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Beliefs china luna_intro


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Beliefs china luna_intro

  1. 1. Beliefs and Culture
  2. 2.  China and Confucianism
  3. 3. Impressions about China?
  4. 4. True / False Government= Communist Party? Capital= Shanghai? Only one language in China ?
  5. 5. Chinese Language Q: How many common Chinese letters / alphabets? A: around 4000
  6. 6. Population 1.3 Billion China makes up 20 % of the world population!
  7. 7. Cities of China Beijing/Shanghai/Hong Kong
  8. 8. School Some school rules: 1. No make up , nail polishing and hair dying. 2. The length of hair and nails is regulated. 3. Relationship must keep it in private.
  9. 9. Confucianism
  10. 10. Confucius “Great and Revered Teacher”, a teacher for all generations Lots of his students are very famous philosophers and emperors in China
  11. 11. Five relationships Older brother to young brother Friend to friend Ruler to ruled Father to son Husband to wife
  12. 12. Husband to wife
  13. 13. Husband to wife Husband and wife have different roles Husband Wife • Breadwinner • Work and Earn Money • Housewife • Take good care of family
  14. 14. Foot binding
  15. 15. Nowadays…
  16. 16. Which kind of relationship do you prefer/is better? Is it different in your country?
  17. 17. Ruler to ruled
  18. 18. Ruler to ruled Follow what rulers say Be loyal and respectful to rulers Rulers also need to fulfill their duties and responsibilities
  19. 19. What do you think about it ? Is it different in your country? Which one is more beneficial to the country , company and school?