More Ways Than Ever To...
  • 37. You Can’t Work Without a Net(work)
  • 38. The Skills to Pay the Bills
  • 39. Learn to Earn
  • 40. You’ll Manage (Projects)
  • 41. In Conclusion
  • 42. Looking Ahead: Look Out! 1. Anticipate 2. Experiment 3. Adapt
  • 43. I Appreciate Your Attention
  • 44. Photo Credits Thanks to the following Creative Commonistas of Flickr: LabGP: Pinguino: Helios89: DodgeChallenger: howieluvzus: wilderdom: flickrized: luc legay: Wesley Fryer: jpockele: pocketwiley: Marco Gomes:
  • 45. Photo Credits (cont.) Thanks to the following Creative Commonistas of Flickr: richardmasoner: jonrawlinson: Matt Watts: Tracy O: exfordy: Spigoo: The Sun Hums: apenny: frankh: Geordie Mott: andyket: Orin Optiglot:
  • 46. Thank You! Contact us Aquent 877 227 8368