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Small i leadership


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This presentation focused on what "Small i Leadership means". It outlines that everyone can be a leader, not just those with position or title. The presentation is based on the book "The little book of leadership".

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Small i leadership

  1. 1. Small “i” Leadership Where do you fit in?February 2013T. D’Amico
  2. 2. Learning GoalsBy the end of this presentation youshould have a better understanding of: Your Personal view of Leadership Small “i” vs Big “L” Leadership What it means to be a Leader Online Leadership Resources
  3. 3. Visit the Leadership Hub
  4. 4. Presentation based on…
  5. 5. SlideshareLeadership Presentations
  6. 6. Your Turn
  7. 7. List 1: Good bosses = good things done to youList 2: Bad bosses = bad things done to you
  8. 8. Share your perspective Good vs. Bad Leaders
  9. 9. A Leader is…
  10. 10. Big “L” LeadershipPeter Senge
  11. 11. Tim Sanders,Yahoo
  12. 12. Is this the type of Leader we want?
  13. 13. Who are you?Where do you come from? What do you stand for? What do you expect?
  14. 14. Be Yourself
  15. 15. What qualities do you believe a leader should have?
  16. 16. Manager vs LeaderIs one better than another?
  17. 17. Do I want to Manage or Lead?
  18. 18. Hard work… and sometimes just good luck!
  19. 19. Can you improve your work environment? Business Business
  20. 20. But I’m just one person? “Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.” Mother Teresa
  21. 21. Optional Next Step Download and read Book #2!
  22. 22. Thank Youfor being a leader inthe Ottawa CatholicSchool BoardQuestions?@TDOttawa