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  1. 1. GET OUT By Alice Sophie Turrell 140 Doulton Close Harlow Essex CM17 9RL 07714743166
  2. 2. GET OUT EXT. FIELDS – DAY Three girls are walking through the fields, lost and tired. They are getting agitated and argumentative as they have no phone signal and only one phone has not died. Sophie is hanging back a bit and sulking. Jade is taking lead and directing the group. MAY Are we nearly back yet? I am so tired, feels like we have been walking forever. JADE Yes! I keep telling you, I know the way. Look! I recognize this tree here. We are nearly back. SOPHIE Jade. Stop talking shit; you have no idea where we are. We haven’t seen anyone in miles, clearly indicating we are lost and should have taken that path I saw a few miles back. Its going to get dark soon and what are we going to do? Keep walking? There is no light it will be pointless. Just admit we are lost. JADE Can’t you ever just trust me? I know where we are and we have plenty of time before we get back so just shut up and save your energy for walking. If you want to walking back, fine go ahead. Then you will be lost and we will be happier without you! MAY Guys! Calm down. We are all tired and fed up now and we haven’t got time to argue. We will just have to keep on walking okay. If we are lost then we are lost and I am sure we will find someone for directions soon. Now, I hate this as much as you too, but please calm down and get over your pride.
  3. 3. JADE Well, I don’t know what I have got to calm down about… MAY (tired and annoyed) Jade! JADE Fine. Whatever. Lets pick up pace a bit, just to make sure we get back with enough light. FADE TO: EXT. DIRT PATH – NIGHT The girls are cold, too tired to argue and the can barely see much. May is getting a bit scared and uneasy. While the other girls are now getting along to figure out a plan. They can see something – they presume a building ahead of them. Jade and Sophie become excited about the idea of finding someone or at least a place to sleep over night. SOPHIE We need to think of something fast, it’s so dark we can barely see a few feet in front of us. We have one phone we are using as a torch and that will die soon. Got any ideas. JADE We will just have to take a chance and find a spot to sleep and pray there is no hungry animals or rain or keep (PAUSE) Wait, can you see that? SOPHIE See what? What are you looking at?
  4. 4. JADE That over there! On the right! It looks like a building? I’m sure, I am so fucking sure, oh my God, we may have somewhere to sleep! Come on! SOPHIE Are you serious? This is brilliant. (TURNS TO FACE MAY) Come on hurry up May! What’s wrong? MAY I’m not sure we should go in there, what if its not safe? JADE (LAUGHS) Nothing can be worse than sleeping outside! CUTS TO: EXT. MOTEL QUAD – NIGHT Girls are walking round fence into Motel quad, excited and curious to see if people are there and whether or not there is someone to sleep. May hangs back and feels scared and uncomfortable about the location, like she is being watched. Gets pressured into staying there by Sophie and Jade. MAY I’m not sure about this guys. JADE Oh come on May. Its just for tonight, we can’t keep walking and we can’t sleep out side. This is out best option. SOPHIE (CALLS OVER) Over here! This motel room is empty and seems okay to sleep in.
  5. 5. MAY It’s abandoned? SOPHIE Seems that way. MAY No, I really really don’t like this. I feel like we are being watched. JADE Come on, seriously, you’re tired and your imagination is being over active. What’s the worst that can happen? All three girls make their way into the motel room, with May hanging back, looking around and going in last. Now you are also vaguely introduced to the murderer who is watching the girls from behind some trees. FADE OUT.