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Plant parts


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Plant parts

  2. 2. Today you will learn… • To identify the different parts of a plant • To describe how the different plant parts work
  3. 3. Can you name the parts of a plant? • • • • ROOTS STEM LEAF FLOWER_
  4. 4. ROOTS • Roots hold the plant in the soil • They act like straws: they absorb water and nutrients from the soil.
  5. 5. PlANT ROOTS
  6. 6. TREE ROOTS
  7. 7. STEM • The stem supports the plant, so it can get lots of light • It carries water and nutrients from the roots to the different parts of the plants
  9. 9. TRUNKS • The stem of a tree is called trunk and is covered with bark.
  10. 10. leaves • Capture sunlight to make food for the plant. • This process is called photosynthesis
  11. 11. leaves
  12. 12. flowers • They are the reproductive part of most plants • It is in the flower that seeds start to grow. • Their petals are colourful to attract insects.
  13. 13. flowers
  14. 14. seeds • Seeds are the part of the plant that make new plants. • When they germinate (start to grow), they will develop into new plants.
  15. 15. seeds • Seeds form in fruits
  16. 16. FRUIT • Fruits contain seeds • Fruits can be fleshy like apples or hard like nuts.
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  18. 18. Let’s see what you learned…
  19. 19. QUESTION 1 What do the roots of a plant do? A) Make food for the plant r B) Take up water and help the plant keep steady in the soil
  20. 20. QUESTION 2 What does the stem of a plant do? A) Anchor the plant into the soil B) Carries water around the plant and helps keep the plant upright
  21. 21. QUESTION 3 What do the leaves of a plant do? A) Take inr light and help make food for the plant B) Help support the plant
  22. 22. QUESTION 4 What three things does a plant need to grow? r A) Food, friends, and orange juice B) Water, light, and warmth