Lifecycle of a butterfly


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This is a PowerPoint presentation using Mischief Mouse on some of the slides. It was made for the Managing E - Learning course I am doing as part of a degree in education with CQUniversity.

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  • This is what we will be looking at today.
  • Have class discussion on what they think the lifecycle is.
  • Get some answers on what they think the eggs look like.
  • Ask them to talk about where they saw the eggs and if they knew they were from a butterfly.
  • Class discussion first.
  • Has anyone seen a caterpillar before and did they look like one of these, if not what did it look like?
  • Class discussion on answers.
  • Class discussion
  • Talk about the images and what the students think of them and the information they contain.
  • Where, when, did they know it belonged to a butterfly and did they see the butterfly emerge?
  • Class discussion on other butterflies they have seen.
  • What is nectar, where is it in the flower, what other animals collect nectar? Is 2 to 4 weeks a long time?
  • This is about what is needed to be found for the presentations.
  • Ask for other ideas.
  • Ask for other ideas.
  • Class discussion.
  • Class discussion.
  • Class discussion.
  • This is what is needed for you presentations.
  • Ensure all students understand what is required.
  • Get students to talk about their ideas and ensure the media they want to collect fits into the media presentation.
  • Go over anything that needs clarifying.
  • Lifecycle of a butterfly

    1. 1. Lifecycle of a Butterfly Lifecycle Exploration Butterfly Quiz for your Presentation
    2. 2. Lifecycle What is the Lifecycle of a Butterfly?
    3. 3.
    4. 4. What comes first?ButterflyEggChrysalisCaterpillar
    5. 5. Eggs Caterpillars start out as an egg. What do the eggs look like?
    6. 6. Round, oval and very small on leaves.
    7. 7. Yes An Egg?No
    8. 8. What comes next?EggButterflyChrysalisCaterpillar
    9. 9. Caterpillar What do caterpillars look like?
    10. 10. Long and fat, sometimes coloured. 409%20032crop.jpg Sr2O0lM68ZM/TV5aVB1jF7I/AAAAAAAAAvw /e1OO6avilKU/s1600/swallowtail_caterpillar _big.jpg
    11. 11. Have you ever seen……..Yes A Caterpillar?No
    12. 12. What do caterpillars eat?PlantsButterfliesTigersFlowers
    13. 13. What comes next?EggButterflyChrysalisCaterpillar
    14. 14. Chrysalis What do they look like?
    15. 15. Lots of threads woven together into a tube. It takes about 10 days for a caterpillar to turn into a butterfly content/uploads/2011/10/chrysalys.jpg
    16. 16. Do you know another name forChrysalis? Answer……. Cocoon
    17. 17. Have you ever seen….Yes A Chrysalis?No
    18. 18. What comes next?EggButterflyChrysalisCaterpillar
    19. 19. Butterfly What do they look like?
    20. 20. Big, small, colourful, plain. YpIiQEOFN00/Tq5mdAnH_4I/AAAAAAAACn0/ nIc0cOJcAgU/s1600/butterfly.jpg content/uploads/2011/12/butterfly.jpg
    21. 21. Butterflies….  only live for 2 to 4 weeks  eat nectar.
    22. 22. Exploration What can we do or use to record information and evidence of what we see on our exploration for Butterflies? What things should we look for?
    23. 23. What can we use to record information and evidence of butterflies at our school? Notepads and pencils Cameras iPods iPads PowerPoint PhotoStory Interviews (with teachers, students and gardeners) Magazines Internet sites (tell me what ones) Programs (tell me what ones)
    24. 24. What things should we be looking for?ButterfliesCaterpillarsFriendsEggsCloudsFlowersTigersElephantsPlantsPeople to interview
    25. 25. Photos What should we take photos of? Caterpillars, butterflies, eggs, chrysalis. Anything else?
    26. 26. Videos What should we take videos of? Caterpillars and butterflies moving around. Anything else?
    27. 27. Voice Recordings Why would we do voice recordings? To use with the photos and videos we take and if when cannot find anything to film or take photos of when could interview other people about butterflies. Anything else?
    28. 28. Butterfly Quiz Nine questions that you need to think about answering in your presentation.
    29. 29. Butterfly Quizo How does a butterfly starts is life?o What is the butterflies life cycle?o What colours can a butterfly be?o What does a butterfly eat? And where do they get their food?o What do caterpillars eat?o What is a caterpillars home called when they are turning into a butterfly?o Can you remember the two names talked about? What are the names?o How long does a caterpillar take to turn into a butterfly?o How long do butterflies live for?o Remember to add any other information you think is interesting!!!!!!
    30. 30. Remember to think about yourpresentation!!!! How will you present the information you have found? Will you use…… Glogster PhotoStory PowerPoint Wikispace Moviemaker Any other digital media/tools You need to think about how you will do you presentation and about what sort of material you then need for your presentation.