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Self Marketing and Social Media


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Session delivered on Thursday 21 June by the Careers and Employability Centre.

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Self Marketing and Social Media

  1. 1. Self marketing and Social mediaWelcome and introductionsClaire Ward, Career Development Adviser• Using social media to find a job• Sussex plus – create your web presence with a web folio
  2. 2. Self marketing and Social mediaWhat are you using for what?
  3. 3. Self marketing and Social mediaHow could they be used in recruitment?• Word press/blog spot – showcase written style, subject knowledge, initiative – Blog and writing jobs?• Twitter/FB – Social networking knowledge/ networking ability/marketing and comm skill/initiative• You tube – marketing, showcasing projects, production skills - Video production?• LI – evidences your suitability/adds transparency/ vehicle for recommendations
  4. 4. Self marketing and Social mediaBloggingBlogs very useful to pull together research and knowledgeSelf-marketing tool• Create a defined reason to blog• Write for on line readers keep short/pictures• Promote your blog• Collaborate and share/follow other blogs/post others workJob research• Read about sectors/roles/ emerging topics and talk about it in applications and interviews
  5. 5. Self marketing and Social mediaTwitter and FacebookLike blogging but shorter!Self marketing tool:• Create a professional account• Tweet useful , unique info• Retweet, reply, follow…For job research:• Follow individual and employer accounts• Read early job ads and sector news• Make yourself visible /profile/ image/showcase your research• Ask questions – network!••
  6. 6. Self marketing and Social mediaVideo media Fantastic if have video content and want to share…Self marketing:• Create your own channel• Showcase your work• Use description effectivelyJob research:• Find employer channel out put , like what they do, leave comments• Make sure your brand is consistent
  7. 7. Self marketing and Social mediaLINKED INThe most important for job seekersSelf marketing:• CV material• Recommendations• Links and embeds• Groups and networks• Search engine optimization put LI on your CV – search on name/school/university/former employers• Within 5 hits will see all the info about you, also recommendations• You can link and embed and videos and join networks and groups• Contact with people you meet
  8. 8. Self marketing and Social mediaLINKED INJob Search:• Use search bar at top – employers and individuals• Join sector groups to learn more• Networking opportunity• ‘More’ button at the top – learning centre user guides for job seekers and students•
  9. 9. Self marketing and Social mediaThings to rememberSelf marketing• Develop before you showcase• Consider how it is relevant• Showcase on CV and LI (you can tailor a CV)• Remain a reader as well as a creator• Be very careful with accounts that are both personal and professional, consider separating the two..
  10. 10. Self marketing and Social mediaThings to rememberJob research• Talk about doing this kind of research• Talk about the effect that its had• Not just that you’ve read about firm on twitter but what this had made you feel abut the firm, ideas you have had were you offered job.
  11. 11. Self marketing and Social mediaSussex plus Is your show case –• It helps you to identify, market and translate your skills and abilities torecruiters beyond university by creating a web folio (or an e CV ?)• Add a link to it from your CV/applications• Brings another ‘dimension’ to your applications (very impressive!)A record -• Helping you to reflect and identify skills gaps, which may…..• Encourage you to take on new activities for your portfolio
  12. 12. Academic Offer --------------  Portfolio Expectation EvidenceWork Personal
  13. 13. Competency Based Applications"The word competency is widely used in business and personnelpsychology and refers to behaviours that are necessary to achieve theobjectives of an organization. A competency is also something youcan measure and lists of competencies form a common language fordescribing how people perform in different situations. Every job canbe described in terms of key competencies. University of Wellington, Victoria, New Zealand )
  14. 14. • Civil Service Fast Stream1. Being flexible2. Making decisions3. Developing relationships4. Having impact5. Thinking innovatively6. Taking charge of your own development
  15. 15. Self marketing and Social media• See a Careers Adviser - discuss your career plans 10am -5pm Mon- Fri (plus 5-7 on a Weds)• Jobs database and email alerts• Briefing sessions- Applications forms, CVs, Skills, Finding Work• Events- we have a comprehensive events programme• CV and Application feedback• Follow us on Twitter/Facebook• ‘Virtual’ Grad Fair 9th – 30th July 2012•
  16. 16. Self marketing and Social mediasummary• Social media can be a powerful job hunting tool• Don’t ignore other methods of finding work• Experiment, explore and try and keep up with the trends• Make sure your achievements, success stories and good qualities are out there for potential employers to see.• Build a good online portfolio, write an interesting blog or get recommended on LinkedIn• When employers put your name into Google, ensure they see you at your best.