Social Mobile Retail and Contextual Commerce

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The story of how social crm and technology can leverage social network activity, customer advocacy and mobile connectivity to deliver a better contextual e-commerce experience. …

The story of how social crm and technology can leverage social network activity, customer advocacy and mobile connectivity to deliver a better contextual e-commerce experience.
The movie on slide 67 is about Adidas Adiverse Virtual Footwear Wall ( and on slide 72 is Control Group/Titan: Reinventing Payphones With NYC I/O (
Keynote for the Social Media Day Academy's Social Retailing congress on Sept.17, 2013 at LeadFabric.

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  • 1. MIEL VAN OPSTAL | SEPT. 17, 2013 SOCIAL MOBILE RETAIL & CONTEXTUAL E-COMMERCE #smdayBE Academy: Social Retailing
  • 2. Digest CRM Social CRM Social commerce The social consumer The interest graph Multi-screening Digital retail The connected consumer
  • 3. Defining things. CRM is a company-wide solid business strategy to efficiently increase profitability by solidifying customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and customer advocacy.
  • 4. • Sales & marketing automation • Customer service automation • Team collaboration = a good CRM system
  • 5. • Business goals • Market position and (audience) analysis • Problems and opportunities • Roadmap • KPIs • Identify Resources • Outline Processes • Implement CRM system Strategy process
  • 6. Resources People Suppliers Technologies Knowledge Funds Training Execution
  • 7. KPIs Marketing Customer satisfaction Customer retention Social Conversion Sales Service delivery Profit
  • 8. How crm evolved into social crm
  • 9. Benefits of social crm Better targeting and content personalization Improve customer experience Gain more social traction Collect market insights to refine effectiveness Enhancement of cross- / up-sell Increase and nurture customer loyalty Facilitate customer advocacy
  • 10. Awareness Engagement Social Commerce
  • 11. Defining things. Social Commerce is a subset of e-commerce that involves using social media, online media that supports social interaction and user contributions, to assist in the online buying and selling of products and services.
  • 12. 2010
  • 13. The future of social commerce will happen outside of social networks because the consumer experience has been underwhelming and people are concerned about their privacy and security. TRUST
  • 14. Source: CNBC 05/2012
  • 15. Source: Mindshare | The Hive 09/2012 F-Commerce trust issues
  • 16. Commerce trust progress
  • 17. By Ben Chestnut
  • 18. Social commerce examples Earn commission by influencing the online purchases of your friends with
  • 19. Social commerce examples
  • 20. Social commerce examples
  • 21. Social commerce examples Initially Current TV producers found it challenging to get their online community to coalesce behind a single, user-generated concept for the show. But when they provided three of their own story suggestions — including one about a group of friends who open a bar and another about a metaphysical organization that evaluates a people’s lives — the community combined those two ideas into what became “Bar Karma.”
  • 22. Social commerce examples
  • 23. But: too many products & not enough friends is seen as a problem to create relevance.
  • 24. the social customer
  • 25. Social Networks Collective creativity / organizational transparency Analytics & Big Data Deep insights into consumer patterns Cloud delivery Efficiently bringing together value networks Mobile Engaging with everyone, all the time Fundamental disruptions
  • 26. Social signals will become multi-dimensional
  • 27. Segmentation by emotion, activity or interest
  • 28. Strategic approach
  • 29. 1. Scarcity and exclusivity mechanics Using fans to create desire with earned media amongst non-customers (Heinz, Nutella, Coca-Cola) 2. Social referral programmes Customers become affilitates and can be used to acquire new customers (Tesco, Fab)
  • 30. 3. Leverage social curation “Earned Media” becomes shoppable the portable e-shop (Zappos + Pinterest, Nike + Tumblr) 4. Leverage Interest Graph data for paid media Increase conversion rate by scaling audiences using interest-data
  • 31. The future of marketing …must be non-interruptive and non-intrusive. It’s tailored, personalized and adjusted to what a consumer has predefined as a preference, or for which the consumer has previously opted in. Marketing will be content.
  • 32. Display evolution First screen: TV Second screen: desktop PC Third screen: laptop Fourth screen: smartphone Fifth screen: tablet Sixth screen: custom contextual displays
  • 33. Digital Retail
  • 34. Digital Retail
  • 35. Mobile links offline retail to social
  • 36. Digital Retail
  • 37. Coke Dance Small World Machines -
  • 38. Share a Smile - Yawn Activated -
  • 39. Taxi treats.
  • 40. we can target adverts based on what our customers bought yesterday. - Clubcard TV director Scott Deutrom
  • 41. If it can’t lead to offline interaction, online communication will be abandoned. Technology is either a tool to enable offline interaction or it’s an online hinderance to be hacked, engineered or disposed
  • 43. <connect> +32 472 675 692 | Miel Van Opstal A marketing facilitator for mobile social | @coolz0r | Digital Reputation + Future Connectivity </connect>