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Life cycle of a chicken mark oisin


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Life cycle of a chicken mark oisin

  1. 1.  Our class hasstarted theproject onthe life cycleof a chicken. We are goingto hatch ourvery ownchicks.INTRODUCTION
  2. 2. HOW IT BEGINS! The hen lays one egg every day.
  3. 3.  The egg willturn into achick after 21days if…THE EGG
  4. 4. KEEPING WARM The eggs arekept warm. Usually the hensits on the eggsto keep themwarm.
  5. 5. INCUBATOR However we cannot use a hen so we will usean incubator.
  6. 6. WHAT THIS MEANS An incubator keeps things at the correcttemperature. Can you think of anywhere anincubator could be used? Think of littlebabies. Our incubator will keep the eggs at thecorrect temperature for the chicks to grow.
  7. 7. THE INCUBATOR We have to turn the incubator three times aday to make sure the temperature is even.
  8. 8.  If everythinggoes correctlythe chick willhatch from theegg after 21days.AFTER 21 DAYS…
  9. 9. THE SHELL The eggs hard shell protects the baby as itgrows. When the chick is ready to hatch it will peckat the shell with it’s beak until the eggcracks.
  10. 10. HATCHING TIME Slowly the chick will come out from the egg.This can sometimes take up to a day! The chick is wet when it hatches from itsegg.
  11. 11.  The chicksfeathers will dryquickly and soonwill become niceand fluffy!FEATHERS
  12. 12. STAYING WARM The chicks must then be kept very warm forthe next few weeks. We will use an infra-red light to keep themwarm.
  13. 13.  We will then feedthem well andlook for a goodhome to go to.FEEDING!
  14. 14.  We hope youenjoyed learningabout ourproject! We will now askyou a fewquestions and seewhat you canremember!CONCLUSION!
  15. 15. QUESTION TIME! How many eggs a day does a henlay?One
  16. 16. QUESTION 2!How many days does it takefor a chick to hatch from theegg?
  17. 17. QUESTION 3!What do we keep the eggs into keep them warm?
  18. 18. Well done onanswering thequestions!Now all we have to dois wait for our eggs tohatch!
  19. 19. THE END That concludes our presentation. Goraibh mhaith agaibh!!!!!!