Poster and Magazine Shoot Research


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Poster and Magazine Shoot Research

  1. 1. Poster and Magazine Shoot Research Alice Sophie Turrell
  2. 2. After looking at different posters and magazine covers advertising and promoting films of the horror genre, I have decided to take the photos for both the poster and magazine cover during the same shoot. This will help create more of a brand that people will recognise. I also have a rough guide of what the resulting images will be. I really like the idea of having the composition tight, and just showing someone’s face, similar to the Carrie poster. I also plan on it being quite dark and shadowy to create a more sinister effect. In terms of who I want to be in the images, I want it to be the Final Girl of the film as she is the one that is in it most and who the film is mostly about in some respects. My plans
  3. 3. As I am using the Final Girl, she has to be blonde to go against conventions that the blonde girl gets killed off first. Due to the fact I plan on using close up images, the hair and make up is very important. Hair The hair will be loose, messy and dirty due to the fact that she would have spent the day walking around nature, and spending the night fighting for survival. Makeup The majority of the makeup would have worn off, with maybe some smudged mascara around her eyes to give a more distressed look. I will also be using effects makeup to create cuts, bruises and blood. Hair and Makeup
  4. 4. As I am planning on using close up head shots, the clothing doesn’t really matter. However, I need to plan for all eventualities if I decide to take a wider range of images. She will be wear a blood stained, dirty, ripped plain t-shirt or vest top and plain jeans with converse. This is too keep it simple, realistic and because they would have been walking around all day. Costumes
  5. 5. I am not really planning on using any props in this, but there are a few that link in with the plot that I could include. For example, I could include a body bag by photographing the model in one, a smashed vodka bottle or knife which would act as a self defence weapon. Props
  6. 6. I am planning on using the studio with a black background for both my magazine cover and the poster, as I want to keep it simple and not over crowded. Especially for the magazine cover which conventionally has a plain background. The use of the studio will also allow me to adjust the lighting and create different effects with it, as I wont have to be reliant on natural lighting. Location