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Project Evaluation


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Project Evaluation

  1. 1. Project Evaluation I have really enjoyed this Fantasy project as it has allowed me to be very creative, and explore a range of different ideas. What I really liked about this was how versatile the term is, as it can range from real life fantasies to nightmares and fairy tales and I have explored most avenues of the term to see how I could represent the ideas. In some ways I have built on previous work that has lent towards the fantasy area, in terms of looking into portraying darker ideas. However this is not that evident as I wanted to explore new ideas. I looked at different extremities in this project, from conventional fairy tale ideas, through to real life nightmares such as Auschwitz. My Auschwitz shoot I feel was most likely the most interesting, and hardest shoot I done as I wanted to show people what I saw in the realest way, and incorporate into the images the history of what took place. These shoot was powerful on a personal level and to those who saw the images, for me I found it hard comprehending the situation and editing the images with that in mind, and for the viewers they found it hard to take in the horrors of what happened at Auschwitz. After doing a few shoots, I decided that the area I wanted to work on and explore in depth was the idea of fairy tales. What my focus during this topic turned out to be in this unit was constructing a visual story depicting an idea, for example my exam shoot visually representing the classic fairy tale of Alice in wonderland with my own twist. One this I made sure I don’t during this topic was put my own spin on ideas, manipulating existing fairy tale ideas so I was not just reshowing what they are but showing them with a twist. This then creates a new idea rather than just copying existing ones. This is most evident during my third exam shoot based on the well know Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland – a children’s fairy tale that has been represented in various different ways. I chose to follow a darker path with this shoot and when recreating the character. Influenced by dark vampire myths I had the Queen of Hearts bathing in blood. This created a more morbid, sinister character while still showing that it was based on Alice in Wonderland.
  2. 2. One thing I generally wanted to do across all my ideas was explore the use of location more to expand upon the ideas I was showing and create a deeper story. This is something I achieved. I used the forest location for a lot of my shoots which worked well as forest settings are closely linked to most fairy tales and therefore worked out well for me. In some cases, the studio worked better as I could construct the image more precisely in terms of background and lighting, which worked best for my fashion shoot as it kept the focus solely on the model and I could experiment with different lighting. The difference between using studio and a location is evident in my very first shoot showing the idea of fairy tale princesses which took place in studio and forest, with the forest images telling more of a story. One thing I found difficult was representing certain ideas exactly how I wanted them, and that in some cases prevented me from shooting them. For example, I wanted to shoot a Enchanted inspired shoot, but I could not find anyone willing to walk around London in a princess ball gown. Another thing I found difficult was picking a direction in which to take my project in terms of the exam after experimenting with different ideas. I knew I wanted to focus on fairy tales but there was a few different ways I wanted to interpret them. I them end, I combined them all together, the morbid take, the eccentric themes and the classic ideas. This worked out really well for me, and allowed me to be very creative and manipulate the Alice in Wonderland story however I wanted. Overall, I really have enjoyed working on this topic, and it has allowed me to gain new techniques and given me the opportunity to explore various new ideas and look at more eccentric, fantasy based photographers and look to them for inspiration. As I did not have the time to look even deeper into the topic, it is something I may do in the future.