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mobile marketing introduction


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Slides from the lecture: introduction to mobile marketing.

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mobile marketing introduction

  2. 2. Hi :)
  3. 3. @coolz0rhttp://happymiel.be
  4. 4. • Segmentation, use & importance• Embedded mobile ads• Offline tie-ins• SMS (TXT) / MMS• Barcodes & QR• Augmented Reality experiences• Mobile apps, branded services and games• Location-based mobile marketing• Mobile search marketing• E-mail marketing
  6. 6. Segmentation with powerful demographicsand psychographic signals – By brand of handset / smartphone – By carrier • MVNO’s • Subscription plans – By phone features or phone type – By app preference – By location or region
  7. 7. Your mobile phone is the most personal tech device most of you will ever own
  8. 8. – With you all the time– User History • Call history • Text history • Browsing history • Search query history (!) • Location history (triangulated or GPS)– Access to address book & calendar– Social apps (location or not)– App download history, app type preference– Entertainment preferences (games, music, movies,...)– Capture & share / store & manage digital moments through camera, video & voice recordings.
  10. 10. Embedded mobile ads: some examples Visual ads embedded within the content of another website.
  11. 11. Embedded mobile ads: Google’s suggested formats
  12. 12. Embedded mobile ads : iAdsiAd reaches millions of iPhone, iPad andiPod touch users around the world intheir favorite apps.With the iAd Network, you can reachthe Apple audience. This audience:• Has installed more than 15 billion applications• Has activated over 250 million iTunes accounts• Spends, on average, 73 minutes per day using apps• Engages with iAd ads for an average of 60 seconds per visitEach ad is shown only to the audienceyou want to reach, in the apps they loveand use the most.
  13. 13. Embedded mobile ads : iAdsEstimating the chances for an iAds success requires analyzing how it performsrelative to its competitors and for the marketer in the 5 general areas above.
  14. 14. Embedded mobile ads : iAds Illustration by
  16. 16. OFFLINE TIE-INS Any CTA in a media publication or on a billboard for: SMS AR QR (or Maxi/EZ codes)
  18. 18. SMS (TXT)& MMS
  19. 19. SMS (TXT) / MMS -Track the size of your list at all times (total numbers of recipients) -Monitor opt-ins / opt-outs (compare opt-ins & opt-outs against growth rate of list over time) -You need this to measure the success of mobile coupons, campaigns, newsletters -Measure this: -Messages sent -Messages bounced -Messages received (opened) -Links clicked -Conversion from links to : -Downloads -Purchases -Enrollments -Sign-ups to newsletters -Subscriptions
  20. 20. SMS (TXT) More than 19,000 consumers clicked through the banners to visit a mobile-optimized site for the car maker’s XF line of sedans, and 4 percent of those turned into qualified leads. Jaguar campaign in Australia
  21. 21. SMS (TXT)SMS ‘Jaguar’ to the short code 524827The first message was sent out on December 21st with this copy: “Join the Jaguar Platinum Celebration. Test drive a 2011 Jaguar: or reply DRIVE + ZIP. Data rates apply. Optout send STOP.”Notice the message is 159 characters long, to fit in one text message. However, if theywould have eliminated empty spaces and used a URL shortening service like,there would have been an additional 21 characters to say something even nicer: “Join the Jaguar Platinum Celebration! Test drive a delicious 2011 Jaguar: or reply DRIVE+ZIP to sign up. Data rates apply. Optout:send STOP”The link points to a mobile sign-up form to enlist for a test drive, the applicationprocedures are kept as simple as possible.
  22. 22. SMS (TXT) The test drive page enabled visitors to either click to call a Jaguar representative or enter their full name and mobile number to set up a test drive via SMS. Users can also opt-in for updates from the brand.
  23. 23. SMS (TXT) for a cause
  24. 24. SMS (TXT) for a cause text “Haiti” to 90999 to send a $10 donation to the Red Cross Red Cross Raises $5,000,000+ for Haiti Through Text Message Campaign
  25. 25. SMS (TXT) loves television Televoting Matchmaker SMS Games Ringtones Astro QotDs Wallpapers Screensavers Games
  26. 26. MMS Multimedia Message Service (MMS) Extension of SMS, but with WAP encoding audio video timed slideshows text images Issue: mobile carriers charge for sending + receiving and that costs up to 15 times as much as an SMS
  27. 27. SMS (TXT)/MMS Terms & Conditions 1. In addition to any entry, submission, subscription or other fee of which you are notified, your carriers standard messaging rates apply to your entry or submission message, our confirmation and all subsequent SMS correspondence. 2. We will not be liable for any delays in the receipt of any SMS messages as delivery is subject to effective transmission from your network operator. SMS message services are provided on an as is basis. 3. Data obtained from you in connection with this SMS service may include your cell phone number, your carriers name, and the date, time and content of your messages. We may use this information to contact you and to provide the services you request from us. 4. If at any time now or in the future, you elect to cancel your subscription of *product* SMS Alerts, you can unsubscribe at any time by texting STOP to #number. By subscribing, you consent to receiving, from time to time, further text messages from us which may include offers from us, our affiliates and partners. 5. No refunds for your early cancellation of *company* SMS Services. 6. The text service is available to all major carriers. 7. For support please click *link*
  28. 28. BARCODES &QR
  29. 29. QR QR Codes are all about the relaying of information and getting the customer to perform an action. Sometimes that action is simply scanning the code and enjoying its content. But here are some other things that QR Codes can do: • Direct people to a URL • Give people an email address • Give people a phone number • Give a message (menu specials) • Give a VCard • Give a text to send • Link to a YouTube video • Link to a Google Map • Link to GeoPOI NEED: QR Scanner (free app)
  30. 30. QR
  31. 31. BARCODES product identification/registration customer identification/registration
  32. 32. BARCODES (EAN-13)
  33. 33. BARCODES (UPC-A) Codes of the Number System Character: 0 - Standard UPC number. 1 - Reserved. 2 - Random weight items like fruits, vegetables, and meats, etc. 3 - Pharmaceuticals 4 - In-store code for retailers. 5 - Coupons 6 - Standard UPC number. 7 - Standard UPC number. 8 - Reserved. 9 - Reserved.
  35. 35. Augmented Reality Live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. There’s an app for that!
  36. 36. Augmented Reality Browser When a user opens a Layar Vision layer, the image fingerprint corresponding to the reference image IDs for that layer will be loaded for the client Here’s what you can do with Layar AR: Support 3D models Support animated augments Sharing to Facebook, Twitter, other social networks Layer actions: Call - Email – Share – URL - (other dev coded actions) Audio + Video trigger Geo-tag objects for location-based game-play & local services
  37. 37. Augmented Reality
  38. 38. Augmented Reality Top right: Nearby points, in real-time. Moves + works like a compass Dots in your screen mark GeoPOIs (Geolocated Points-of-Interest) Can be of any color or shape.
  40. 40. Branded games on mobile58% say it is important for brands to be fun and playful.• Light social gamers still interact 3 hours per week with their social games.• Medium social gamers play up to 10 hours.• Heavy social gamers starts as of 10 hours per week.
  41. 41. Branded mobile apps
  42. 42. Branded games on mobile
  44. 44. Location-based Mobile Marketing Getting people to the stores (CPPoF – Cost per pair of feet) Advantages of Proximity Marketing (dixit Robert McCourtney, Metamend) A captured target Increased impulse buying Development of 1-2-1 relationship marketing Direct marketing spending effectiveness Psychological nurturing Increased ROI
  45. 45. Location-based Mobile MarketingChannels: Wi-Fi Bluetooth InfraRed NFC RFID UWB
  46. 46. Location-based Mobile Marketing
  47. 47. Location-based Mobile Marketing
  48. 48. Location-based Mobile Marketing Check-in marketing Couponing, ticketing & loyalty Digital proximity, impulse buying
  50. 50. Mobile Search Marketing The Architect Site performance is critical (and device compatibility too) The information people search for usually informs an immediate purchase decision mSEO targeting long-tail keywords do AdWords keyword research the Google phone thing mobile search engines
  52. 52. 66% :)Once a day.
  53. 53. IDEA
  54. 54. Case: Martini Mobile Activation Plan Briefing (confidential): Engage with the target audience Challenge them Gaming concept & triggers Modern technology Social factor
  55. 55. Case: Martini Mobile Activation Plan Mechanism: 1. Find the locations 2. Unlock the content 3. Enjoy the benefits 4. Share with friends 5. Get lucky  Learn how to get lucky, chase your dreams & desires. QR content on posters (discount coupons) AR content to find bars QR/AR content on coasters + POS in bars: Multimedia Social Tips Instant group discounts Loyalty rewards
  56. 56. Case: Martini Mobile Activation Plan Multimedia Content: Unlock The TV Commercials Unlock special videos & trailers Unlock The Ringtones Learn The Skill (DIY video tutorials) learn to fold a rose from a bar napkin learn to make the perfect coctail the five best conversation starters … Always state the amount of content, so they know how many to collect.
  57. 57. Case: Martini Mobile Activation Plan Scan the red dot + unlock challenge invite 3 friends to join you within the hour, get a free Martini Bar-Tour: take your 3 friends to 3 bars, get 3 free Martinis Bar-Streaker: 5 bars on a night, get a free glass Optional: tie-in with 4Square to track the check-ins + friendship relations
  58. 58. Case: Martini Mobile Activation Plan Loyalty Rewards: Unlocking all items from a category Unlocking all items Visiting all participating bars Joining all social channels Participating for the first time Participating for the 3rd time Participating for the 5th time Participating for the 10th time Power user bonus Shared with a social network bonus. POS items as collector items?
  59. 59. Case: Martini Mobile Activation Plan Digital Channels: 1. Facebook Campaign Page 2. Foursquare Bar Locations 3. YouTube Dedicated Channel 4. Mobile website, microsite 5. Campaign landing page 6. Campaign website 7. Layar AR content map Tie-ins: 1. Commercial 2. Bar flyers, posters, POS 3. Website 4. Banner campaign 5. SEA 6. Facebook Ads
  60. 60. Thanks!