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Presentation for the OCSB Journey to Leadership program focusing on technology tools to be more efficient.

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  • Take Control of Technology – A presentation to the Leadership Journey, Oct. 24, 2012 in the Ottawa Catholic School Board. The Board has transitioned to Google Apps for Education and several tools related to Google will be outlined during the one hour presentation.
  • Technology is changing at rapid pace and this is not likely to change for some time
  • Set realistic expectations and don’t try to do it all or learn everything. Remember that you are in control and if some tasks are more efficient for you to use pencil and paper then keep doing it that way but be open to considering other options that just might save you some time.
  • In the next one hour your only task is to find one website or tool that you feel will help make you more efficient or will save you time
  • This is a desktop search engine that will help you find information that is buried somewhere on your computer but that you may otherwise not be able to find in a timely manner. The home version is free and the professional version is a one time cost of less than $50.Find information stored on your hard drive – quickly and efficiently
  • Demo – search for creative commons photos – books- A nice site to quickly find objects that you can use with permission without violating copyright
  • Click on link and go through some quick Google Search tips using the list provided People use Google every day but they haven’t taken the time to learn how to use it efficiently to save themselves time
  • Show demo of PicMonkey onlineA rich feature online tool to manipulate imagesGreat for manipulating images to use in flyers and special events
  • Create a Google alert of something you are interested in – such as your school, or a passion such as a team or player or artist that you may follow
  • Convert any file – A nice online tool to convert almost anything, including converting PDF files to Word so that you can modify pdf files
  • Another online conversion program that will email you a link to download the converted file
  • A nice tool for sharing online bookmarks and much more – watch the video on their site
  • Ask the question if email makes us more or less efficient?Show Video clip- Mention we need to find ways to make use of tools that save us time and automate functions
  • Short clips to demonstrate some of the constraints to traditional tasks as compared to Google Apps options
  • Dropbox is free a popular cloud storageClick the link and watch the video to understand their service
  • Google Drive provides free storage and sharing functions along with the ability to collaborate online with others
  • Do a quick demo of Google forms – sample staff pizza order- Click on the link for a brief demo of how to make a Google Form
  • Click on link to see a sample video of how to use Google Calendar to schedule meetings
  • Click on the link to view a sample of how to use Doodle to allow participants to indicate which days they may be available to meet
  • Click this site to download a free version of Any video ConverterAdd URLs from YouTube to the program and then download to keep a copy on your hard drive so that you don’t have to
  • Download free copy of Jing an easy to use screen capture or video capture tool
  • If you are not using Chrome as your Browser, consider downloading Chrome and giving it a try
  • Chrome can be easily customized to meet your working habits
  • The Chrome store has apps that you can run from the browser
  • A great extension to save you time is the Awesome New Tab Page- Click on the picture to see a video of how to setup a new tab page with your most frequently used sites
  • Start using Google Tasks with your email and calendarClick on the link to see a video of how to automatically link email messages to your tasks
  • An online photo tool similar to photoshop
  • Consider following people on twitter – link to twitter page
  • Link to my ScoopIt page where I curate web2.0 tools
  • Consider evernote for synching notes and more – click on link to see the video explaining Evernote
  • Visit Slide Share to find premade presentations on many topics
  • Click on the link to see how to cut out a section of a YouTube video
  • VisitAnimoto to create simple video and photo animations
  • Consider Mail Chimp for a free email newsletter management program
  • A great site with short video clips to teach everything about Google Apps
  • A fun way to share tech support with people, or for yourself, give it a try
  • Free Guides and Cheat Sheets for many technology tools
  • Take control of technology

    1. 1. Take Control of Technology
    2. 2. Get ReadyHere we go…
    3. 3. Stop hitting your head against the wall !You don’t have to know everything – just use what works for you!
    4. 4. Discover at least one newLearning Goal site/tool that can help me personally or professionally
    5. 5. Quick desktop search basedCopernic on keywords – Find what you need – Fast!
    6. 6. Search for “legal” photos,Creative commons graphics, music, and more.
    7. 7. Improve your search skillsGoogle Search
    8. 8. Easily edit and add specialPicMonkey effects to your photos online
    9. 9. Track your school, andGoogle Alerts special topics – let the information come to you
    10. 10. Convert files of all types -Online Converter online
    11. 11. Manage files onlineZamzar
    12. 12. Social Bookmarking ToolsDiigo - Collect and Organize
    13. 13. Click here for videoDoes Email makeus more or lessefficient?
    14. 14. Click here for YouTube video Click here for YouTube videoClick here for YouTube video Click here for YouTube video Google Drive / GoogleGoogle Apps for Forms / Calendar / Gmail…Education
    15. 15. Store and Share filesDropbox
    16. 16. Store and Share filesGoogle Drive
    17. 17. Quickly compile informationGoogle Forms without re-entering data
    18. 18. Do you send emails back and forth to try and find a time to meet?Click here for YouTube video
    19. 19. Determine participant availabilityDoodle for a call or meeting
    20. 20. Download and ConvertAny Video Converter Videos
    21. 21. Easy to use Screen CaptureJing
    22. 22. Web Browser FeaturesChrome
    23. 23. Customize ChromeChrome
    24. 24. Add features to yourChrome BrowserStore
    25. 25. Chrome Awesome New Tab PageExtensions
    26. 26. Is your desk covered withGoogle Tasks sticky notes? Consider electronic task management
    27. 27. Photo Editing tool – freeGimp download
    28. 28. Follow people of interest…Twitter or me
    29. 29. Topics of Interest come toScoopIT you!
    30. 30. Capture, store, share fromEvernote anywhere
    31. 31. Store and ShareSlideshare presentations
    32. 32. Tube Quickly select portions ofChop YouTube videos to share
    33. 33. Animoto Create dynamic photo / video slideshows and share online
    34. 34. Automated mail and marketingMail Chimp distribution lists using professional templates
    35. 35. Quick Video explanations ofWant more? many Google tools
    36. 36. Quick Video explanations ofWant more? many common tasks that can be completed online
    37. 37. MakeUseOf Guides and CheatOk still more? sheets for many topics: Facebook, Google, Microsoft…
    38. 38. What is your recommended site/tool?
    39. 39. Thank You Questions?Thomas.DAmico@ocsb.ca @TDOttawa