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  • Digital Productivity for Small Business: 11:30 Chair housekeeping notes & first speaker welcome 11:35 Wendy Perry to speak (15 mins) 11:50 Chair to introduce second speaker 11:52 Will Irving to speak (15 mins) 12:07 Chair to lead Q&A (5 mins) 12:15 Chair to wrap up session Background music playing… Good afternoon Raise your hand if you think that access to the NBN and high speed broadband should improve productivity? And raise your hand if you think that a businesses digital capability and capacity has a direct correlation with their level of productivity improvement? Today, I’m going to share insights, from my own business, working with SME’s and clients, on ways to maximise digital productivity for your business. I believe that all business leaders, peak bodies, industry, business and professional associations, governments, regional development agencies and local councils should demonstrate digital productivity by example. This means having practical examples and showing your members, clients and stakeholders how to develop their digital capability and the benefits that this will bring. Which ever side of politics you are on, whatever NBN plan you agree with, Australia needs businesses that aren’t waiting for the NBN rather, they are building their digital capability now! Who agrees that there is no better time than right here, right now? You may be thinking, it’s hard to get some businesses to see the benefits of the NBN and even having a website is a big step. Maybe you have said, “we aren’t going to get the NBN for another 5 years so why should we bother” or “my market is local, everyone knows who we are and they can give us a call” or “I don’t have the time to put into a website or social media”… Well, perhaps it’s easier than that. With a peer, a small business owner outlining their approach, practical examples and time saving tips, an outline of which tools and systems do what and getting double or triple the outcomes done for 1 task or action, that’s what digital productivity is for me - does that make sense? Yes or No – over to you with hands open wide. We’ll be working quickly through a visual system for explaining and improving digital productivity for small business.
  • Position yourself – Story about NBN Co…
  • Search – Have you ever really looked forward to a holiday, a break, a trip and time away? Well I’m going to show you why digital tools and systems to improve productivity is something that we should all look forward to and how its much like a holiday in a warm location. Scene State Stars – see, shaped, speech Struggle/conflict Summit Solution Seeding Salt
  • Scene State Stars – see, shaped, speech Struggle/conflict Summit Solution Seeding Salt – online shop has been transformational
  • Scene State Stars – see, shaped, speech Struggle/conflict Summit Solution Seeding Salt
  • Scene State Stars – see, shaped, speech Struggle/conflict Summit Solution Seeding Salt – online shop has been transformational
  • Raise your hand if you have opinions on things that are happening in our sector/industry, state/territory, country? Everyone has ideas, thoughts, experiences, insights that are worth hearing about… Note this down – blogging should be at the core of your social media strategy Have you posted something that got a lot of likes? What’s the most? (competition) – well imagine getting 100’s of likes – that is what a blog can do for you. Now what if those likes could give you credibility? Ping test story – blogging done right gives you the best credibility with google.
  • Video blog and update
  • Teach – R esearch E lements – human and technology S eek and scrutinise U nique content L ook – easy to read and understand T ranslation and tacit knowledge S tructure and simplicity Anchor - Universal experiences, Stories , Activities Relate Takeaway Salt –
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  • Cosboa digital productivity presentation v0.1 wendy perry

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