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Citt national nbn enabled digital economy forum


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Dominic Schipano, Executive Officer, CITT opening the National NBN-enabled Digital Economy Forum on 30.7.13.

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Citt national nbn enabled digital economy forum

  1. 1. National NBN-enabled Digital Economy Forum 30.7.13 1
  2. 2. Communications and Information Technology Training Ltd (CITT) • National “not-for-profit” Company established in 1995 • Assists ICT industry, RTO‟s and Governments in implementing national VET ICT Training Packages, industry training standards and employment programs • Manages TITAB – ACMA approved Cabler Registrar with over 26,000 registered Telecommunications cablers • CITT National Executive Officer is Dominic Schipano and has over 35 years experience in training and employment programs, assisting ICT enterprises, Boards, ICT committees and working parties including:  Australian Digital Television Industries Association (ADTIA)  COSBOA (Council of Small Business)  NBNCo  DST, DBCDE and related state and territory Government departments
  3. 3. 3 Digital Economy • The Australian Government defines digital economy to be: „the global network of economic and social activities that are enabled by information and communications technologies…” – it is an enabler to take up opportunities provided by the digital and broadband platforms • Many businesses are incorporating digital tools necessary to make their business more productive and efficient. • The digital economy is about the activities that networked technology makes possible in areas such as health, education, water, transport etc • Access Economics report estimates that adoption of smart technology in energy, water, health and transport, and the roll–out of high–speed broadband could result in thousands of jobs being added to the Australian economy and 1.5 per cent to Australia‟s Gross Domestic Product
  4. 4. Telecommunications and Digital industries Rollouts There are two major changes within the “Digital Economy“ affecting the Technical industries in Australia which include: 1. The build phase of the Digital Economy is the NBN to over 11 million Premises in 8 years involving Fibre, Wireless and Satellite 2. TV migration from Analogue to Digital Completion date 31st Dec 2013
  5. 5. Govts. Digital Economy Goals The government has set eight Digital Economy Goals that focus on the areas of: • online participation by Australian households • online engagement by Australian businesses and not-for-profit organisations • smart management of our environment and infrastructure • improved health and aged care • expanded online education • increased teleworking • improved online government service delivery and engagement • greater digital engagement in regional Australia.
  6. 6. Digital Economy Models Health • Tele-medicine • Tele-care • Video Consultations • Monitoring • Records Education • Virtual Classroom Multi-point to Multi- point Dynamic Classrooms More students = More bandwidth Business • Tele-working • Cloud Services • Flexible Workforce • Collaboration Community • Government • Social Inclusion • Communications • Regional Development • Collaboration • Access • Research Entertainment • Social TV • Video on Demand • IPTV • Games • Video Conferencing
  7. 7. Today’s major issue is: How can we connect with Australian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SaM’s) to engage in the Digital capability to take advantage of the Digital Economy? This webinar will present us with opportunities in: • Sharing connections, practices and case studies on how, what and where the NBN is working well • Assisting business owners, managers, stakeholders and SaM’s to maximise the use of the NBN • Providing SaM’s with information and awareness programs that they can be digitally enabled and driving their business opportunities before the NBN is available to them 7
  8. 8. Useful Website: