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Google 2014 - Tips, Tricks,and Tutorials was presented to staff in the Ottawa Catholic School Board on March 1, 2014.

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  • Presentation for educators and staff in the Ottawa Catholic School Board – Google SummitMarch 1, 2014
  • Learning GoalsBy the end of this session youwill:have a betterunderstanding of Google tools;know somethingthat the « techie » atyourschooldoesn’t know;learnat least one tool/idea to saveyou time and/or to help yourstudents in theirlearningprocess
  • Rapid Fire – mention that in 60 minutes we can’t cover the A-Z of Google, and we will leave some big topics like Google Sites and Maps, but there are other sessions dedicated to that
  • Show where the sound file came fromNote the images are live and will take you to YouTube Audio library with free music downloads
  • While there – mention the built in YouTube video editor with music and sample videos
  • First image is a joke – picture of current Director and Deputy Director of the Ottawa CatholicSchoolBoardSecond image is of the founders – Larry Page and Sergey Brin
  • DemoSearch for nameof someone and see resulting imagesNow show how to pick one of the images and drag and drop into the search box to find similar imagesSearch for obscure art and then drag and drop and find out more about the photo
  • DemoShow video clip of voice searchDo some voice searches at the computer – mention that there is no special equipment being used, just a regular laptop and using the built in laptop microphone Ask them to think about how students could use this feature, especially those with difficulty typingSamples to show:“Timer 10 seconds”“What is the current time”“What time is it in Vancouver”“How did the Ottawa Senators do in their last game”“Define Hegemony”“What is the temperature”“What is the temperature in Naples Florida”“10 pounds in kilograms”“-10 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit”“What is 501 times 4”Mention same feature on phone and no hands required when you say OK Google followed by the search query
  • Sample: Differentiated Instruction“Differentiated instruction”Show advanced searchShow date sortShow reading levelShow “differentiated instruction” filetype:pdfShow “differentiated instruction” filetype:pptShow Adding Fractions – choose AppsShow Flight finderShow Define: “differentiated instruction”Safesearch: breast cancerSearch within a number range iphone 4s $200...$400 and then site:.caMovie: K2G3R4
  • DemoShow that in our Board they can find number and location of any employee – school numberThis will not show personal information or home information, just the employee name and the work location and the work address and work phone number- Example is a teacher at St. Joseph HS
  • DemoWorkflowCalendar – show ability to select any range of days to displayRequest a coworkers calendarSelect common calendars – ie Canadian Holidays without having to enter them all yourselfAdd a sport team schedule, ie. Your favourite NHL hockey team’s scheduleShow quick add for calendar entriesShow how to add the weather automatically to your calendarTasksShow how to display tasksShow how to clear completed tasksShow how to have a task appear on the calendar on the due dateGmailShow how to click More to add email to the task listShow how to find the related email from the task listShow Gmail Labs to allow a 30 second un-send feature to Gmail
  • Mention the power of Google Drive and the purpose of cloud storageShow quick demo of how easy it is to create a form and have auto spreadsheet generated with live dataShow how to choose who to share the spreadsheet results with
  • Show Chrome Extensions and Chrome AppsHow to find the extensions (Chrome Extensions)Popularity – but only keep active those that you find that you are usingShow Chrome Web Store and Collections for education and panelAKA SwitcherAwesome new tab pageGoogle URL shortenerIE Based TabMX Hero toolboxYouTube OptionsPicMonkeyDo a demo of visiting a web page with photos and then selecting on the PicMonkey extension to manipulate the image
  • Options:VoiceType textURLUpload fileGive example of using this on a mobile phone when visiting another countryMention that although it is not 100% accurate it can still be a useful prompt and starting point in French, so teachers should not be so quick to discount it, view it as a teaching aid, not as a replacement for teaching language
  • Show link to Google TrendsMention that this shows the current search trends for various countries and a summary for the previous year
  • Show link and two examples, dead sea scrolls, and art project
  • Mention that this is a social action initiative of Google and give example of Google Constitue where the Constitutions of every Country in the World are being posted.Another sample is the mapping of known human trafficking sites around the world
  • Demo Google News sorted by Country and sorted by Language
  • Demo of how to use Google Alerts for your name and your schoolShow options of what to include, and how often to send results
  • Sample of Google Custom Search – only Canadian Government SourcesShow sample search for some Canadian legislation
  • Mention that Goofram is not part of Google but it is a custom searchWolfram Alpha comparison to Google searchShow how Wolfram Alpha handles a word problemLink to image goes to a pre-selected example
  • Show demo of newspapers archive as part of Google newsTalk about the value of higher order activity such as compare or contrast as opposed to a simple activity of cutting and pasting from a current newspaper (physical or electronic)
  • Demo Google scholar and mention source of academic journals
  • Demo Google Keep as one quick way to have notes stored on DriveI use evernote
  • Give examples of hangouts happening in our Board
  • Explain Connected Classrooms and virtual field tripsShow calendar of events and mention ability to choose archived field trips
  • Explain Google Panoramio and photos geotagged for locationMention that when they entered the room today Google Panoramio was used to show a slideshow of images around the world while relaxing music was being played from YouTube Audio playlist
  • New – Google Maps Gallery just released and potential to combine Google Earth and dataShow example of lights at night seen from space and the differences between geographical areas
  • Mention that beyond YouTube cute kitten videos there are educational optionsOption of subscribing to channels and links for teachers and similar interests
  • If really wanted Google A-Z – here is oneMention TCEA and for $40-$60 memberships and expanded learningExcellent conference in Feb in Texas (I have not been)
  • Ask the Gooru – one of my ways of staying current – subscribe to their distribution list
  • Google has their own training pages and certificationsJoin Google Communities
  • Google offers free online courses- March Break bored?
  • This is where I keep all of the resources that I come acrossCould be any interest but I use it for educational technology and leadershipShow how to use the filter button in ScoopIt to look for posts other than Google, give example of guides, twitter, maps, etc.
  • Thank the participants for giving of their time and remindthemthattheydon’t have know everything, and theydon’t have to visitevery site mentioned, but picksome areas of interest and explore – Inquirylearning.
  • Google 2014 - Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

    1. 1. Google - 2014 Quick Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials
    2. 2. Learning Goals • By the end of this session you will: • have a better understanding of Google tools; • know something that the « techie » at your school doesn’t know; • learn at least one tool/idea to save you time and/or to help your students in their learning process.
    3. 3. Rapid Fire Session
    4. 4. YouTube Free Audio Library
    5. 5. You Tube Video Editor How to Use Video Editor Tutorial – Video Editor
    6. 6. Google Trivia
    7. 7. Google Trivia! • Name the two founders of Google?
    8. 8. Google Image Search How to Search by Image in Google Search
    9. 9. Google Voice Search “OK Google” Hands-free Mobile Search How to search by Voice
    10. 10. Google Search Google Search Features Voice Search Google Search Forum
    11. 11. Google Trivia
    12. 12. Google Trivia! • What is Google’s mission? Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.
    13. 13. Google OCSB contacts Google Contacts Tutorial
    14. 14. Google Calendar Calendar Tutorial Google Tasks Calendar Tips
    15. 15. Google Drive Drive Tutorial Google Drive Gooru Getting Started
    16. 16. Google Trivia
    17. 17. Google Trivia! • What was Google originally called? BackRub
    18. 18. Chrome Browser How exciting can a Browser be? Chrome Extensions Recommended Extensions
    19. 19. Google Translate How exciting can a Browser be? How to use Google Translate
    20. 20. Google Trivia
    21. 21. Google Trivia! • What was Google’s first tweet? Google's first ever Tweet in February 2009 read: "I'm 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010." For anyone not fluent in binary, it reads: "I'm feeling lucky."
    22. 22. Google Trends Google Trends tutorial How to Use Google Trends
    23. 23. Google Cultural Institute Cultural Institute Dead Sea Scrolls Art Project
    24. 24. Google Trivia
    25. 25. Google Trivia! • What is the nickname of Google’s California headquarters? The Googleplex
    26. 26. Google Ideas Connecting experts, users, and engineers around critical issues Google Constitute Human Trafficking
    27. 27. Google Trivia
    28. 28. Google Trivia! • How many zeros are there in a Googol? A Googol is the number 1 followed by 100 zeros
    29. 29. Google News Google News tutorial Google News Help
    30. 30. Google Alerts What are Google Alerts Google Alerts Tutorial
    31. 31. Google Custom Searches How to create a custom search Custom Search tutorial
    32. 32. Custom Search example Wolfram Alpha Search Comparison Search
    33. 33. Newspapers Archive Ottawa Citizen – July 30, 1820 Researching newspapers using Google Newspaper archives
    34. 34. Google Scholar How to Use Scholar Google Resources Scholar Search
    35. 35. Google Keep Google Keep explained Why use Google Keep
    36. 36. Google Trivia
    37. 37. Google Trivia! • What does Google use to cut the grass at its U.S. main site? The operation of 200 goats (plus herder and a border collie) is kind to the environment, and as Google puts it: "A lot cuter to watch than lawn mowers.
    38. 38. Google Hangouts Connect with: •Other Teachers •Guest Speakers •Other Classes Hangouts Guide Hangouts Resources Hangouts Calendar
    39. 39. Connected Classrooms Virtual Field Trips Connecting Students
    40. 40. Google Panoramio A community for exploring places around the world through photography What is Panoramio Panoramio Community
    41. 41. Google Maps Gallery Combining Google Maps with Institutional data Sample Maps Gallery – Earth at Night
    42. 42. YouTube Video in Education Video Curriculum YouTube for Teachers
    43. 43. Google A-Z Resources A Great Google Site with examples of Google A-Z (some discontinued applications)
    44. 44. Ask The Gooru Google Apps Training Videos
    45. 45. Google For Education Docs & Drive Gmail Sites Calendar Chrome Search YouTube Google Maps Chromebooks Google Play Google Apps Digital Literacy Learn / Apply in Class Additional Google Resources Google Communities
    46. 46. Free Online Courses Internet 101 Google Apps Gmail for Educators Google Drive for Educators Chrome and Chromebooks for Education Gmail Drive Google Apps Google How To
    47. 47. My Google Resources iGeneration – 21st Century Education Site Twitter iGeneration – 21st Century Education Resources are updated on a daily basis
    48. 48. Google Trivia
    49. 49. Google Trivia! • How many searches are there per day on Google Approximately 6 Billion searches per day!
    50. 50. Thank You for being part of the OCSB @TDOttawa