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Best Intranets from the Intranet Global Forum (LA 2014)


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In this complimentary webinar, Toby Ward, CEO of Prescient Digital Media gives a behind-the-scenes look at the best intranets from the 4th Intranet Global Forum conference in LA.

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Best Intranets from the Intranet Global Forum (LA 2014)

  1. 1. The Best Intranets from the Intranet Global Forum Toby Ward, CEO, Prescient Digital Gloria Burke, CKO, Unisys Watch Video:
  2. 2. Watch Video:
  3. 3. Agenda • About us • Quick look at the best • Foundation for success • In depth: the Unisys intranet • Q & A Watch Video:
  4. 4. About Me Watch Video:
  5. 5. Watch Video:
  6. 6. About Us Watch Video:
  7. 7. World Leading Intranet Experts • 13 years of profitable history • Dozens of Fortune 500 Clients • World-Renowned Thought Leaders • 200+ intranet projects • Highly specialized First to study & formally define “social intranet” Watch Video:
  8. 8. Select Clients Watch Video:
  9. 9. Watch Video:
  10. 10. Social Business Experts • Social Business Interactive (SBI) builds and deploys world-class social business intranets, portals, and social media platforms • Focus: Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft platforms • Also: – Microsoft Dynamics (CRP & ERP) – WCM & ECM content management systems – Portal solutions – Social media applications Watch Video:
  11. 11. #intranet2 @tobyward @intranet2 Watch Video:
  12. 12. Slides Watch Video:
  13. 13. Video replay > Watch Video:
  14. 14. Intranet Insight > Watch Video:
  15. 15. Next webinar Employee Engagement & The Intranet Visit April 23, 12:30 PM EST Watch Video:
  16. 16. Quick Look Watch Video:
  17. 17. The Process: Implement Confidential: See restrictions on cover. Watch Video:
  18. 18. Confidential: See restrictions on cover. Watch Video:
  19. 19. Watch Video:
  20. 20. Redesign Watch Video:
  21. 21. Watch Video:
  22. 22. The Process Confidential: See restrictions on cover. Communicate Watch Video:
  23. 23. Cisco’s Five Pillars of the Intranet High-quality interaction from anywhere, real time and offline Secure access to information and people from any device, anywhere Expertise and information location, proactive interaction Easy and intuitive access to transactional systems Web, audio video content that is most relevant to the user. Context aware. Video Mobile Social Apps Content Search, Information Architecture & Social Discovery Watch Video:
  24. 24. Video – Interactive, High Impact Internal “YouTube-like” capabilities via Cisco Show and Share The majority of employees attend major events via video Cisco has over 80 internal live broadcasts per month! Over 300 videos uploaded every month 12 broadcast quality studios around the world and over 1,000 TelePresence units Video conferencing is pervasive throughout the organization Watch Video:
  25. 25. Mobile – Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device BYOD, CYOD: Any Trusted Industry standard Device Global Service Provider Partnerships Corporate and Personal Paid Plans, Strong terms of Use Other 16,429 33,940 12,169 2264,247 1.2% Growth 3.1% Growth 2.8% Growth -7.3% Growth -9.9% Growth 83,861 34,9747,406 1.7% Growth 0.1% Growth 3.8% Growth 67,663 Personally Owned Mobile Devices (BYOD) 126,241 Corporate Provided Laptops (CYOD) 652 6.7% Growth Watch Video:
  26. 26. Business Apps & Store – Transact from the Intranet Cisco currently has 57 internal apps delivered through a consolidated internal eStore. Best of breed Native Apps & Responsive Design Cisco eStore as a catalog of all Apps & services Robust App Lifecycle, selection of enterprise and Line of Business apps Watch Video:
  27. 27. Cisco Maps My Approvals CiscoTV Watch Video:
  28. 28. Social and collaboration capabilities Share information, store documents Collaborate in a community; co-create information Click to Chat, Call, WebEx Meeting in real time Embed social in business process Social – Collaborating in Real time Enables employees to solve issues collaboratively and proactively. Watch Video:
  29. 29. Watch Video:
  30. 30. Users visit with a specific task in mind and want to get their task done quickly and efficiently Capabilities provided for both “official” and casual content Some tools have already migrated to the cloud including payroll information Long term roadmap is convergence with Offers information, tools and connections with global access. Content – Vehicle for Information and Support The Corporate Directory is the number one tool on the Intranet. Watch Video:
  31. 31. Watch Video:
  32. 32. Watch Video:
  33. 33. Middleburg Bank Reflects our brand Icons Colors Typefaces Format Mosby Watch Video:
  34. 34. Designed for Social Needs Event Calendar Polls Bulletin Board Follow or Bookmark Watch Video:
  35. 35. Foundation for success Watch Video:
  36. 36. 1/3 of IT projects exceed budgets and schedules by almost 100% in small to mid-size companies (Gartner) Watch Video:
  37. 37. Watch Video:
  38. 38. Best Western: The Process • Pre-launch: build excitement, educate – Stakeholders – Help desk – Teasers to hoteliers – Training sessions with global content authors Confidential: See restrictions on cover. Communicate Watch Video:
  39. 39. Best Western: The Process • Post launch: educate, engage – Announcements – Video tutorial – Webinars – Workshops Confidential: See restrictions on cover. Communicate Watch Video:
  40. 40. Best Western: The Process • Comments from users • Usability testing • Analytics Confidential: See restrictions on cover. Evaluate Watch Video:
  41. 41. Best Western: Challenges • Logistics with different audiences in different locations and time zones • Unexpected software upgrade • Scope and timeline not aligned Confidential: See restrictions on cover. Watch Video:
  42. 42. Best Western: What Made It Easier • Executive sponsorship and support • Taking the time for research and discovery • CMS solution already in place • Team ownership and project manager • Stakeholder involvement • Taking phased approach to implementation • Communication, communication, communication Confidential: See restrictions on cover. Watch Video:
  43. 43. Best Western: What We Learned • Research and planning is essential • Form follows function: it doesn’t have to be sexy to be great • Control scope: tackle in phases • Prioritize tasks to optimize resources • Communication and education are critical Confidential: See restrictions on cover. Watch Video:
  44. 44. Middleburg: Governance • Executive champion • “Co-owned” by Marketing and HR • Full time administrator • User team • Leadership • Content ownership • Information Technology & Strategic Planning Watch Video:
  45. 45. Middleburg: Content Migration • Completed a content audit • Purged • Created a content map • Migrated in stages • Our biggest nightmare! [almost] • Tons of content – poorly organized Content migration Watch Video:
  46. 46. Middleburg: Technology • Choose SharePoint 2013 • Technology audit • Big decisions Technology Audit Big Decisions Watch Video:
  47. 47. Middleburg: Implementation & QA • Big bang • Testing throughout • Developed and executed testing scripts • Engaged employees to help test • Champions as trainers post launch • Worked nights and weekends! • Communication Watch Video:
  48. 48. Employee imperative • Social business begins with employees – there are no products, sales and customer service without employees Watch Video:
  49. 49. Reasons/ Drivers 65%Employee Collaboration 45% Customer Communications 56% Knowledge Management 37% Because everyone is doing it Social Business Study, 2013, Preliminary Data Watch Video:
  50. 50. Watch Video:
  51. 51. Price 55%$0 - $25k 10% $25 – 50k 4% $500k – Millions Social Business Study, 2014, Preliminary Data Watch Video:
  52. 52. How Social? 9%Full Social Intranet (that have social media) 36% Limited some enterprise social tools 60% Entry level social intranet (1 or 2 social tools) Social Business Study, 2014, Preliminary Data Watch Video:
  53. 53. Employee Satisfaction 13%Very Good (0%) or Good (13%) 15% Satisfactory 46% Poor 27% Very Poor Social Business Study, 2014, Preliminary Data Watch Video:
  54. 54. Executive Satisfaction 9%Very Good (0%) or Good (10%) 33% Satisfactory 35% Poor Social Business Study, 2014, Preliminary Data 24% Very Poor Watch Video:
  55. 55. Key lessons • Executive champions = success • Planning • Change management, change management • Sometimes you get what you pay for Watch Video:
  56. 56. In depth: Unisys Watch Video:
  57. 57. About Gloria Burke Gloria is the Company’s Chief Knowledge Officer and is responsible for the development of the company’s Enterprise Social Business Strategy and its supporting social culture adoption and employee engagement initiatives. In addition, Gloria is the visionary for the evolution of “Inside Unisys”, the company’s social intranet environment that hosts its authoritative knowledge base and collaborative work spaces. She serves as chairperson of the company’s Knowledge & Collaboration Stakeholders Council and Intranet Steering Committees. Gloria also serves as Global Portfolio Leader for the Unified Social Business Practice at Unisys and is one of the company’s senior thought leaders on Enterprise Social Business Transformation. She has authored numerous blogs on enterprise social business topics which have been featured on and in Social Media Today. She is a frequent conference presenter and panelist on these topics. Recently Gloria was named by Information Week Magazine as #2 of the Top Ten Social Business Leaders of 2013, and was also recognized in this list in 2012. Gloria Burke Chief Knowledge Officer and Global Portfolio Leader Unified Social Business Follow Gloria on LinkedIn: Follow Gloria on Twitter: Watch Video:
  58. 58. About Unisys  Unisys is a worldwide information technology company with a rich history than spans 140 years.  With approximately 23,500 employees in 100 countries, we serve commercial organizations and government agencies throughout the world.  We provide a portfolio of IT services, software, and technologies that solve critical problems for clients, focused on:  securing their operations  increasing the efficiency and utilization of their data centers  enhancing support to their end users and constituents  modernizing their enterprise infrastructure and applications Watch Video:
  59. 59. Unisys Intranet Mission: Make social collaboration and intrinsic and integrated part of the Unisys Work experience Employee Presence & Connection  Enable employees to build a professional presence and network and streamline access to Subject Matter Experts and knowledge at the time of need  Establish and evolve Communities of Excellence as the hub of social collaboration and ecosystem for innovation  Integrate social technologies and activities into existing business processes to maximize efficiency and productivity  Transform the Unisys Knowledge Sharing Culture by encouraging and empowering employees to seek and share knowledge in order to evolve their skill set and expertise and that of their colleagues Communities of Excellence Integration with People and Business Processes Employee Engagement and Empowerment Key Objectives: Socially-enable the Intranet Environment to: Watch Video:
  60. 60. We redesigned and continue to evolve our intranet “Inside Unisys” to integrate new social capabilities My Site Elements and Enterprise Search are part of an action bar that is persistent across the company’s intranet. Global Company News is featured in main display screen and allows for social commenting. Audienced “Regional” and “Organization” news and language translation improves end user relevancy. Leadership use of social tools is evident through featured blogs. Video pod casts showcase the latest news and activities My Newsfeed roll-up will be added in next release providing tabs to toggle from “My Country/Office”, “My Organization” and “My Network” views of Newsfeed activities. 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 Watch Video:
  61. 61. We added NewsGator social engine on top of SharePoint to increase the social functionality of My Site and Communities 1 2 3 4 “My Profile” makes it easy for employees to build an individual company presence and to “follow” colleagues to quickly develop a valuable social network.  About Me This section provides a description of “who I am and what I do” in my role at Unisys  Ask Me About This section showcases my areas of expertise and is linked to search. When colleagues ask question and uses a #hashtag the topic, I am notified.  Kudos This section allows employees to recognize the valuable contributions of others Recent Activity Feed  My Organization This section provides a view of my peer colleagues, those to whom I report and employees who report up to me. 1 2 3 4 My Profile 5 5 Watch Video:
  62. 62. The added transparency of Lync Presence, Newsfeeds and Blogs improved connection and knowledge sharing My Newsfeed The integration of “Lync”, “My Newsfeed” and “My Blog” posts provides a simple and more transparent way for employees to share and learn • Post Questions & Answers Employees can pose and answer questions within the newsfeed with greater transparency and reach. The use of hash tags directs questions to experts who can then respond with the right answer in a real time environment. • Filtered Newsfeed Viewing This allows employees to view global posts, or post made by colleagues whom they are following or by communities to which they are subscribed. • Add/Follow Colleagues Enables employees to quickly build a valuable network by following colleagues and the information they share in the newsfeed. • Search & Join Communities Employees can search by topic to find communities of interest or view a list of recommended communities to join. My Blog 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Watch Video:
  63. 63. We launched a Communities Center to promote awareness, drive membership and provide education and support Community Center Features  Search Existing Communities/Topics  Join a Community  Create a New Community Community Evolution & Management  Community Manager Kit Training  Member Activity Metrics  Activity Type  Share & Learn from other Community Managers Unisys Communities are the place where employees go to find subject matter expertise, share and leverage best practices to grow and contribute to their profession Watch Video:
  64. 64. Within the scope of our 18 month adoption campaign we achieved excellent results  91% of our targeted employee user group (apprx.16,000) created a company presence developed a valuable network of colleagues to facilitate collaboration  78% of the total Unisys Global Employee population enabled My Site social tools.  100% of Senior Leadership have active My Sites and use and promote social collaboration within their organizations 91% 77% 100% Watch Video:
  65. 65. Key take-aways from our Unisys Case experience  Utilize Technology “out-of-the-box” -- avoid customizations that add complexity.  Provide self-enabled “click and learn” training. You Can’t Get there unless you “know where you are going” Focus On Culture: “People Drive Success”, Technology is just an enabler Adopt a “Leadership top- down” model to drive change Keep Tools and Processes “intuitive and simple to use”  Create an end-state Vision  Develop a Strategic Plan and an Implementation Road Map  Utilize metrics to measure progress and to identify potential barriers  Create a Culture Transformation strategy that influences employee behaviors and helps socialize how social collaboration can add value in their daily work.  Empower Employees to be curious and to openly and transparently share  Engage Leadership and key organizational stakeholders early on as champions to “lead by example” and to be “visible” agents of change.  “People support what they help to build and have an on-going stake it is success”. Watch Video:
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  67. 67. Intranet Insight > Watch Video:
  68. 68. Next webinar Employee Engagement & The Intranet Visit April 23, 12:30 PM EST Watch Video:
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  70. 70. Questions Watch Video:
  71. 71. www. @TobyWard 416.926.8800 71 Toby Ward Watch Video:
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