Building your digital toolkit v3 march 2010


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Building your digital toolkit v3 march 2010

  1. 1. Building Your Digital Toolkit
  2. 2. Building Your Digital Toolkit What’s in your digital toolkit? Workshop Objectives: Identify key career development and job search tools Manage and enhance existing tools Learn how to best leverage tools Tips for success
  3. 3. Career Services Resources Tools you have access to: Optimal Resume Interview Stream CareerSearch Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Twitter Workshops/Webinars Networking Events - Schmoozapalooza
  4. 4. Optimal Resume - Job Search Benefit Optimal Resume - Online Resume building tool TCS Job Board – review current position openings here Employers – see who’s hiring TCS students/alumni
  5. 5. Optimal Resume - Job Search Benefit Resources section Resume/CV Guides - start here Know your industry and functional demands; have multiple versions of your resume ONet link – use this to build accomplishment statements ONet link – use this to learn how to create transferable skills from previous experiences to current career interests or demands Have your resume reviewed by Career Services
  6. 6. Optimal Resume - Job Search Benefit Resume GPS Make your resume viewable to employers Expand your job search network and help employers find you WARNING! Post your resume at your own risk if you haven’t had your resume reviewed by Career Services
  7. 7. Optimal Resume - Job Search Benefit Tools: Use the Action Verbs list to find the right action word for each bullet Avoid repeating verbs Resume Tips: get top 5 tips for resumes in job families and critical key words
  8. 8. Interview Stream Interviewing is a skill and practice improves performance! Want to lose your interview fears? Start practicing with Interview Stream: Select your questions (Search the TCS list of department specific questions) Use the self-assessment form Send your video to Career Services for feedback TIP: Start with 3 - 5 questions and begin to create an inventory of examples
  9. 9. Interview Stream Resources User’s Guide Elevator Pitch How well do you brand yourself? “Umm, Like” Guide Tips to help you present yourself more professionally
  10. 10. CareerSearch A powerful networking database of over 4 million companies nationwide. Search for information on a particular company, person, industry or location using a variety of search options
  11. 11. CareerSearch How to access CareerSearch: Career Services Homepage Click on Job Search Tools Click on ‘login’ under Career Search Login to your Ego Account
  12. 12. Discover your hidden job market Use the following criteria to create your own target list of organizations Industry Location – use the zip code radius feature Goal: refine your search, start with 40 – 50 target companies
  13. 13. CareerSearch
  14. 14. Social Media and you … Job Search 2.0 Use social media to enhance your job search and expand your career possibilities! Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Twitter TIP: do your homework and be “professionally” accessible online – you need a social media footprint!
  15. 15. Social Media Facebook Many organizations have profiles Recruiters and HR can use this tool to find or snoop on talent Who are your friends? Consider keeping two profiles Maximize privacy settings Remember, if its out there, someone can see it!
  16. 16. Social Media YouTube Post videos of presentations and/or skills you are using (create your portfolio) Research companies (view marketing campaigns, guest lectures, culture, values, causes)
  17. 17. Social Media LinkedIn -
  18. 18. Social Media Use LinkedIn to: Expand your network Join groups to increase your knowledge and find industry experts Read about hot topics affecting your field Market yourself to employers Locate career paths of professionals Respond to posts and discussions Submit and post articles
  19. 19. Social Media LinkedIn Complete your profile; aim for 100% Keep everything professional Respond to group requests or discussions Use the search feature – remember some users can see who viewed their profile Invite others and get invited
  20. 20. Social Media TWITTER Is tweeting for you? Social or professional … can it be both? Some people tweet jobs Psychologists and licensed counselors
  21. 21. Finding a job Did you know? 85% of jobs are sourced/filled by contacts and networking and are never posted online Start your plan today …
  22. 22. Digital Resources Next Steps: • Get connected and expand your contacts – LinkedIn, Twitter, Professional Associations, attend events 22 • Increase information on your target market and field of study • Leverage that information by sharing with others • Research, research, research
  23. 23. Building Your Digital Toolkit Bottom line - the internet is a public space. Anything you post online can be seen by anyone.
  24. 24. Building Your Digital Toolkit TIP: Digital resources are tools to support and add value to your networking efforts in your job search.
  25. 25. Questions? Thanks for attending
  26. 26. The Office of Career Services Contact Career Services to jump start your career: Aisha Ghori, M.A. Director of Career Services 312.467.2309 Charles Kelley, Jr., M.A. Assistant Director 312.467.2546