Building a semantic vocabulary framework for a digital curriculum
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Building a semantic vocabulary framework for a digital curriculum



Strijker, a. (2011-10-27) Building a semantic vocabulary framework

Strijker, a. (2011-10-27) Building a semantic vocabulary framework



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Building a semantic vocabulary framework for a digital curriculum Building a semantic vocabulary framework for a digital curriculum Presentation Transcript

  • Building a semanticvocabulary framework foreducational repositoriesEdrene conferencePoitiers, October 26-27, 2011Allard Strijker, SLO
  • Semantic web YouTube
  • Questions.. to think about• How to deal with the meaning of terms in vocabularies?• Related experiences, research?
  • Vocabularies used for• Labelling Learning resources• Searching and finding• Interoperability between educational collections (50+)• Data exchange between schools and government• Structuring content in Virtual Learning Environments• Monitoring learners• Data exchange test results
  • Growing number of vocabularies (88)• CZP 1.7 structure - LOMv1.0 • CZP 9.2 classification - MBO skill level -• CZP 1.8 aggregation level - LOMv1.0 Reference framework for language and• CZP 1.8 aggregation level - Recommended mathatics (Draft)• CZP 2.2 status - LOMv1.0 • CZP 9.2 classification - PO discipline - Subject indicators for primary education• CZP 2.3.1 lifecycle contribute role - (Draft) LOMv1.0 • CZP 9.2 classification - VO discipline -• CZP 3.2.1 metametadata contribute role - Subject indicators for secundary education LOMv1.0 • CZP (Submitted) 5.2 NME learning material• CZP technical requirement type - types LOMv1.0 • CZP (Submitted) 6.2 copyrights and other• CZP technical requirement name - restrictions - NL-LOM operating system - LOMv1.0 • CZP (Submitted) 9.2 classification -• CZP technical requirement name - algemeen discipline - Economy learning operating system - mobile devices (Draft) domains• CZP technical requirement name - • CZP (Submitted) 9.2 classification - general webbrowser - LOMv1.0 competency - NME competencies within• CZP 5.1 interaction type - LOMv1.0 methods• CZP 5.2 learning resource type - LOMv1.0 • CZP (Submitted) 9.2 classification - general• CZP 5.2 learning resource type - discipline - Arithmatic learning domains Recommended • CZP (Submitted) 9.2 classification - general• CZP 5.3 interactivity level - LOMv1.0 discipline - Language learning domains• CZP 5.4 semantic density - LOMv1.0 • CZP (Submitted) 9.2 classification - general• CZP 5.5 intended end user role - LOMv1.0 discipline - LB domains, dimensions and
  • Inconsistency in vocabulairies• Users • Versions• Function • Metadata• Naming • Structure• Location • Coverage• Relations • Communication
  • Vocabulary framework Dutch Level 1 Boston Water• One master set of Level 2 English unique terms Explain why some people (>>5000) think that Poitiers was a Roman Capital• Clear classification Geography Mathematics of terms Human Chemistry• Vocabularies as Care Electrical collections Biology enignering• Clear relations Programming Narrow Term between subsets
  • Classification Framework Educational Organizational Technical Learning Levels Content objectives
  • Vocabularies as Collections Subjects Electrical English Science enignering Primary education Secondary Mathematics education Dutch Chemistry Geography Program ming Vocational Biology education Human Care
  • Relations Boston Content 2nd grade Explain why Boston secondary education is important Learning Levels objectives
  • Semantic vocabularies• Terms with multiple meanings like Boston – Each meaning a unique identifier – Terms have a shared caption – Shared captions are also used as identifier – Describing learning materials most specific • ID: UUID1 • Description: Boston the city in England • Caption; Boston • Classification: Content • ID: UUID2 • Description: Boston the band • Caption; Boston • Classification: Content
  • Vocabularies• Geography Narrower Term Cities in England• Cities in England Narrower Term Boston• Vocabulary – UUIDA Narrower Term UUIDB – UUIDB Narrower Term UUID2
  • Thank you!• More information – Allard Strijker –