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Ocsb learning technologies updates dec 2012


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A brief update on technology related projects in the Ottawa Catholic School Board - shared with the Board of Trustees December 2012

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Ocsb learning technologies updates dec 2012

  1. 1. Ottawa Catholic School Board Teaching andLearning in the 21st Century
  2. 2. Success for Students - Success for Staff - Stewardship of Resources
  3. 3. Looking Back to 2009Predominant technology wasthe overhead projectorSmall number of Interactivewhiteboards – various brandsNo enterprise wireless schoolsNo employee IntranetMinimal mobile devicesFocus was on desktopcomputers and computer labs
  4. 4. Growth in all Areas… except overhead projectors!• All schools and portables now wireless• By the end of 2013 all libraries converted to Learning Commons• 46 schools now have SmartBoards/LCD projectors in every classroom• 2x - investment in Children Support Schools• Increased investment/use of technology in system classes and in special education
  5. 5. Growth in all Areas… except overhead projectors!• 1402 classrooms with SmartBoard/LCD• SmartBoard/LCD/ iPads in every full-day Kindergarten class• Mobile devices available in every school• 101 netbook carts in the system and 37 iPad carts (25-30 mobile devices in each cart)• New callout system can place 300,000 calls in less than one hour; most schools can reach all parents in 1 to 15 minutes
  6. 6. Wireless and Social Media
  7. 7. Wireless = Accessibility100% increase in 1 year Key Points • On a typical day we have over 28,000 unique devices connecting to our wireless network • iPad access has had a 400% increase in 1 year • iPod Touch remains the most popular device
  8. 8. Sampling of Tweets Sampling of Tweets
  9. 9. Sampling of Tweets
  10. 10. Where are we going…Continue to invest in mobile devices toprovide equitable access for all studentsIncrease opportunities for all students witheLearningImplement a plan to move away from textbooksand increase the use of digital resources toincrease engagementUse technology to focus on “21st Century skills”including: communication, collaboration,creative problem solving, and critical thinking Changes in Increased Increased Teacher Student Student Practice Engagement Achievement
  11. 11. Where are we going…Build on our staff intranet and implement anenhanced student portal with rich digitalresourcesIncrease parent/student communication withtranslation technology to provide voice/textmessages in their native languageContinue to link digital citizenship andbullying prevention to our healthy relationshipunit in Religion and Family Life Changes in Increased Increased Teacher Student Student Practice Engagement Achievement
  12. 12. Thank YouFor preparing me for my future …Today