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Planning of magazine

  1. 1. Planning of Magazine<br />
  2. 2. Organization of music artists/bands/models<br />
  3. 3. Organization of location <br />Ladygrove Park- <br />This is an appropriate location as the ‘artist,’ that I am putting in the magazine is from Didcot and so is Ladygrove Park, so this gives the effect that she is hanging out and she is really easy going and laid back which is the style she would like to put across to the audience. <br />
  4. 4. Organization of location<br />Rotherfield Studio<br /> This is appropriate because I can use it within the time I have at college as it is in my college, I can access it during my free periods and by using friends that attend The Henley College they are easily able to access this place as well. <br />
  5. 5. Organization of location<br />Chelsea’s House/Bedroom<br /> I chose Chelsea’s house/bedroom because of the ease. She felt more comfortable wearing the costumes in her house than in any other place and could change outfits, props, make up and hair quicker than if somewhere else. <br />I also chose this location because of the colour of the walls, as she does not attend The Henley College it would not be possible for her to use Rotherfield Studio, therefore I could not have the professional look I was looking for anywhere else and these were the plain texture and colour I could find closest to that of Rotherfield Studio.<br />
  6. 6. Organisation of props and costumes <br />Props: <br />Wardrobe- The wardrobe will be used in a picture of Chelsea, she will be leading on it and looking down I will use this as it will give her a look of vulnerability which will attract the audience as the public always like to see a ‘celebrities,’ vulnerable side. <br />Watch Necklace- I will use a watch necklace in another picture of Chelsea as if I choose to make her part of an article I will be using a ‘time,’ theme, so this would be appropriate, it is also appropriate to costume as it is vintage and goes with the style that is/has been in fashion. <br />
  7. 7. Sunglasses, Lighter and Cigarette- I will use these props as they create a feel of a teenage summer doing things teenagers shouldn’t. Again I will be using Chelsea for this and as she is a teenager it will be appropriate in that sense. As the summer is coming up, I would like to create a feel that this magazine and ‘artist,’ can associate with my target audience. <br />Costume:<br />In the wardrobe picture I will have Chelsea wearing a orange vest with a floral skirt (with the vest tucked in) I will choose this because the picture will be with a white background and I would need her to stand out, the meaning of this is that she is a unique ‘artist,’ and that she does not blend into the background. Her hair is full of volume and frizzy naturally so I might tie her hair slightly, but I will let it flow naturally because this conveys that she is not a fake artist. <br />
  8. 8. In the watch picture I will have her wearing a plain jumper, I will do this because I am planning on putting some of these photos in black and white and I will need the focus on the watch, so I cannot dress Chelsea up in outstanding clothes. I need her to draw less attention which is why I will also choose to have a big jumper so she is covered up rather than drawing attention by exposition. In this picture I will also leave her hair natural, less attention.<br />In the sunglasses picture I will get her to wear shorts as it is meant to be the summer and a vest top. She will be wearing shoes in this picture because it is shot outdoors, so I will get her wearing plain pumps with the costume because of the summer clothing effect. This time I will be asking her to slightly straighten her hair, I still want it wavy to add the naturally effect, but having it with less volume will draw to focus to the lighter and because she will be wearing glasses we don’t want to overload her face with everything being big. This is also I good idea as we will be outside so her hair will be flattened from the wind, so it will actually look like she has been outside for awhile. <br />Another photo that has no props will be of Chelsea standing next to a wall. She will be wearing the same shorts as above and a floral vest, the reason for this is just to test out a modelling pose to see if it has a better effect.<br />
  9. 9. Continued...<br />In Sophie and Shila’s photo shoot there is only one prop used and that is a chair for Sophie to sit on I chose this prop as it makes the camera level with the person and makes the audience feel like they are sat down with the ‘artist,’ and attracts a vulnerability.<br />In the two pictures of Sophie standing she is wearing the same thing, she is wearing a leopard print long skirt with a white vest and fur coat this adds an animal effect and makes the ‘artist,’ seem fashionable by using the prints that are popular on the catwalk.<br />In the picture of Sophie on the chair she is wearing heels with skinny jeans and a shirt with her hair up. This adds a normality to the supposed artist which makes them more interact-able with the audience. <br />In the picture of Sophie and Shila is wearing the fur coat above and a plain white t-shirt and you cannot see Sophie's outfit so it adds no effect. <br />
  10. 10. Evidence of drafting- Indie/Rock Magazine <br />Plus All new mp3 downloads<br />Fushion Chamber<br />Fushion Chamber<br />Meet All new artist, from local area!!<br />Bands Include:<br />City & Colour<br />Motion in Colour<br />Florence + the Machine<br />Don’t miss out on cheapest ever subscription<br />
  11. 11. Mast Heads<br />Fushion Chamber<br />Fushion Chamber<br />Fusion Chamber<br />Fushion Chamber<br />
  12. 12. Colour<br />
  13. 13. Font Type<br />Fushion<br />Fushion<br />Fushion<br />Fushion<br />Fushion<br />Fushion<br />Fushion<br />Fushion<br />Fushion<br />Fushion<br />Fushion<br />Fushion<br />Fushion<br />Fushion<br />Fushion<br />Fushion<br />Fushion<br />Fushion<br />Fushion<br />Fushion<br />
  14. 14. Language used<br />The language types I could use are: <br />Slang- associates well with audience and can appeal to a younger audience.<br />Formal- adds a serious effect, wont offend anyone and attracts a older audience.<br />Informal- language used everyday makes it easier for people to understand. <br />Informative- gives audience facts and figures, can make them feel smarter and therefore better about themselves. <br />Descriptive- helps the audience imagine the scenarios, associate with the articles. <br />Emotive- like descriptive helps audience associate and also gives a more powerful impact.<br />Persuasive- gets the audience to do things (e.g. Buy the magazine) that are useful to the magazine.<br />
  15. 15. Framing of Shots<br />
  16. 16. Framing of Shots (my photo shoot) <br />
  17. 17. Layout<br />
  18. 18. Layout- Front Cover<br />Like other music magazine I have kept with the convention of the main image with article across and a list of artists.<br />But unlike other magazines my mast head is down the side of the magazine and my barcode is at the top, this makes my magazine stand out by being different.<br />Barcode<br />Mast<br />Head<br />Flash<br />Date, price, issue number<br />Main image<br />List <br />Of <br />Artists<br />Image<br />Sub article<br />Image<br />Main article<br />Bonuses/ Freebies included<br />
  19. 19. Layout- Contents Page<br />Like other music magazine I kept my mast head at the top and subscriptions flash on the contents page, I have also included a image in the middle with the contents around it but I have added a quickie review section which I haven’t seen in other magazines before.<br />Mast head<br />Logo<br />List of contents<br />Image<br />Top reviews of the month<br />Caption<br />Continued<br />Subscriptions<br />
  20. 20. Layout- Double Page Spread<br />Main image<br />Mast head<br />I have kept most of the conventions of a double page spread like Drop CAPS, pull quotes and the main image spreading across both pages.<br />Sub heading & text<br />Text<br />Text<br />Text<br />Drop CAPS<br />Main image continued<br />Image<br />Pull quote<br />Image<br />I have also added in other conventions from other magazines, like a facts box at the bottom of the article and two other images so that the audience do not get bored by just having one image.<br />Text<br />Text<br />Pull quote<br />Did you know? Column<br />
  21. 21. Evidence of Drafting- Contents Pages<br />Contents Page<br />F<br />F<br />C<br />C<br />Story 1<br />Story 2<br />Story 3<br />Story 4<br />Story 5<br />Story 6<br />Story 7<br />Review:<br />Artist<br />Artist<br />Artist<br />Artist<br />Artist<br />Contents<br />Review:<br />Artist<br />Artist<br />Artist<br />Artist<br />Artist<br />Story 1<br />Story 2<br />Story 3<br />Story 4<br />Story 5<br />Story 6<br />Story 7<br />Story 234<br />Story 495<br />Story396<br /> story 56<br />Chelsea<br />Story 234<br />Story 495<br />Story396<br /> story 56<br />Chelsea<br />Subscribe<br />Subscribe<br />
  22. 22. Reflection on Planning<br />I have found that the planning section of the project has been extremely helpful, getting ideas about how I can arrange my music magazine and how different colours, layouts, fonts, framing, props and costumes can change how professional, how big an impact and how effective it can make a magazine. <br />I have a better understanding of how to use planning and how it can make the production of something quicker and easier than fiddling around on the actual magazine and you can just make the magazine instead of spending a lot of time trying to figure the real one out. <br />When having something to follow it helps everyone understand better and seeing planning shows how much thought you I have put into my magazine and how much insight I have in this project.<br />Overall I found that the planning was worth doing, was a valuable part of this project and helped me a lot with my understanding.<br />