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SkyBIM ( has developed a powerful 'Design-Cost-Build-Manage' BIM platform that can significantly accelerate the roll-out of similar projects by using multidisciplinary, fully costed BIM prototypes. The beauty of SkyBIM is that all important building data is cloud hosted and can be accessed and queried by all project stakeholders - anywhere, anytime - even across multiple projects.

- Cost estimates are real-time and generated at the click of a button.
- Owner receives 'digital doubles' of projects for asset tracking & facilities management.
- Collab, our real-time collaboration tool, allow users to attach real-time information (messages, scheduled reminders, barcoding, status updates, checklists, files, photos, markups, etc) to BIM objects in any context.
- SkyBIM incorporates classification standards such as UniFormat, MasterFormat & OmniClass.

As simple as Lego

Many Revit users tend to overmodel. SkyBIM's approach is to treat BIM elements as PLACEHOLDERS for REAL-WORLD PRODUCT RECIPES. This is much easier and way more flexible. Furthermore recipes are learnt across projects which means costing becomes progressively quicker with each successive project.

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SkyBIM - Accelerate Project Roll-out with Integrated BIM Prototyping

  1. 1. ACCELERATE PROJECT ROLL-OUT Virtual Construction & BIM Prototyping Warehouses Healthcare Franchises Food Service Commercial Banking Collab
  2. 2. CAD versus BIM Computer Aided Design • Primarily 2D • Dumb graphics (lines, arcs, circles, polylines) • Electronic drafting • Basic measuring • AutoCAD Building Information Modeling time cost lifecycle green • 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D & beyond • Intelligent objects (walls, floors, doors, windows, columns) • Virtual construction • ‘One-click’ bill of quantities • Revit Collab
  3. 3. BIM is a Steamroller  Worldwide, the foundations for a digital construction future are now being put in place  UK government has mandated their requirement for fully collaborative 3D BIM as a minimum by 2016 *UK Government Construction Strategy 2011 Collab
  4. 4. Traditional Design  ‘Over the wall’ workflow  Work is sequential & slow  Silo mentality Collab
  5. 5. CONSTRUCTABILITY Benefits of BIM & Virtual Construction Collab
  6. 6. Integrated across Disciplines  Model includes major and minor disciplines          Cost Estimate Architecture Structure Mechanical Electrical Plumbing HVAC Fire Speciality trades Fixtures  Cost  Estimating Quantity surveying Collab
  7. 7. Collisions between Trades  Up to 10 percent of the cost of a project is lost because of rework and avoidable collisions between trades Collab
  8. 8. Complete Design Virtually  Build entire project virtually before entering the physical space  Identify cost optimisations  Detect clashes Collab
  9. 9. Shift Effort Curve left  Cost of design changes increases over time BIM Traditional Effort Time Collab
  10. 10. 360 Panoramic Visualisations  View online or offline with iPad, iPhone, Android Collab
  11. 11. Think of BIM as Intelligent  BIM elements are fully parametric Lego blocks  Lego blocks are simply [PLACEHOLDERS] for real-world products Collab
  12. 12. Imagine Lego blocks… • with built-in real-world product recipes & costs Collab
  13. 13. Example real-world WALL recipe Revit wall is simply a [PLACEHOLDER] for real-world products Real-world products Construction methods Estimated Costs Actual Costs Manufacturer warranties Maintenance records Specifications Documents Photos Radio Frequency IDs Collab
  14. 14. Example real-world DOOR recipe Revit door is simply a [PLACEHOLDER] for real-world products Real-world products Construction methods Estimated Costs Actual Costs Manufacturer warranties Maintenance records Specifications Documents Photos Radio Frequency IDs Collab
  15. 15. Manage Data in the Field  Procurement, Material Tracking, Construction Status, Checklists  Specify Project Status for each ingredient Back order In transit On site Percentage complete Installed  Tablet PC worker (Use Checklists to flag any issues) Cost Reports Planned vs Actual  In DWF file, pick a door in plan, section, elevation or 3D  View SkyBIM recipe with ingredients Collab
  16. 16. Example Shelving recipe Simple rectangle can be a [PLACEHOLDER] for real-world products Collab
  17. 17. Room/Area/Department recipe Cold Room 29.78m2 Simple room area can be a [PLACEHOLDER] for real-world products Collab
  18. 18. Projects learn from each other • Cost quicker with each successive project Door Recipe Wall Recipe Door Recipe Wall Recipe Collab
  19. 19. Case Study: 100 Bed Hospital Tracking Silicone Sealant Collab
  20. 20. Tracking Silicone Sealant  In a 100-Bed Hospital Bath Silicone consumption: 6.70 m Sink Silicone consumption: 1.96 m Collab
  21. 21. Result = One-click Bill of Quantities  Silicone sealant in 100-bed hospital: 918.62m Bill of Quantities We know how much there is. We know where it is. Model Collab
  22. 22. Track Quantities in the Field  Reconcile Planned versus Actual (2) • • • • • • STATUS Back order In transit On site % Complete Installed (17) • • • • • • STATUS Back order In transit On site % Complete Installed (112)
  23. 23. REUSABILITY BIM Prototyping Collab
  24. 24. BIM Prototype [KFC]  fully integrated, fully specified, fully costed Bill of Quantities Plant Steel Rebar Concrete Walls Floors Slabs HVAC Roofs Equipment Doors/Windows Collab
  25. 25. Kitchen Equipment Library Collab
  26. 26. BIM Prototyping is Fast  Quicker turnaround versus traditional Traditional Consultants Integrated BIM Prototyping “70% Complete Rule” By working Parallel versus Sequential Collab
  27. 27. Optimised for Reusability & Rollout  Do prototype properly, automate the rest Collab
  28. 28. Master BIM Prototype  fully integrated, fully specified, fully costed Bill of Quantities Plant Steel Rebar Concrete Floors Walls Slabs HVAC Ceilings Equipment Doors/Windows
  29. 29. COLLAB Real-time Collaboration Collab
  30. 30. Intelligent DWF Deliverables  Select anything anywhere… plan, section, elevation, detail, 3D  PDF on steroids Collab
  31. 31. Attach anything to anything Status Back order | In Transit | On site | % Complete | Installed Real-time messaging Reminders Mini BOQ Markups Photo s Files Discussions Scheduled Maintenance | SMS/Email reminders Real-world building products | Rates Intelligent contextual Markups | Smartpins Product images, site photos, snags, progress Attach documents - pdf, doc, xls | Warranties Specifications Barcode Integrate specifications RFID | Traceability Collab
  32. 32. How COLLAB works  Real-time engine keeps everyone in sync Project Manager Estimator Scheduled Maintenance Engineer Contactor Collab
  33. 33. MANAGEABILITY FM / Asset Management Collab
  34. 34. Supply Chain Visibility  Search and report across multiple projects Project B Project A Project Project C Product Qty Rate Amount A Silicone sealant around fittings 55.623m R 14.70 R 817.66 B Silicone sealant around fittings 61.328m R 14.88 R 911.22 C Silicone sealant around fittings 92.549m R 15.20 R 1408.41
  35. 35. Owner receives Digital Double  for FM / Asset Management Digital Double of Project 3D Model 2D Drawings* Collab Product Recipes *Traditional deliverables Bill of Quantities Collab
  36. 36. SkyBIM is an extendible platform • Technology is SQL / .NET Based • Other apps can interface with SkyBIM-Collab Wall Recipe Door Recipe Room Recipe Revit DWF (2D) DWF (3D) Your App Collab
  37. 37. Compare the Deliverables Traditional Integrated BIM Prototyping Mostly paper based Real-time messaging Checklists, Snaglists Manual takeoff Attach Files, Photos Barcodes, RFID Scheduled Reminders Maintenance Collab
  38. 38. KEY BENEFITS  CONSTRUCTABILITY  COSTABILITY  REUSABILITY  MANAGEABILITY For more information contact: Marek Brandstatter Collab