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Adam Hall - slides - Sustainable suburbia forum April 2011


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Adam Hall - slides - Sustainable suburbia forum April 2011

  1. 1. Sustainable Suburbia –What do we need to do?Lighter Footprints Public Forum28 April 2011
  2. 2. Sustainability at BoroondaraKey Direction, Council Plan 2010‐15Enhancing the Environment .....We will improve our natural and urban Enhancing the Environment We will improve our natural and urbanenvironment in a sustainable way.Ensuring Liveability and Amenity.....We will protect and improve the character of our neighbourhoods for current and future generations.our neighbourhoods for current and future generations. Challenges proach • Energy / emissions • Low carbon strategy • Water use / river health • Sustainable buildings policy • Waste and resource use • Water strategy gic app • Biodiversity • Waste minimisation & recycling  l • Transport / congestion strategy • Population and demographic  • Biodiversity strategy change g • Integrated transport and bicycle  g p y • Climate change Strateg strategies • Ecological footprint and peak oil • Procurement policy
  3. 3. Example projects & programs Backyard  Biodiversity  Biodiversity booklet and  community  engagement  engagement APARC cogeneration plant   program Water tanksW t t k Sustainable schools in  Boroondara Eco‐living  centre at  Camberwell Living for our Future (LfoF)  community education program 
  4. 4. Green roof on Minifie CCC
  5. 5. WHAT DOES THE GREEN ROOF DO? Thermal > lower roof temperature p Performance > increased insulation > reduced range of temperatures inside
  6. 6. WHAT DOES THE GREEN ROOF DO? > storm water management Environmental En ironmental > increased life of structure i d lif f t t Impact > new ecosystem creation > increased habitat > noise reduction
  7. 7. WHAT DOES THE GREEN ROOF DO? > links building to the park Aesthetic est et c > reduces the visual d th i l Impact impact of the building
  8. 8. Raingardens in local streets
  9. 9. Many other examples ofSustainability I iti tiS t i bilit InitiativesInfrastructure• Using less energy intensive warm mix and recycled asphalt for Using  less energy intensive warm mix and recycled asphalt for  road resurfacing• Closing the gap in Gardiners Creek trail • Bulk change to efficient streetlights on local roads lk h ff l h l l d• Sustainability features in upcoming major projects eg Camberwell  Library and Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre• Land management for biodiversity along creeks/target parks• Improving ‘walkability’ of local shopping stripsPolicy and strategy (under review)• Draft Open Space Strategy• Review of the Local Planning Scheme and Municipal Strategic Review of the Local Planning Scheme and Municipal Strategic  Statement
  10. 10. Eco-livingEco living centre
  11. 11. A new sustainable living hub Tours School activities Seminars Workshops Meetings Events Movie nights Tea/coffee/cooking g Outdoor classes Demonstration Interactive activities Interpretive displays
  12. 12. Planning f growthPl i for thTransport & access challengesT t h ll• Significant traffic challenges• Increasing car ownership• Public transport delays• Poorer walking and bicycle environments• Parking issues• Limited street space• Poor balance