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A river restoration project within an existing park. The scheme has created new river channels, backwaters, pools, riffles, and greatly improved habitats within the river corridor along with better access and educational benefits.

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03 mehron kirk ladywell fields

  1. 1. Restoring London’s Rivers Mehron Kirk Landscape Architect
  2. 2. What we are faced with: A negative image - a dated engineered solution - a lost opportunity
  3. 3. What can be done about it:Cornmill Gardens, lewisham
  4. 4. Our projects in LewishamCornmill Gardens, Ladywell Fields Northern field, LF Middle SouthernField £1.8M £400k £1.4M
  5. 5. Ladywell Fields, scheme objectives:-increase use and enjoyment of the rivercorridor and open space-reduce crime and fear of crime-improve habitats for wildlife.-21 Ha public park Ladywell FieldsNorthern field was a QUERCUS project, financed by the EU Life Environment Fund.Quality Urban Environments for River Corridor Users and Stakeholders.Middle and Southern Field was funded through the LDA and forms part of the EastLondon Green Grid
  6. 6. Understanding, working with andrestoring the river
  7. 7. The team and partnersLBL departmentsEA – numerous departmentsMaintenance teamsEU LifeQuercusLDALandscape ArchitectsProject managersConsultation facilitatorsHydrology Engineers Design EngineeringCivil engineersCost consultantsCDM co-ordinatorContractors
  8. 8. The added benefits•Whole park regeneration•Reduced flood risk•Value for money•New connections along the river•An identity‘An impressively expansive green spacegiven its urban surroundings, LadywellFields in Lewisham has become one ofLondon’s hidden rural gems.’London Government News 2012
  9. 9. The challengesApprovals!Consultation reluctance to changeRemoving vegetationWhat it looks like on day one
  10. 10. The essentialsA collective vision
  11. 11. The essentialsDesign and engineering working together
  12. 12. The essentialsNot just a pretty picture – it has to work, be realistic
  13. 13. The essentialsJoined up decision making
  14. 14. The essentialsCommitment to maintenance
  15. 15. The essentialsMonitoring and evaluation88% of people asked thinkthe project has improved thelandscape276% increase in parkusage!Volunteer groups in action
  16. 16. What you can achieve‘‘I dont often find enough reason to write to say thank you for things -but Ilive in Ladywell, and since the recent transformation of Ladywell Fields, Ivespent a lot of time down there with my daughter (aged 14 months). I thinkyour team have done an absolutely amazing job. The new design feelsextremely well thought through, and really uses the most of the parksnatural features.Weve already spent quite a few hours paddling in the river at the part of thepark at the end of Malyons Road, and in the new part of the river whichmeanders through the fields. Honestly, you would never know you were inLewisham!So frequently, councils and large organisations over complicate designs,and dont make the most of nature - but you have done totally the oppositeand the results are superb.Well done, I just wanted to let you know, your work is really appreciated.’’Local resident, 24th May 2011
  17. 17. What you can achieveLearning
  18. 18. What you can achievePublications and exposure (The voices of LIFE)
  19. 19. What you can achievePublications and exposure
  20. 20. What you can achieveAwards!
  21. 21. Success brings fundingThe success of the QUERCUS project was instrumental in securing the additionalfunding from the London Development Agency to transform the middle andsouthern fields.... And hopefully further funding in the pipeline
  22. 22. In conclusionNo shortage of potentialprojectsThey can make a differenceThe river as a catalyst forpublic spaceValue for money – high impactLots of benefits, many stillbeing realised
  23. 23. Mehron.kirk@bdp.com