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Aquent/AMA Webcast: Culture Club Mobile


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Who "comes and goes" on mobile? Nowadays, just about everyone. In fact, mobile reaches the Hispanic, Asian, and African-American communities more than PC, TV, or print. Are you blindly missing your audience as a content developer or brand on mobile web and apps? How do you get these audiences to "tumble for you"?

In this webcast, Phil Miano, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Collider Media, Inc., helps you understand how you can learn more about your audience, where to find them, and how to dialogue with them in order to impact your own mobile growth.

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Aquent/AMA Webcast: Culture Club Mobile

  1. 1. Culture Club: "They Come and Go" on MobileWho "comes and goes" on mobile? Nowadays, just about everyone. In fact,mobile reaches the Hispanic, Asian, and African-American communities morethan PC, TV, or print.During this webcast, Phil Miano, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ColliderMedia, Inc., helps you understand the current diversity of mobile audiences andoffers insight on how to bridge that cultural divide. Specifically, Phil’s webcastcovers:What are the complexities of developing content and marketing to variousethnic groups?How do you message to your target audience to impact usage and growaudience?What are some examples of successful culturally diverse mobile campaigns?What are the common mistakes people make trying to tailor to these uniquedemographics?How does better targeting lead to better revenue?
  2. 2. AMA Webcast:Culture Club: "They Come and Go" onMobilePresenter:Phil Miano, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Collider Media, Inc.Moderator:Alli Libb, American Marketing AssociationSponsored by:The audio portion of today’s presentation is available via broadcast audio.You can also dial in to hear audio:Participants (US & Canada, Toll Free): 800.945.9434International Participants: +1 212.231.2910
  3. 3. Deciphering Marketing Research Online: Technology, Techniques and Tools June 21, 2012 A Half Day Online ForumLearn more at
  4. 4. Housekeeping Items Recording and Slides Attendees will be provided with a recording of today’s presentation and a PDF of the slide deck Twitter Please reference hash tag: #AMAAquent, when tweeting about this webinar
  5. 5. Today’s Presenter Phil Miano Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Collider Media, Inc. •Digital advertising veteran •Helps advertising agencies, brands and mobile companies from around the world exceed their mobile marketing and research objectives •Previously served as the National Sales Director of Mobile Advertising for AOL  
  6. 6. Targeting intelligence for mobile Culture Club: They Come and Go on Mobile Phil Miano phil@collidermedia.com7
  7. 7. AgendaCulture Club: “They Come and Go on Mobile” Welcome/Intro • Why Mobile, Why Now? • Mobile Options Mobile Marketplace: Ethnic Diversity • Hispanic • African American • Asian • Age and GenderReaching Mobile Audiences • How to Reach Audiences Effectively • Diversity Challenges and Opportunities •How to Mobile Clients StaySummary/Q&A8
  8. 8. Why Mobile, Why Now?9
  9. 9. Mobile OpportunityThe Huge Mobile Opportunity:10
  10. 10. Mobile OpportunityThe Huge Mobile Opportunity:11
  11. 11. Mobile Options12
  12. 12. Mobile OptionsMobile Formats:13
  13. 13. Mobile OptionsTrends:14
  14. 14. InformationMaking the right mobile choice for the right audience Ad is presented at the end Ad is shown on Ad is shown on ad-supported of an opt-in text alert ad-supported Apps mobile websites15
  15. 15. Mobile Market: Ethnic Diversity16
  16. 16. Ethnic DiversityEthnic DiversityCampaigns should be tailored to each user groups preferences asHispanics, African-Americans, and Asians use the Internet and theirphones differently.Don’t make the mistake of using a broad, one-size-fits-allapproach for narrowcast mediums in mobile Reference:
  17. 17. Ethnic DiversityHispanic:According to the Pew Hispanic Center: • 85% of native-born Latinos older than 16 years of age use the Internet • 78% of native-born Latinos ages 25 to 34 who have Internet access use social networking sites such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.Latinos are more likely than the average US household to have cell phones with Internet and video capabilities, according to Nielsen. • Latinos also write more texts than any other race or ethnicity, sending 943 texts per month. The national average is 740. Reference:
  18. 18. THE FAVORITE DESTINATION. Ethnic DiversityHispanic:19
  19. 19. Ethnic DiversityAfrican American • African-Americans use more mobile voice minutes per month (1,261) than any other group • 33% of African-Americans choose app-based smart phones with Web-enabled operating systems. Reference:
  20. 20. THE FAVORITE DESTINATION. Ethnic DiversityAfrican American: Reference: http ://
  21. 21. Ethnic DiversityAsian:• At 36%, Asians andPacific Islanders preferApples iPhone to all otheroperating systems – morethan anyone else• Asian Americans leadsmartphone adoption with67.3 percent using asmartphone as their primarymobile handset.22
  22. 22. THE FAVORITE DESTINATION. Age AgeAge: Source: Nielsen:
  23. 23. THE FAVORITE DESTINATION. GenderGender:% of Male / Female Smartphone Owners that DO(Question asked: How often do you perform each of the following activities on your smartphone? And the % displayed represents the sum of those notresponding “Never”) Male Smartphone Owners Female Smartphone Owners (n = 251) (n = 284) Send text messages 92% 98% Access social networking sites 68% 79% Play games 66% 76% Share photos/videos 65% 73% Conduct financial transactions 48% 60% Shop online 48% 54% Watch streaming content 42% 35% Make dinner reservations 29% 24% Reference:
  24. 24. Reaching Mobile Audiences25
  25. 25. OverviewAbout Collider Targeted AdvertisingCollider’s technology unlocks the power of intelligent, profile-basedtargeting to find the right consumer with the right messageCollider’s unique technology enables user level ad targeting across mobileweb sites, applications, video or any IP delivered Impression.Collider Media is a data driven, ad decision engine, which safely allows 1stparty data to be matched with multiple verified 3rd party data sources.Collider Media eliminates wasted impressions by reaching only verifiedprofiled users.Collider Media enables advertisers to reach “hard to find” audience targetseffectively.Collider technology interacts seamlessly with mobile ad-servers, exchanges,mediation partners and networks. 26
  26. 26. TitleCurrently, Available Mobile Attributes are Hardly Usefulfor Effective Targeting Location ContentCarrier Device Type Time of Day27
  27. 27. Title Collider “Connects the Dots” in Order to Create Intelligent Profiles that Deliver ROI Shopping College Grad Austin, Texas for a CarMale Multilingual No kids in HH 18 -35 yrs old Single HH Income: $50k Hispanic 28
  28. 28. Categorical Collider Standard Targeting Target Categories: Demographic Age Gender HH Income Occupation Education Kids in HH Marital Status Zip + 4 PsychographicLife Change - First-time parent - Personal Finance info - Activities and hobbies - Health FocusTrips and Travel- Ethnic Background - Likelihood to buy Life Insurance - Types of credit CardPurchasing Activity - Generations in HH - Vehicle Make - Yr. Vehicles - Lifestyle VehicleClassification - Non Auto vehicle owner - Vehicle ValueLikelihood to buy different car types - Number of VehiclesMarket value of home - Amount of home loan - Home loan use type - Ratio loan to home valueHome lot ft2 - Type home loan - Home loan Transaction Type - Home purchase cost –Home loan Interest Rate - Political Affiliation - Congressional District 29
  29. 29. Targeting intelligence for mobile Thank You!30
  30. 30. Questions and Answers How to Submit Questions • Submit questions using the chat box located on the left-hand side of your screen. • Submit questions via Twitter by referencing the hash tag #AMAquent Additional Questions? Contact our speaker at: General AMA Questions can be sent to:
  31. 31. Thank You for your Participation! Additional Questions? Contact our speaker at: General AMA Questions can be sent to: Recording and slides A presentation recording and slide deck will be sent to you Twitter Please reference hash tag: #AMAquent, when tweeting about this webinar Today’s Presentation was brought to you by the ReadyTalk Web Conferencing Platform. If you are interested in learning more about ReadyTalk and their services, please visit