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Google Plus for Every Discipline FSI 2014


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I ran two back to back workshops for the Faculty Summer Institute at UIUC on May 20, 2014.
The first was an introduction to Google Plus in general. Many of the slides are from Google's open source of information.
The second was an introduction to Google Hangouts on Air for education. What you won't find are step by step info on how to set one up since we did that live.

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Google Plus for Every Discipline FSI 2014

  1. 1. Google Plus for Every Discipline
  2. 2. Note: • Some of the next slides are information provided directly from Google Plus! • 31 Ways to Use G+ in Higher Education – Public (Google Docs) –
  3. 3. Google Confidential and Proprietary Hangouts let up to 10 people video conference at no charge. Stream lets you have conversations and share information with Circles. Tools On Google + Circles help you organize everyone according to your real life connections. Hangouts with Extras let you share Google Docs or your screen as well. Search allows you to search Google+ posts, Google+ people, and the web. Profile is the way you represent yourself on Google products across the web. Instant Upload automatically sends photos and videos to a private album. Messenger allows you to bring people together for group mobile messaging. Google+ Pages allow you to create a Google+ Page for your organization.
  4. 4. Why use Google Plus? In General
  5. 5. At a blush… • “If you approach Google+ as another Facebook, you’ll be disappointed because your high- school classmates and family aren’t on Google+ yet. And maybe it’s a good thing to have a different set of friends based on your current and future interests, not your past. The potential for businesses and professionals is great because Google+ is a clean slate—it’s not linked to pictures of you at parties in high school and college. Also, don’t ever forget that this is from Google after all. Your activities on Google+ influence search results which is crucial for businesses and professionals. I’d rather be a search engine trying to get social [than] a social site trying to get search.”
  6. 6. Let’s sign in!/Create an account • To create an account visit:
  7. 7. Network, Learn, Engage • G+ is the place you go to engage with people who share your interests! • You have access to experts and enthusiasts in your field. • When you first join G+, your primary objective should be to find the shared circles that contain all the people already talking about the things that interest you • Keyword search
  8. 8. Get Known • Individuals have an opportunity to connect and build their authority in their areas of expertise on Google+. • It’s a powerful place for dialog and engagement.
  9. 9. Be Generous • +1 posts • Comment • Share! • Be sure to HT (hat tip) folks if they pointed you to something you are sharing!
  10. 10. SEO • If you do any search engine optimization work, have a corporate web site, or blog to influence customers in your market, G+ can enhance that by being part of search results.
  11. 11. Google Confidential and Proprietary Help ensure people find the real you on the web Create a Profile within Google+ and it will be available to people searching the web on Google. Your profile image from Google+ is displayed. The Profile is the way you represent yourself on Google products across the web, including on Google+. Create a Google+ Profile
  12. 12. Why Use Google Plus? Education
  13. 13. Benefits to Schools • Unlike Facebook and some other social networking websites, Google plus is not blocked in schools • It has sophisticated features like Circles and Hangouts • It does not have ads and provides a user friendly interface • It provides unlimited photo storage through Picasa. You can post as many videos and pictures as you want. • It provides high privacy measures. You can choose who can see your posts, pictures and your information. You can select from different levels of privacy to each section. • It integrates a YouTube search bar to enable users to search for YouTube videos without having to leave the page.
  14. 14. Why Use Google Plus? Higher Education
  15. 15. Google Confidential and Proprietary Organize all your groups by creating Circles Create Circles for different groups like: •Poli Sci buddies •Summer interns •Calculus students needing support Circles help you organize everyone according to your real life connections. Create and organize your Circles
  16. 16. Google Confidential and Proprietary Support information exchange by sharing your Circle with others You can share the Circles you created with others in order to have easier two-way communication. Send your [ENG 386] Circle to everyone in the class. You can share a Circle with the people within that group or to an outsider. Share your Circles Create circles of experts or facilities and entities of interest to the course.
  17. 17. Google Confidential and Proprietary Gather questions for your upcoming lecture Share to your relevant Circles (e.g. class Circles, peer Circles) to ask for questions people would like answered in your next lecture. The Stream lets you share information and gather views from others. It updates real-time. Share relevant information with Stream
  18. 18. Google Confidential and Proprietary Hold office hours without anyone having to leave their home Log on and create a Hangout visible only to your students. Keep the window open from 4-6pm so students can “drop in” alone or in groups. Hangouts allow up to 10 people to video- conference at no charge.
  19. 19. Google Confidential and Proprietary Work with students on other campuses or those at a distance Start a Hangout for students in other locations to support foreign language development. The extra hours of face- to-face practice pay off. In Hangouts the screen adjusts so that the person talking is enlarged at center to support clear exchange.
  20. 20. Google Confidential and Proprietary Review video with students in order to re-teach difficult concepts While in a Hangout you can share YouTube videos. For example, a video of a lecture you want to re-watch and pause for re-teaching. Hangouts also allow you to watch and speak over YouTube videos with the other participants.
  21. 21. Google Confidential and Proprietary Do collaborative writing with your students or colleagues Set up a Hangout with your students to review their work. Or launch a Hangout with peers to discuss your upcoming journal article. Hangouts with Extras also allow you to share your screen or collaboratively edit Google Docs. Share your screen and collaborate with Hangouts with Extras
  22. 22. Google Confidential and Proprietary Search for the latest information for use in class or research Find the latest information for a class, talk, or paper. For example, searching "Philadelphia" brings up images, recent news stories and other public posts. The Search bar within Google+ allows you to search Google+ posts, Google+ people and the web.
  23. 23. Google Confidential and Proprietary Attend meetings with colleagues even if you are away Even if you are away from campus you can join important conversations with colleagues and students face-to- face. Google+ mobile applications allow you to join Hangouts from your mobile device.
  24. 24. Google Confidential and Proprietary Communications and PR: Create a Google+ Page Create a Google+ Page for your University. The Google+ Page allows you to build relationships between people and your organization. It allows you to share information, promote your organization, and learn the views of your followers.
  25. 25. Google Confidential and Proprietary Engage with students before they start class Create a Circle for incoming freshmen and use the Stream to send them relevant information and develop a personal connection before they arrive. The Stream lets you share information and gather views from people. Watch for FERPA concerns, be aware of privacy issues
  26. 26. Google Confidential and Proprietary Classmates meet face to face before term Using their new Google Apps accounts from school, classmates or roommates can access a Hangout to connect face-to-face before they're on campus. Hangouts allow you to video-conference at no charge from anywhere in the world.
  27. 27. Google Confidential and Proprietary Share your ideas with colleagues Create a Circle for the Geology department and use it to post about your upcoming paper. Get comments from people you trust. The Stream lets you share information and gather views from select Circles or from the public.
  28. 28. Google Confidential and Proprietary More information about Google+ To start using it • To create an account visit: • To create a Google+ page for an organization visit: For more information • To learn more about Google+ for the university community, visit: and • For help, visit Google+ Support at:
  29. 29. Google Hangouts for Education
  30. 30. A few words from Google + about Hangouts • Virtual Star Party – nyFo – If this doesn’t want to make you hold a hangout, I don’t know what will • Virtual Field Trips – qkgwyI • Connected Classrooms – http://connectedclassr
  31. 31. What is a Hangout? Hangout • A free tool that allows you to connect via voice and video. • Allows ten people to participate at a time • Can set up spontaneously or schedule it as an event • Can be as private or public as needed Hangout on Air • A free tool that allows you to broadcast your hangout instantly on Google + and on YouTube • Allows ten people to participate at a time • An unlimited amount of people can watch the action. • Can edit videos using YouTube’s video editor including annotation and closed captioning. • As private or public as you like • Q & A function
  32. 32. Why Not Skype? • Hangouts are free and allow for up to 10 people to participate. • Can screen share—for free! • Hangouts on Air are archived to youtube – Will be unlisted, not public • HOAs can be streamed to the public. • Can engage your audience with Q&A built in or with other social media.
  33. 33. Why not Blackboard Collaborate? • Students often find Google hangouts easier to navigate for interactions • Invited guests may have previous experience with Google hangouts, but not Collaborate. • Certain features are more intuitive on G+
  34. 34. What do you need for a hangout? • All participants must have google + accounts, this happens automatically with gmail • Host must connect their G+ account to YouTube • Everyone must download the Google hangout plugin • Consider using Google Chrome as your browser • Can also get mobile app • A webcam, either built in or otherwise • A microphone. Built in ones work well. • WiFi capabilities to handle the streaming video • Earphones or buds to reduce echoing issues
  35. 35. Keep in Mind • If you are recording for youtube you are held to the same standards as other youtube videos • Watch for sharing copyright images • FERPA concerns • Don’t share a youtube video unless you have permission • Only play music you have the rights for.
  36. 36. More information—Google Support • .com/plus/answer/438 6744? hl=en&ref_topic=2553 242