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From roi to customer journey success


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CMOs should use accountability to build a bridge between marketing and the rest of the organisation. To change the perception that marketing is a cost centre, investments in marketing must translate to the bottom line results. Yet most marketing professionals don’t dare to to assume accountability on the bottom line results and to prove their contribution to the organisation. Last year we launched the first study called ‘Can B2B marketers show ROI?’, as we wanted to see how CMO’s has taken MPM into their organisations in 2015, we re-visited about 30 CMO’s and surveyed them about this topic.

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From roi to customer journey success

  1. 1. From ROI to customer journey success Shimon Ben Ayoun @shimonbenayoun B2B Marketing Forum 2016 #b2bnlManaging Partner spotONvision
  2. 2. What is Success? Persist Passion Hard work Focus Improve Push
  3. 3. Marketer’s appetite for the customer journey is growing #b2bnl
  4. 4. #b2bnl
  5. 5. #b2bnl CMOs struggle with customer journey and adaptability Survey by The CMO Council of 150 senior marketing executives in North America and Europe. 95% How do we manage customer journeys? How do we know what works? How can we track & optimize results? How do we prove the value of marketing?
  6. 6. Why is it so difficult? Fundamental misalignment of data sources (96%) Rapidly changing customer habits and channel preferences Fragmented campaigns & programs Misalignment between marketing, sales, service, support, etc. #b2bnl
  7. 7. #b2bnlLet’s align how we conceive the customer journey
  8. 8. But, do we invest our marketing budgets accordingly? #b2bnl
  9. 9. What are the marketing priorities? #b2bnl
  10. 10. Focus is mainly on new business #b2bnl
  11. 11. Are we ready for the customer journey challenge? #b2bnl
  12. 12. The value of marketing? Do not have the right performance frameworks, needed to manage customer journeys effectively42% Can’t prove that marketing programmes add value to the organization80% Is still not using integrated marketing dashboards77% #b2bnl
  13. 13. What are the top challenges to get there? #b2bnl
  14. 14. Focus on your customer journey success #b2bnl
  15. 15. What is customer-centric marketing? #b2bnl
  16. 16. 1. Programmes The overall plan | One buyer persona | Central theme Can involve multiple journey stages. 2. Dialogues (instead of campaigns) Conversation with a purpose Set of tactics | One journey stage | Buyer question. 3. Tactics & Channels Marketer’s means to engage | Online | Offline e.g. Webinar, Event, Whitepaper, Video, E-mail, SEA, Online display. Developing integrated Customer-Centric Marketing #b2bnl
  17. 17. Marketing programme – Marketing ROI Dialogue: Awareness Question: - How do B2B marketers nowadays measure and improve performance? Dialogue: Consideration Question: - What is Marketing Automation? - How do I use MAP to measure customer journey success? Dialogue: Purchase Question: - Which partners can help us implement & optimize? Infographic Blog Online display Awareness Consideration Webinar eDM Whitepaper Decision Sales enablement Demo “I need to prove marketing ROI.” #b2bnl
  18. 18. #b2bnlHow to measure success? Customer Journey results can be measured on three levels: 1. Programme 2. Dialogue 3. Tactics Total programme results (new, existing) Results per stage (e.g. awareness, consideration) Results of individual tactics (e.g. webinars, whitepapers)
  19. 19. Programme success Success Metrics New Marketing leads generated Pipeline generated from marketing leads Deals won from marketing leads Revenue generated from marketing leads Success Metrics Existing Opportunities created Opportunities won Marketing influenced revenue Marketing attributed revenue Operational metrics Programme ROI Marketing cost per lead Marketing cost per customer acquired Average deal size #b2bnl
  20. 20. Dialogue success Awareness Consideration Decision Initiate Reach Impressions Page views Visitors Clicks Gross Rating Points Downloads Participation events Info requests Form submits Marketing Qualified Leads Sales Qualfied Leads Opportunities created Deals won Order Intake Margin Churn Repeat buys Contract duration Net Promoter Score Engage Retention, prolongation Order Intake cross-sell Order Intake upsell Net Promoter Score Advocacy Revenue referrals Testimonials Brand mentions Net Promoter Score Operational metrics Conversion rates Lead score development #b2bnl
  21. 21. Dialogue success Consideration Downloads Participation events Info requests Form submits Marketing Qualified Leads #b2bnl
  22. 22. Tactics & Content Success #b2bnl
  23. 23. Tactics & Content Success #b2bnl
  24. 24. Understand your buyer/customer and his/her journey Align your marketing programmes with the customer journey Structure your marketing in Programmes, Dialogues and Tactics Experiment the measuring on tactics/dialogue/programme level Don’t forget to bundle your data sources Invest in education and continually improve your knowledge So, what we need to do? #b2bnl
  25. 25. Thank you! Adwin Gerritsen @Adwin_G Shimon Ben Ayoun @shimonbenayoun Want to learn more about measuring customer journey success? Join our one-to-one coaching session