Willamette River Open Space Planning Project - Krueger


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Presented by Jeff Krueger, Lane Council of Governments, at Within Our Reach 2012

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  • More geographic orientation: What we have been looking at in Lane County is toward the bottom of the map on the right. This is the Willamette River Watershed—from the headwaters south and east of Eugene, through our metropolitan area [there’s a message in the center photo about retaining a natural character to a valued natural resource, even in a metro area]. And on to the north 120 miles to Portland
  • Provide opportunities for river-oriented mixed use development at carefully selected locations along the Willamette River, with emphasis on redevelopment of existing industrial and commercial areas, ecologically sensitive design, preservation of visual quality, educational opportunities, multi-modal access, and quality of life.
  • Redeveloping former industrial sites with a mix of open space, housing, and retail uses is a key strategy. Redevelopment of the EWEB site is a great example of this how this strategy can be implemented. An extensive process of assessing the best ways of redeveloping this site, when it is vacated, yielded some creative ideas….
  • Willamette River Open Space Planning Project - Krueger

    1. 1. Headwaters Eugene Portland
    2. 2. Willamette River Open Space Vision (Eugene and Springfield Area) 30-year vision Multi-objective Endorsed by elected officials
    3. 3. Delta Ponds Raptor ViewsParks and Habitat
    4. 4. Opportunities to Better Utilize River Frontage
    5. 5. River Oriented Development Opportunity Areas
    6. 6. River OrientedDevelopment Key Concepts: • Provide opportunities for river- oriented mixed use • Emphasis on redevelopment of existing industrial and commercial sites • ecologically sensitive design • Integration of open space • Improved visual quality
    7. 7. EWEB Eugene Water & Electric Board Site Promote opportunities for river friendly redevelopment of industrial property
    8. 8. The master plan weaves functional open space into the site,maximizes green infrastructure, and maximizes public enjoyment
    9. 9. Glenwood GlenwoodRefinement Plan (Springfield)
    10. 10. Glenwood Refinement PlanCreating a river friendly vision and promoting redevelopment Goals:  Improve public connectivity to river  Promote a mix of suitable uses that benefit from river  Enhance ecological function  Integrate green infrastructure
    11. 11. Questions: Does your community have similar opportunities? What are some obstacles that prevent positive progress toward revitalization? Success stories from other communities?